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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm Still Here

I didn't fall off the face of the earth!  Just off of the blogosphere and off the health wagon.

I've been running around with the kids, the holidays, my aunt in rehab (nursing home really), sick family, volunteering at school, etc... Just the norm for us women, right?  Well all of the juggling was wearing me out and something had to give, so the blog took the hit.

As wonderful as the holiday has been, I have allowed it to take over and put myself at the bottom of the list again.  I'm ready to climb my way back up the list!

Each year I come up with a word or theme for the year (as opposed to a 'resolution').  Last year my word was 'Fit'.  It meant that I wanted to fit myself back into my life; I couldn't continue to put myself last.  In an effort to commit to this theme I created this blog.  I grade myself at the end of each year as to how effective my efforts were to achieving that years theme. I will give myself a B+ this year.  The first half of the year I did great!!!  I did ok during the later summer and early spring, but haven't done well in the late fall and early winter.  I am totally ready to kick it back into gear though!!

So now my mission is to come up with a new theme for 2011 and I have just a few days.  Stay tuned for 2011's theme!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all a happy and healthy new year!!

It's Time to make a treat to send with my boys for a playdate!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And The Winner Is...

The other night I wrote down six names on little strips of paper and asked my 5 year old son to choose a piece of paper.  His first response was to scold me for "dumping trash on his Star Wars guys", but then when I explained that he was choosing the winner of a 'contest', he was all about it.
I then had to go to this gals blog to confirm she posted every day, which I kinda already knew she had as there were a few that didn't so much as have to 'back-post' to keep up.

Without further delay, the winner of the 'I AM THANKFUL' challenge is...........

Keeping You In Stitches (aka Sandy)! over at Confessions Of A Perpetual Procrastinator.
Congratulations!!!  I'll be in touch to get your your prizes. (confession - I've been procrastinating and haven't finished the mini-book yet.)

Thank you again to all who participated!  It really has been such a blessing to read all about your blessings.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Week.. what week is this?

I'm losing count.  What week is this?  Week 47, is that right?

I remember back in January when I first decided to make taking care of myself a priority and in that vien begin this blog I was so gung ho.  I was all about it.  This was it.  In order to do anything else well in life I knew that I needed to take the time to see to my own well-being.
I joined SparkPeople.  I tracked my food and water intake.  I educated myself on good nutrition.  I began to exercise.  Will-power was nothing I even had to think about; I was 'in the zone'!

Well here I am at week 47 and am I still 'in the zone'?  Still?  I've derailed from aforementioned zone often enough to make a pretty pattern on my boarding pass.  At this moment, I'm somewhat in.  Better last week, but not bad this.
I weighed in this morning and I lost a little more.  I lost weight quickly in the first 4 months, then it started slowing to a snails pace.  At first it was just my body doing it's thing, but then it was due to my lack luster effort.  I'd pick it up some weeks and then be a slug the next.
At my best, I had lost 42 pounds.  I'm now at 39.6 pounds lost.

I'm not sure why I lose momentum.  I certainly do not want to put this weight on again, that's for sure.  I was discouraged due to giving it my all and not seeing results.  I wasn't discouraged from lack of speed, it's a life change, not a race.  So why does this happen to me?  It has been the case with me my whole life.  Why?
I tried seeing a Christian counselor several months back with this being one of my big issues I wanted to work out and be done with.  But after a few months, I was leaving the sessions knowing more about her family than what she was hearing about mine and often I felt judged and discouraged by her - so that was that.  It was worth a try, right?  I remember when I specifically brought this topic up and asked her why I can't seem to stick with it - why do I always go back to my unhealthy ways.  She told me to, "Go home and read up on it and tell her next time what I found out."  I did just that with the main point that 'experts' make being that there is an unresolved issue that the obese person knows about that causes this.  I told her, but that's the thing, I don't know.  And that was the end of that.  She offered me nothing!

So why?  Why do I struggle to stay with this when I know it is for the best.  Why could I face what can typically be a huge challenge like Thanksgiving and get through it without a single struggle and then another plain old day I just crumble?

Anyone hear me on this?  Can anyone relate?

Well here's the thing, I'm not quitting.  I'm not giving in.  Week 47, or whatever it is, will not be the last for me.  I want to lose 50 pounds, if I could lose even more, great; but 50 is a must.  There's no race, no time limit.  I want to get that weight off and keep it off. 
I feel like I do many things well.  Good even; but nothing great.  I want to succeed at this.  I need to succeed at this.

I'm not trying to be hard on myself, just honest and real.  This is where I am at week 47.

Here are my goals this week:
Sign in to SparkPeople every morning.
Track my food, even when it isn't all good.
Drink 6 glasses of water a day.
NOT give up!!!

It's time to get my nightly cup of tea.  Good night friends!

PS ~ My 5 year old son chose a slip of paper from the 6 entries into "I AM THANKFUL" who stuck with the challenge.  I'm heading over to verify that they made 26 entries.  I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

'Thankful' participant check-in

Ok gals, for all of you who signed on to join me in my "I AM THANKFUL" challenge, I'll be starting to review your blogs to see if you had decided to participate all the way through, or if the season just got to busy for you.
I will post the winner at the beginning of next week.

I want to say a big 'THANK YOU' to all who participated.  It was such a blessing to read your posts and they truly lifted my spirits and helped remind me of other gifts in my life that I may sometimes take for granted.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already here!
I swear the older I get the faster time flies.
This month I started a challenge called "I AM THANKFUL" where each appreciative participant was to post something that they were thankful for each day. (or, double up on a day or two when life just got too hectic)
Today is the last post for this challenge and today I am thankful for having people to love and people who love me back.  I am so blessed to have family and friends who I truly adore and I am secure in their love for me.  Talk about something that is priceless!!!
I am also thankful that I totally rocked my Thanksgiving eating!!!
I decided to skip sticking the cinnamon buns to my buns our usual holiday cinnamon buns and instead had some egg beaters and a turkey sausage for breakfast.  I ate a crunchy sweet cortland apple on my way to my in-laws so that I wouldn't have to struggle to resist the appetizers once there.  Then at dinner, I stuck to my plan and had 60% veggies, 20% protien and 20% carbs and washed it down with seltzer water.  But then... then it was time for my 'achilles heel' part of the day... dessert.  Any you know what?  I had one small sliver of pumpkin pie.  That's it!  Not even any whipped cream! Woo hoooo... Ok, but that still left dinner (as I didn't pig out at lunch, I was hungry come 6pm).  I had a little more of the egg beater dish I had made in the morning with another turkey sausage.  Then, let's face it, I needed a sweet to top it off with.  So this is where I fell apart, right?  No way chicas!  I had a fat free sugar free jello for a wopping 10 calories!  I think I'm stretching out my arm giving myself a pat on the back!  I stayed within my calorie range - on THANKSGIVING!!!  This was huge for me!!

How was your Thanksgiving?  I hope it was great!! But remember, even if you struggled, it was just one day, no worries!!  We all have off days but we get to start fresh with each sun rise, and that is something we can all be thankful for!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful - 24

Happy 'Thanksgiving Eve' to you all!!  (as my boys have been wishing everyone today)

Today I am thankful for friends.  Friends for my children and husband and myself.
Friends can come in and out of our lives for just a season, or sometimes, people are so blessed to have a life-long bff.  (Did I seriously just abreviate?  I hate that!)
Today a friend of mine came over with her children for a playdate.  I'm so thankful for our friends the "A"s.  My husband and I are friends with the parents and both of our children are friends with their two children.  It's so wonderful to have friendships like this!!  And we are blessed to have more than one 'family of friends'.

Can I be piggy and toss in another entry for today's 'thankful' posting?  Sure I can!  We can never be too thankful.  I am also thankful that according to my scale this morning (I know, it's not weigh-in day) I have lost 2 of the 3 pounds I had put on!  Woo hoo!!

For those who don't sign in tomorrow - 'HAPPY THANKSGIVING' to you and yours!!!  I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful 23

Today I am thankful for modern conveniences.

I just gathered up some dark clothes and put them in the washer.  As I was trudging down stairs with them I thought about how I hate to fold and put away laundry.  But then I reminded myself that I was looking at it all wrong.
Instead of focusing on the folding and putting away, I need to be mindful that I'm not hauling it all into the back yard to rub against a scrub board.  Then instead of hanging clothes in this cold air (love line-dried clothes, but not so much in the cold) I just turn to my right and put them into the dryer.
Seriously, it's a blessing.  So much time saved not to mention my back being saved.

Almost a year ago now our dishwasher broke.  And guess what... It still is.  It can not be fixed actually.  Most of the time it bothers my husband more than me that we don't have a working dishwasher; not because he does the dishes mind you.  He just hates that he can't just go right out and buy another one.  But I remind him that it's a luxery and not a neccesity.

So I'm thankful for moder conveniences, but glad that I'm not enslaved to them.

On a healthy note...
Had a great food day yesterday (1420 and my max is 1570) and today is also looking good (as of 3:00pm 580 calories)!!  I rediscovered an old breakfast friend, multigrain Cheerios.  I've also been getting my water intake back up to parr.  Still feeling super tired though!  Been running up each morning to visit with my aunt and then I feel like I'm trying (unsucessfully) to play catch up the rest of the day.  Not complaining, I'm happy to be there with her!!  Goodness though, I'm dragging.

Any good fixes for the afternoon slump?

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Thanksgiving Plan, Weekly Update and Thankful post

Sorry I  missed posting yesterday, we were so busy. We had a great family day!!
So for yesterday, I am thankful for days that are clear so that we can just spend it together doing fun family activities as opposed to continuing on the busy treadmill of projects and errands.

So I said that I was determined to get myself back on track.
So far today.. It's going well!!
I had to run out the door this morning so I ate a SpecialK bar (90 calories).  Knowing that I was going to be running up to visit my aunt in the hospital and running in and out of a few stores I also knew that I was going to need some snacks to hold me over until lunch.  I packed an apple (81 calories) and a light cheese stick (50 calories).  I also brought my water bottle and gulped down 16 ounces.
For lunch I had an Arnold sandwich thin with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomatoe and mustard (231 calories)  with a cup of grapes (60).  In the early afternoon I needed (wanted) a little snack so I had a sugar-free Jello cup (10 calories).  So at 3:00 pm, I've had 523 calories.  Not bad!  My calorie range per SparkPeople should be between 1200 and 1500.  I am planning some yummy cod for dinner that I picked up on sale yesterday.  (I love sales!!)
My goal this week is to be on track with my food and water.  I'm not worrying about exercise or anything else at the moment.  I know Thursday will be tough, but that's ok.  Here's my plan:
1. I'll be making my Impossible Egg Pie for breakfast.  A generous serving is less than 200 calories, plus it's healthy, yummy and filling.
2.  Skip appetizers except for raw veggies. I'll put in my ear plugs so I don't hear any melted cheese concauctions call my name.
3. Try to serve myself vegetables prior to turkey, potatoes, stuffing...  I'll have some of whatever I want, but my plate will be divided into sections. 60% veggies, 20% protien and 20% startch.  I could go stricter, but no one wants to be around me if I've skipper my beloved carbs!!
4. Beverages: I will be bringing a bottle of flavored seltzer water with me and I'll skip soda, egg nog and wine. (Not a big sacrifice to skip alcohol - not a big fan, and it puts me to sleep)
5. Dessert: Ahh... Well here's the plan.  I'll have a little of whatever I want.  When it comes to pie, it will be a sliver; cookies = 1, etc..  I'll limit myself to 3 things.  That's plenty and yet I'll still have indulged.

Ok, that's the plan and I feel that it is totally reasonable!!  I also don't think that I'll feel even the least bit deprived.  I want to stay within my calorie range; and it will be ok to got to the limit (which is technically 1570).  What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Today I am thankful for my good health.  I was up at the hospital visiting my aunt again today (please pray for my sweet Aunt Helen) and as I held her hand while she winced in pain as the nurse changed her dressings I was ever so mindful of my good health.  Heven knows that the way I've treated my body over the years that I do not deserve to be so healthy, but by the grace of God, I am.  So thank you Lord that I have legs that take me where I need to go, eyes that see your beautiful creation (not as good as they used to), ears that hear the laughter of my children, a voice to sing your praises (a joyful noise to you, noise to everyone else), a heart that beats true, arms that can give those I love a hug..... I am so thankful!! amen.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Game Plan ~ Thankful day 20

Today I am thankful for sleep.  I am so in need of some zzz's right now.
I'm thankful to have a warm comfortable bed on this chilly night.

Tomorrow I will be going food shopping.  I need to whip my cupboards and fridge back into shape.  I will go with list in hand and a firm game plan in mind.  I will aproach each isle with offensive game play tactics and wont be tackled by the high fat/calories, low nutrition foods that will try to get me out of bounds again.
What are some healthy staples that you always buy when you shop (aside from fruits and veggies which are a given)?

Hope you all have a great night's sleep!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Back up and running - Thankful still

I didn't forget to post, I had computer troubles but the hubs got me back up and running.  Thanks hun!!

For yesterdays 'Thankful' posts, I am thankful that I do not have a job.
WHAT?  you may ask.  Haven't you been asking us to pray for a job for you?  Did you get a bump on the head? you may be wondering.  Yes, I have been seeking, applying and praying.  But I was thinking yesterday about how I don't think that it's a mistake that I do not have a job at this time.
Over the last few months we have had my uncle pass away.  My sister-in-law's dad passed away.  Two wonderful ladies from church have went to be with the Lord.  My older son needed to have oral surgery.  My younger son needed to have tests, and then follow-up regarding his hearing.  I've had to have special meetings at school for one of my boys (who is doing wonderful!).  Now my poor aunt (the one whose husband just died) fell and broke her hip two weeks ago and is in the hospital for hip surgery and now heart troubles. 
Do you see? 
If I were working outside of the home, I would not be able to visit my family during these end times.  I would not have been able to offer my help to others who are going through these tough times.  I would be having a hard time getting my boys to their doctor's appointments and being there for themm as they heal.  I would struggle to get to the school appointments and volunteering opportunities and even more importantly, then being able to be at home to give them the extra help that they need.  Not to mention the extra time to just enjoy them - they grow so fast. The years are flying by.
Thank you Lord that you know what is best.  Please help me to be content in your will and the wisdom to know when I need to try harder and persevere, and when I need to just rest in your timing.

Now for todays 'I'm Thankful'
Today I am thankful for the yummy 'diet' hot chocolate I just enjoyed.  It's Swiss Miss 'diet' hc that I had with a little peppermint mocha lite creamer.  YUMMMMM!!!

Still struggling here.. I'm bound and determined to get myself back on the right track!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still Hard ~ Thankful 17

Not a great day again today.
No exercise, no tracking.  Food consumption, not too bad - but could be/should be better.
I'm keeping at it!!!

Today I am thankful for the internet.  Ok ok, in so many ways it is not good for us.  But at this time of year when my mind goes to buying gifts for my boys and nieces and nephew, I'm glad I can go to a Black Friday site and scan the deals so I know where/when I'm going next Friday to make the most of the money I have to spend.  And can I just stress - next FRIDAY.  It saddens me to see that so many stores (at least hear in the North East) are opening on Thanksgiving day!!  There may be a few workers who are cool with it, but you know darn well that there are others (maybe most of them) who would rather be home with their families.  I wont shop on Thanksgiving, regardless of the deals on principal.  There really should be a few days of the year where the majority of folks can have the day off. (obviously hospitals and pharmacies.. police and fire stations, etc. need to stay open.)

off to bed...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Better day ~ Thankful

Today was better.  Not great, but better.
I did track (mostly.. got lazy) and my eating was pretty good.  I was not able to get any exercise in.  I have lots to do this week (visit my aunt who just had hip surgery, volunteer in my son's Kindergarten class, have yearly mamogram, etc..) and by the late afternoon I'm just too tired.  I know it's a circle and that if I were to exercise I would have more energy.

Today I am thankful ('I AM THANKFUL' Challenge) for having plenty of food to eat.  Too much actually.  I know there are those even within our own country who do not have enough nutritious food to eat each day.  Lord, thank you that you provide for us with good nutritious food. Please help us to be mindful of those who do not and to give as though giving unto you to our local food pantries and other organizations that help feed your children. amen.

Just a reminder for those who are sharing in the 'Thankful' challenge: don't forget to post your thankful posts each day. It's ok to catch up and post a few things for which you're thankful.  I really am finding that I am uplifted by counting my blessings and reading about yours.  How about you?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 47 ~ Thankful for a new week

I can anylize and rationalize til' the cows come home but the plain truth is that I have been doing terrible.

Where has all of my motivation, will power and determination gone?

Last January when I started this journey I jumped in with both feet and dropped 20 pounds in no time.  Then things slowed down, which is to be expected, but I kept up the good fight and I had lost a total of 42 pounds.  I didn't weigh in today so I don't know where I am at currently, but I feel like I've put a pound or two back on.

I do not want to go back to my old ways (eating without and limitations and zero exercise save for getting up to make another trip to the fridge).  I don't want to gain weight back (42 pounds is a lot of weight!).  I don't want to be exhausted all the time again (it's amazing the energy you gain when you lose the equivalent to a preschooler).

I need a little elecrtic shock colar that will buzz me when I head back into the kitchen for the 5th time and that will get me moving when I don't feel like sweating.  Ok, maybe I don't  want to get zapped literally - but I do need to stop slipping back into my old ways!!

Maggie had posted on her blog asking if anyone wanted to 'buckle down' with her.  Get back to what worked in the beginning.  It just so happens that her sucessful beginning started with SparkPeople, same as me.
I will sign on tomorrow.  I will track my food.  I wont try to pile on a bunch of expectations.  I'll take it slow and be gentle on myself, but not give myself excuses!
There is no reason I should not have a loss this week. (but I guess I'll have to weigh in tomorrow so I will know my starting point)  If I'm not posting next Monday about a loss, please feel welcome to give me a virtual slap of reality.  Enough!  I can do this and I am worth the time and effort!!

"I AM THANKFUL" Challenge ~ Day 15
Today I am thankful for music.  I love all kinds; oldies (30's, 40's, 50's, some 60's), country, show tunes, classical, big band, Christian contemporary, gospel, etc..  I'm always amazed at how a song can take me back to a particular memory (like when I hear 'Tainted Love' I'm back on a dance floor in a little pub in England where I went with two friends after graduation high school), or a certain feeling ("It's A Great Day To Be Alive" from Travis Tritt always puts me in a good mood).  Music is so powerful!
If I need to get my but in gear and get some cleaning done, I pop in some big band.  If I want to prepare myself before beginning my quiet time there's nothing like a worship CD.  When I'm crafting I like oldies or show tunes (I guess they make me feel creative).
I LOVE music!!  In my CD player in the kitchen right now I have Amy Grant's Christmas CD (her 1st I think).  What's in your CD player?

Have a great week folks!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thankful ~ hee hee hee

"I AM THANKFUL" Challenge ~ Day 14

Today I am thankful for laughter!
I love to laugh!! I love to make people laugh!  I love to hear people laughing!!  It's one of the best sounds in the world!
Isn't there a quote that goes, a day without laughter is a day wasted..?  Love that!
I am actually somewhat known for my laugh.  It's loud, nothing feminine or delicate about it.  If I find something truly funny, I throw back my head and laugh with abandon.  I've been known to not breath for a rediculous amount of time and there have been occassions where tears do not just stream down my face but literally leap from my eyes.  I've had sore cheeks and aching ribs and it's wonderful!

I don't know how I would have gotten through the hardest things I've gone through in life without laughter.  My sister closest in age to me wrote my mother's eulogy and in it one of the things she said my mum had left as her legacy is the gift of laughter.  She had passed it down to all of her children and specifically gave us the gift of being able to laugh at ourselves.  Not taking ourselves too seriously.  Thanks Mum!!

I hope you've all had a laugh today!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thankful ~ Celebrate!

"I AM THANKFUL" Challenge ~ Day 13

Today I am thankful for celebrations of all kinds!

Today we celebrated my oldest sister's 50th  BIG birthday!  Most of my family was there, even those from up north. Ahya. There was cake and presents and the whole nine yards.
We caught up, laughed, ate, laughed, opened gifts, LAUGHED!!  My family is BIG on laughter in case you didn't catch that.  I am so thankful for my family and thinking today of my sister espeically (another post).  I was thrilled to celebrate the day God gifted us with her!!

But celebrations aren't just for big momentous occassions like a milestone birthday.  Writing that, it's making me think about how often we don't want to celebrate turning another year older.  Rather than thinking of aging, couldn't we just think of it as taking one day a year to celebrate someone's life? Life is a gift and worth celebrating!!
But there are other things to celebrate.  Things other than birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduations, etc..  Celebrate a good report card to show your kids that you recognize their hard work, the beginning or completion of a home project, getting rid of your cast or crutches, welcoming a new member to a group, and something we here can all relate to ~ a scale or non-scale victory!  We should celebrate milestones on our healthy journey.  Reaching our first weight loss goal.  Fitting into those old jeans you never thought you'd get on yourself again.  Hey, somedays it's a victory to get through the week (or day) without raiding the baking cupboard!!  For me, I will be singing a major halleluja chorus when I can walk up to a ride without any fear that I won't be able to buckle a belt and have to miss out on a great memory with my kids.

So make time to celebrate!!!
Thank you Lord for every good and perfect gift is from you!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thankful ~ Day 12

"I AM THANKFUL" Challenge - Day 12

Today I am thankful for hot showers!!

It's been a very long day!  Go go go both outside of the home and in.
Meetings, lots of errands, cooking, baking and taking care of the kids all while doing the before mentioned activities.  There's nothing like finishing the day with a piping (read scalding) hot shower!!

I know it's bad for my skin and that I really have no business saying, "I really don't know where I get this dry sking from.  Must be hereditary." when I know that I am partially to blame by turning myself into a lobster daily.  But man, I so enjoy a good hot shower.  It totally relaxes me.

Well now this relaxed gal is time for bed as tomorrow promises to be another busy one.
Thank you Lord for the small things!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful ~ Day 10 & 11

Well ladies, I have to say that what I'm thankful for for Day 10, is for my readers/follwers and that you'll forgive me for not being able to post yesterday.  But seriously, I am thankful for all of you and for all of your support and encouragement!  It means more than I can express!!  And I am in need of your encouragement as I feel as though I've gone off of the tracks this week. My eating has been terrible and I have not gotten in nearly enough exercise.  I have GOT to snap out of this!!!

Day 11 ~ Today I am thankful for being able to visit with one of my nieces.  I can't believe she is grown up and in college now - crazy!  Time goes so fast!!  Today my husband picked her up from college (thanks hon) and brought her to spend the night with us.  We had a great time chatting and.. well, eating. ugh!  We had one of our silly moments where we laughed so hard niether of us could make a sound and turned to see my husband and older son staring at us like we were nuts; which of course only made us laugh harder.  I'm so thankful to be able to spend this time with her!!!

I hope you've all been feeling uplifted focusing on your blessings!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thankful ~ Day 9

"I AM THANKFUL" Challenge ~ Day 9

Today I am thankful for the 40+ pounds I have lost.

I picked my younger son up yesterday (not something I do too much these days as he is now 5) and couldn't beleive just how heavy 54 pounds is!  Now I know I didn't lose the equivalent of my child, but not too far off.
It amazes me to think I used to walk around with that as part of me.  I can barely climb a couple of stairs and carry my son, how did I do all that I did with those extra lbs?
I NEVER want those pounds back!!

Thank you Lord for helping me lose this weight.  By your grace I'd like to lose at least another 20 pounds.  Please help me to get on track and stay there.  And please help on my blog buds who are also looking to live healthier.  Amen.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 46 & Thankful day 8

Have you tried FiberOne strawberry yogurt?  Yummmm!!
It's only 50 calories, has 5 grams of fiber and seriously tastes great!!
Once for a dessert, my husband and I each had one of their keylime yogurts and topped it with a bag (we split a 100 calorie pack bag) of crushed LornaDoons. It was like having guilt free keylime pie!

I've added some toning exercises to my repetoire; mainly focusing on abs.  I'd like to do more arm work but I have injured my right elbow somehow.  Just when it starts to feel better, whamo, I reach for something or over-extend it and it's back to square one. My husband thinks it's Tennis Elbow, which I find such a funny name considering less than 5% of the cases are actually caused by playing tennis.
In any case, havent been able to do much arm toning, and the abs don't exactly look like Jillian Michaels, but it's less Jello like than in previous times.

I'm up a 1/2 a pound this week.  Frustrating... I need to get my but in gear!  Seriously!!! I did have some NSV this week though in the form of compliments. Those always feel good.  But what didn't feel good was how I felt when I attended a Pampered Chef show with my niece who was the consultant.  Everyone was nice, the show went terrific, but at one point as I stood drying a cutting board I noticed that I was the largest woman there. I soooo know that I should not be comparing myself to any person for any reason, but I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I noticed and it felt lousy.  I know I've done great. 42 pounds down is nothing to be discouraged about.  But I was really... well.. disappointed in myself.  I should have lost more at this point in time.  Also, I feel.. frumpy.  I don't want to be a frump.  I need to start reminding myself that 'its' time' to take care of myself.  Not in a selfish way.  But if I don't feel good, it will reflect in all I do.

Rather than continue down this road and ultimately beat up on myself, I'll turn my thoughts to what I am thankful for today.
Today I am thankful for my cork board.  What??  Yes.  I have a little cork board in my office/craft room where I have quite the eclectic array of items posted.  I have a tiny piece of art work I did that I like.  There's a little article from one of our church newsletters about our last women's event.  There are several Bible verses up there; some are hand written, some are on pass-it-on cards, others typed out on nice paper, but all very meaningful.  There's a prayer card/support envelope for friends of ours who are missionaries in Senegal - I have this up to remember to pray for them and as a reminder to trust that some day God will enable us to give financially to their mission.  There's a drawing my older son made me for Mother's Day last year.  And then there are the occassional items that come and go such as contact information for new ladies who join our church so I can pray for them and make sure they are notified of all of the opportunities we have for the women to fellowship, worship and grow in the Lord.  Its a simple thing this board. But I am thankful for it.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thankful ~ 7

"I AM THANKFUL" Challenge ~ Day 7

Today I am thankful for my husband.

One day while I was at work I recieved an email from a friend.  The subject heading was, "Have I got a man for you!"  I let out a "OH no!" and a coworker called over the wall, "What's up?"  I told her about the email heading and she headed over.
The message was short, telling me how she and another friend had been talking after I had left the prior evening and they wanted me and the other gals husband's friend (follow that?) to meet.  I stood up to file some papers while my coworker read the email.  As I filed she said aloud while typing, "Sounds great. Send."
The rest as the say, is history.
Our full story would take a very long time to type out and you'd all be snoozing before you'd get to the end, but it's a great story!!
This winter will be our 10 year wedding anniversary!
My husband is not perfect, no on is.  He is however a good provider, a good dad, a hard worder, a good man of God, fiercely  protective of me, great at surprises, is willing to watch Jane Austin and PBS Masterpiece Classics shows with me, does a great evil Dr. Duffenschmirtz impersonation (gotta have kids to get that reference) and loves me a lot.
I am blessed!
Thank you Lord for blessing me with a great husband!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thankful ~ Day 6

"I AM THANKFUL" Challenge ~ Day 6

Today I am thankful to have a roof over our heads... Litterally.

Last spring we had terrible rains here in New England and lots of people suffered great damage to their homes.  We began seeing ugly yellow streaks across our ceilings; first in the kitchen, then the boys room and so on.  My husband climbed up in the rain to see if there were any quick fixes to be had, but alas, it was no good.  We needed a new roof.
Our purse has not been overflowing these days and we knew we didn't have the extra $$$ kicking around so we looked up to heaven and asked how we were going to put on a new roof.  God answered.

My brother who is now a pastor up in Maine had been in construction in his younger days and has never completely stopped being a carpenter at heart, heard what was going on so he told us to just tell him when, and he'd be down.

Day 1 ~ My accountant husband climbed up onto our roof and began stripping it. (so stinkin proud of him)
Day 2 ~ My brother arrived.  The two of them finished stripping the roof and began roofing.
Day 3 ~ Big bro and the hubs worked all day and into early evening.
Day 4 ~ Big bro joined my hubby for a few more hours before heading back up north.
Day 5 ~ The hubs worked up there by himself like a trooper.
Day 6 ~ Men from church showed up with tools in hand.  The women from church showed up with food to feed everyone.  Before the end of the day, the roof was finished!!
Day 7 ~ It rained!  I kid you not!!  And my poor exhausted husband rested his beaten up body.

With everyone's help, the new roof was put on for about 1/3 of the cost of hiring someone to come and do it for us.  Plus, without asking for it, we were given help paying for the supplies.
How could we ever get a new roof on?  With God (and the kindness, generosity and selflessness of His people) all things are possible!!

After this rainy week and the cold winds which remind us that snow is just around the corner, I am mighty thankful for our roof and all of those who made it possible!!!
My bro in the front and hubby in the back.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thankful ~ Day 5

"I AM THANKFUL" Challenge ~ Day 5

Today I am thankful for tea.
Nothing fancy.  None of that green or herbal stuff.
Nope.  Black tea.  Maybe a nice English breakfast tea.
Piping hot with milk and half a sugar.
First thing in the am and before bed.  Who am I kidding, one in the afternoon too usually.
A hot cupa (as the Brits call it) is like a warm hug.  It's comforting and familiar and has on many occassions prevented me from scouring the cupboards for a guilt ladden sweet treat.

This English (and wee bit Irish) American girl loves her some tea!!

Thank you Lord for the little things that bring us enjoyment!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful ~ Day 4

"I AM THANKFUL" Challenge ~ Day 4 (click here to join)

As I sat down to type today's post I had something in mind to write about for which I am thankful.  But as I signed in, it became clear to me (like being hit over the head with a lightsaber... a plastic lightsaber, but a lightsaber none the less) that what I wanted to give thanks for today are my two little men.

God has blessed us with two beautiful boys whom I absolutely adore!!!

Our 8 year old is a heart with legs!  You would be hard pressed to find a boy of this age who is as loving, sweet, kind, considerate, generous and compassionate as our Jack. 
When he was 4 we had chosen a tag off of the Salvation Army giving tree at his school.  We got home I explained to him what the program was all about and why we were buying a toy for this boy. He was thrilled later that day to go buy "Noah" a toy.  The next day when we were writing out his letter for Santa, he suddenly ran away to his room.  I was completely perplexed.. what kid runs away from writing their letter to Santa?  He came back down the hall with his piggy bank.  He told me to write in his letter that he would leave his piggy bank in a special place so Santa could take his money to get extra toys for the boys and girls who don't have as much as he does, and that he could bring him less so other kids could get more toys.  Four years old people!!!
Last Spring one day as he got home from school he said, "Wati till you see Mum!!!" It was reportcard day!  We sat on the couch together and he watched me as I read it through front and back.  I read out each wonderful grade and glowing comments.  When done, I put it down and gave him a big hug and told him how proud I was of him for always trying his best and doing so well.  He said, "I feel like I could cry."  "Why?" I asked, afraid I somehow didn't express how thrilled I was with him well enough.  He said, "Because I've made you so happy and I'm just so proud of myself!!"  melt melt melt....
My little sweetheart is also funny and very smart!  Just so proud of him!!!

Our 4 year old is in a word, 'entertaining'.  We have family members, church family, friends and neighbors that all look forward to 'Billy stories'.  This boy is a hoot!!  Sometimes funny, sometimes charming, frequently mischievous; this little guy could keep a comedian in fresh material on a daily basis.
Frequently on Sunday mornings I head to his Sunday school room to pick him up and bring him back to the sanctuary as we're singing the closing song.  A few Sundays ago I did just this thing, and as I looked up at the over-head screen and sang with the band, I began to hear laughing behind me.  Slow at first, just a few giggles, but then it built and built.  As I turned to see what they were laughing at, I saw my son beside me playing air guitar and dancing for all he was worth rockin' it out to "God of Wonders". (Note: Our church is extremely child friendly - no one minds such things. I know at other churches this might upset some folks, but not at our church. People were coming up after service to thank him for making their day.)
In August I brought him to school for his Kindergarten screening.  As he was being brought back to me by one of the teachers, I could see the teacher was in stitches.  I thought to myself, "Oh no... what's he done?"  She said, "I love this kid!  I asked him if he likes to be called William or Billy.  He said, Billy because he's called William when he's been fresh."
I could share tons more stories, but most of a 5 year old boys antics have to do with.. well, bodily functions. (you moms with boys are giving large nods right now as you're reading)  If you want to know more of his escapades, go to my other blog that has plenty of his stories.
Along with his antics, my little charmer is very affectionate, loving and smart!! His smile melts my heart!!

I am so blessed with my little men.  My cup runeth over!! (or more likely has been tipped over by my rambunctious little fellas)

Thank you Lord for the gift of these boys that you have entrusted to us!!!
Mummy loves you Jack & Billy!!!!!!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

THANKFUL ~ day 3

"I AM THANKFUL" Challenge ~ Day 3 (still time to join!)

Today I am thankful for my husbands job!

Based on voting yesterday, it was sketchy there for a while if his job would be safe or if he'd need to polish off his resume. (no, he's not a politician)  Thankfully, it looks like he will still have a job going forward.
I was taking a prayer tip from Priscilla Shirer going into this who taught in our last DVD led Bible Study to ask the Lord for what you want but then she says, 'That (what she asked for) Lord, or even better.' because the Lord can do 'exceedingly abuntant beyond what we ask'.
Thank you Lord for providing for us, we love you!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thankful - Day 2

"I AM THANKFUL" Challenge ~ Day 2

Today I am so thankful that my son's oral surgery went well!!

He was such a brave little man all morning even checking the clock regularly and saying more than once, "Is it time yet? I'm ready to do this!"
Then the time came and we were called out back to the surgical room.  He went charging in with excitement usually reserved for one approaching an all you can eat ice cream bar!  Unfortunately, his enthusiasm was squelched by the undetected metal bar that was protruding from the bottom side of the chair that assaulted his right knee.  The twinkle in his eye went from that of happiness to get things moving to tears spilling over as he gripped his knee and rocked.
Thankfully, Dad came prepared with a kids joke book and had him back to a smile in no time whilst Mom was rolling her eyes.
The nurse and doctor came in next and told us it was time to make our exit to the waiting room and that they would take good care of our boy.  As reassuring as that was, the yell we heard once we reached the waiting room burst our bubble.
Thankfully the procedure did not take long and we were escorted back to the recovery area where our gauze drooling son asked, "Why does Dad have two heads?  And Mum, you have four eyes!"  A few more post anesthesia anecdotes and the doctor came by to give us an update.
The good news is that he was able to pull the two top baby teeth, remove the two 'extra' teeth that were up in the gum and that the adult teeth are unharmed and healthy!! Thank you Lord!!!  We now have to pray that the adult teeth will come out on their own as the procedure to force them out is... well, let's not go there.  I'll be praying for the best.

Thank you God for going before us this day and working all things together for our good and Your glory!!!  And thank you for a strong husband who was able to carry our 8 year old boy all the way out to the car!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

"I AM THANKFUL" Challenge

Count your blessings, name them one by one,

Count your blessings, see what God hath done!
Count your blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

I have decided that from now until Thanksgiving day I want to post every day about something for which I am thankful and I'd like to invite you all to join me!

Are you ready to take the "I AM THANKFUL" challenge?

First, I want to let you know that I would like to encourage everyone to take the time to give thanks daily for all of the blessings in your life.  However, if you'd like to be entered into the official 'challenge' and be eligible to win the prize I have listed at the end of this post, then you will need to follow the bellow instructions.

1. Become a follower of my blog.
2. Send me a message or post a comment letting me know that you will be participating and make sure to leave your blog address.
3. Copy the below image to your side bar and link it back to my blog.
4. Post about the challenge and begin sharing your blessings!

When you stop to think about it, there are millions of things we could post!!  There are the obvious things that we're so thankful for such as our families and our health, but don't forget the things that we take for granted every day like indoor plumbing and political commercials.  Ok, just making sure you were still with me! However we can be thankful that we live in a country where we get to vote!! (ok, that's enough of politics!)
I can't wait to hear how each participant feels at the end of this challenge.  I can only imagine how good we'll all feel when despite what each day may bring, we've taken time all month to focus on our blessings!!
*Please feel welcome to join up until Nov. 5th.

Now it's prize time. 
A few years ago my friend Michelle ran a crafting challenge blog and called me to asked me to make a mini-book of some sort for her challenge.  I came up with the mini-book pictured here.  The theme is obviously, Thanksgiving.  I chose to use this book to write in holiday family favorite recipes, but it could be used for pictures or to write notes about what you're thankful for!!  The winner's mini book will not look exactly like the one pictured, but it will be along the same idea.  I'll also throw in a Special K Chocolate and Pretzel bar that I posted about yesterday.  Maybe another goody will sneak in too.

I will write down the names of everyone who enters the challenge.  Then the weekend after Thanksgiving I'll pull a name.  I will then go to their blog to make sure they participated all month, and if so, we'll have a winner!

Ok friends, I hope this helps us all get into a thankful state of mind!

And let me not go any further before saying, I am thankful for all of you!!!

November goals and Week 45

Happy November everyone!!

As this month was approaching I was feeling as though I'm in need of something fresh.  No, I'm not typing this with a wink. I mean that I feel as though my blog is stale and that the multitude (ok, 3 or 4) of regular readers may be ready for something new.

This being the month of Thanksgiving, I am going to write about something I am thankful for every day leading up to the holiday otherwise known as 'turkey day'.  Heavens knows that I have much to be thankful for, big and small, and so I will be writing of all of the blessings for which I am truly thankful!

'I Am Thankful For..' Day 1:
Today I will write of that for which I am most thankful (please note, going forward I will not be writing in any order), my Lord and Savior, Jesus.
I am so thankful for Jesus and my faith in Him as it's as much a part of me as my heart, or lungs.  He is a part of all that I do, say, think.  I am of course, not perfect, but even when I fall short, I turn to Him for reproof and restoration.
In good times I know to whom all credit should go (every good and perfect gift is from above) and in bad times He gives guidance, wisdom and comfort as no other (the peace that passes all understanding).
I could truly write pages and pages on why I am thankful for my faith, but I will summarize with this statement:  He is everything to me!  Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would you like to join me in my "I Am Thankful" challenge?  Look for a post later today!!

Last week was a stressful one.  Stress if part of each of our every day lives though, is it not?  It's all in how we handle it.  I must be honest and confess that for one day I lost it.  By the next day, I was able to allow God's peace to comfort me.  It's not that His peace wasnt there the day before, but rather that I didn't allow it in. (dope!)
I only got in 5 miles of exercise.  But that is better than no exercise so I wont beat myself up over that.  Water, sleep and eating were all... so-so.  Not bad one day, not good the next. 
I've been in such a slump over the last few months.  I don't want to be slumpish any more.  I want to pull it together folks!  My "It's Time" has fallen away from time for me and I'm backsliding into putting me and what is good for my wellbeing into last place once again.  Why do I do this?  Do I find this a 'safe' place to be?  Does putting myself last mean that I don't have to expect much of myself? Hmmm... Makes one think.

Surprisingly, I lost .2 pounds this week.  It's a loss - I'll take it!!  But honestly, not so sure I deserved a loss at all.  Just keepin' it real.

My goals for today: (Because sometimes, that's how we need to roll. Day by day.)

1. Drink at least 4 - 8 oz glasses of water.
2. Exercise for at least 1 mile. (yippee I did 2 miles!)
3. Track and eat within my caloric/fat/protien/carb ranges.
4. Get my quiet time in (time reading God's word and praying)
5. Get to bed by no later than 11:15 pm.

Ultimately, my goals for the month:
1. Post about something I am thankful for each day!!
2. Get my quiet time in at least 5 times per week.
3. Lose 4 pounds (totally realistic!)
4. Exercise at least 3 days a week.
5. Do something nice for myself once a week. Doesn't have to be anything big.

Have a great week everyone!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Don't Listen To The Candy

Candy candy everywhere!

Candy isn't typically my Achilles heel (although I am a sucker for all things chocolate) but with the sugary aroma that wafts through the air this time of year, I feel like there's one of those cartoon fingers motioning me to the candy bowl.  I'm trying my darndest to resist those 'oh look, I'm so small and oh so cute.. I wont do you any harm' sinfully sweet snacks.  "But I'm just a 'mini' candy it's ok." But my butt wont be so mini if I eat those! (mind you, there's nothing 'mini' about my butt anyhow..)

Here's one treat that's been satisfying my craving for sweet without going nutso and downing a 'fun size' bag in a minute flat.  They are Special K Chocolate Pretzel bars.  Only 90 calories per bar and they have a delightfully salty sweet flavor!  Yummmmm!

Hope you're finding a way to indulge, but not too much also.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Have fun!

Wishing a happy and safe Halloween to those who partake in these festivities!
And for those who do not, have a wonderful last day of October tomorrow!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

So much more than week 44

I have tried to write this post a few times and either I get pulled away (sometimes kicking and screaming) or appointment number 36 beckons me to keep moving.

Now for a wellness update.  It doesn’t seem so important this week. I have the proverbial 'bigger fish to fry' at the moment. I will say that I've exercised (not nearly enough), slept about 6-7 hours a night (feels like 3 or 4) and ate. Yes, ate. Sometimes very well, and sometimes not so well. But boy I've eaten alright!

Now on to the pressing news of the week. My oldest son, all of 8 need oral surgery. Here's the story..

He does not have his top front adult teeth in yet. They should have been in 1.25 - 2 years ago. Via very expensive pan x-rays, it seems that my boy has an extra set of teeth up in his gums that are preventing the proper adult teeth from coming in. They will never come in with said superfluous teeth.

Best case scenario:
Oral surgeon will go in and remove the baby teeth, then go into the gum and remove the extra teeth. He may also need to 'remove' bone that is obstructing the teeth.

Alternate scenarios:
Once up in the gum, he may discover that the adult teeth need root canals due to damage from the extra teeth.

They may be flat out no good at all.

They may be ok, but if they do not drop on their own, he'll have to go back in and attach gold chains to the teeth and then we'd have to go to an orthodontist to 'pull' the teeth down and into place.

The cost of just scenario one would pay for our family of 4 to go on a nice trip to Disney for a week!!! Dental insurance is barely covering anything and health insurance won’t even cover the anesthesia because the procedure will not be done in a hospital.

More than anything though, I'm concerned for my son.  Praying all goes well and he heals quickly.  I hate the thought of him needing to go under and just thinking of him being in pain it terrible!!!

God tells us that He will provide for us, and I'm going to keep trusting.
I could cry at the drop of a hat.
I'm usually a very upbeat person, but there's no way around it, we've been in a cave for weeks now between deaths and trial after trial and I'm feeling flat out worn out! I'm even getting sick. Yuck!
I'm trying to keep the joy of the Lord and trying to hold tight to the wisdom in James where we are told to consider it all joy when we encounter trials of many kinds as it's the testing of our faith that will bring about spiritual maturity. I'm feeling 'mature enough' for the moment, thank you. But clearly our Heavenly Father thinks otherwise.

To all my praying readers, your prayers would be very welcome!!

Feeling a little weird about posting such personal stuff. Trusting that those who personally know me will read this, pray about it and not ever make this a topic of conversation with others that know us. I needed to vent and that's what my blog is for.

I hope you all have a great week.

As for me, I will keep trusting in our Savior knowing that He can do 'exceeding abundant beyond what we can imagine'.  And praying my son's surgery goes perfectly, that he will be in as little discomfort as possible!!!! and the 'best case scenario' comes to pass.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week 43

I'm sorry I'm so late posting. 
Just busy, what's new, right?

We had a half good and half bad weekend.

We had a great (albeit cold) time at the boys soccer games and then again when we went to a local farm to get pumpkins.

 My 8 year old took this picture.
A kind Girl Scout leader took this picture for us.
Not a great shot (as the boys aren't really looking).
For some reason when I look at this I want to belt out..
"OOOOOOOOOOOklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains..."

I also had a great time when my niece came down from Maine to do a Pampered Chef show for me.  Lots of friends came by and we had a great time chatting and catching up.

But the not so great... My sister-in-laws Dad died last Tuesday.  We had the wake on Saturday and then a get-together at her mom's house on Sunday.  So very sad!  I lost my mum 2 1/2 years ago.  I know what this time is like.  I know the feelings.  I know it's harder after all the services are over.  I know the pain does not go away.  Acceptance comes with time.  But you always feel the loss.

Can I just interject a note here?.. Why yes, of course I can it's my blog.  I'd just like to suggest and remind myself to not feel like we always have to say something.  Sometimes situations come about that we ourselves have never experienced and therefore we should be careful not to speak as if 'we know'.  It's ok to offer words of love and sympathy, but be careful.  I recall very clearly a woman telling me a few months after my mum passed that if I just think on happy memories everything will be just fine.  In other words, 'get over it'.  I'm so sad to share that she is in a season where her mother may not be with her for much longer.  She now, 'gets it'.  It makes me sad to think that she now 'gets it', because again, I know this pain.  Let's just all be careful to never try to negate someone's pain. The Bible tells us that there is a time to grieve - so allow that person (and yourself) time to grieve; however long that time needs to be for the individual.  Ok, getting off my soap box now.

Health - in a nut shell 'so-so'.  Exercising, but not enough.  Eating... pretty well.  Not getting all my water in and sleep hasn't been great.  Didn't even weigh in on Monday to be honest.  Sleep and water will be my biggest focus' this next week as I feel they are my weakest points right now.

I hope to share my new 'it's time' I hinted at a few weeks back.  Hopefully within a week - just need the time to sit and write it out.

I hope you all have a great week!!
Remember, there's a season for everything in our lives.  Allow yourself to feel them, live them.  God wouldn't have told us about them if we were to just sluff them off.  What season are you in?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 42

As I predicted, last week was a hard week.
What else could I have expected really.
But God is good and even during dark times He saw fit to bless me with some bright spots.  To read about one such bright spot, please visit my other blog, ladyofthehousespeaking.blogspot.com/

Although I did eat my emotions 'a bit' this week, I didn't go completely haywire.  And although I did not get in as much exercise as I'd like, I did at least get in 5 miles.  I'm happy that I didn't just totally give in to my feelings and revert back to my old ways.  There's definitely some progress here.  But a few morning when I woke up I could feel the difference as a result of an emotional week.  I've been loving over the last couple of months and really since January, the feeling of waking up and feeling.. well, thinner.  Have a comfortable 'empty' feeling.  Don't know how to explain it really, except to say that after a few days of stress eating I was waking up with a more.. full feeling.  Kind of how I used to wake up every single day; still a little full from all that I ate the day previous.  I now hate this feeling!!  Hate it!!  I'm happy to say that this morning I woke up once again with a more 'emtpy' feeling. Much better!!

I weighed myself on both the new and old scale this morning.  I am eventually going to have to update my weight as I think my old scale has been off a few pounds.  At least having both scales now I am at least able to correctly determine how much I have lost/gained (don't need to blindfold myself and throw a dart).  I have lost 1 pound this week.  I'm very happy with one pound considering all that went on this week.

Thanks so much to all of you lovely folks who have offered your condolences on the passing of my uncle!!  Your kindness is so greatly appreciated!!

My goals this week:
Get at least 8 miles of exercise in.
Drink plenty of water.
Eat healthy.
Get 7 hours of sleep a night.

It's Time to go watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid with the family.
Have a great week everyone!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tomorrow's a new day

I am determined to make tomorrow a better day!
It's going to be a tough day (with my uncle's wake and all); but it will be better!!

I WILL exercise.
I WILL pay attention to what I am eating and portion sizes.
I WILL NOT let my emotions rule my stomach.

Phillipians tells us the I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Lord, please give me the strength to keep my food intake in check.  Let the joy of the Lord be my strength so I will not look to bury my emotions in food.  amen

UPDATE:  I sweated for 3 miles with LS this morning and I enjoyed a healthy breakfast of 'Impossible Pie'.  Great start!  Off to my uncles funeral today.  Please pray for my sweet Aunt Helen, they were married for 54 years!!  Thanks :)

Stress Eating

Stress eating!!!

Between my uncle's death and now a very sweet beautiful lady from our church passing I am just not feeling with the program!
I've been stress eating and then as a result of feeling guilty about it I then... yes, eat some more.

I know I need to just give myself a break right now and not worry about it.  But I also do not want to throw in the towel either.  This is a slippery walk.

I will try to make conscious choices and not mindlessly eat.  There's lots to keep me busy and with a sore foot (not sure what I did to it) exercise isn't in the plan right now.  But still, lots and lots to do.
I will try to keep busy so as not to turn to food.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week 41 ~ This is a tough one

Short & sweet this week folks.  Not so sweet actually.

Surrounded by sadness at the moment.
We have a wonderful lady from our church family who is very ill with cancer.  What a blessing she has been and although we will celebrate her homegoing for her sake, we will miss her!!  Just a matter of time...

My sister-in-law's dad who had a lung removed due to cancer less than a year ago now has cancer in the other lung and it has come back to the cavity where the removed lung had been. Again, a matter of time.

Today, my extreamly funny and very tender hearted uncle has died leaving his wife of 54 years, my aunt behind.  My aunt is not well either.

Life is short folks.  Tell those you love that you love them and tell them often.  If you know the Lord Jesus as your Savior don't be shy in sharing the gift of salvation as you never know who needs to hear the good news and if you'll get a chance to share again.

My heart is very heavy for all of those hurting at this hour.  I am filled with sadness, but also filled with the love of God.  I am so blessed to know him.

All of these situations bring back the feelings of losing my mother 2.5 years ago so fresh to the surface.  It hurts.


I did great last week. Ate well, did 14 miles of exercise.  The scale is barely budging though.  I am discouraged.  This virtual stand still has been going on for quite some time now.  I know what I'm doing - I know how to live healthy.  I'm eating plenty and eating a balanced healthy diet.  I'm exercising to the point of having sweat drip down me and being out of breath.  There's nothing more I can do.
Maybe this is it.  Size 18 weighing in at... nope, still not brave enough to list the number on the scale.  Maybe this is as good as it's gonna get.  I guess I have to settle for this.  I will keep being healthy but no longer look to and consequently be disappointed week after week at the lack of movement on the scale.  What a bugger!!!

No way to sugar coat it people.  I'm feeling seriously down.  I know it's just for a season though and that I wouldn't appreciate being on the moutain tops if I'm never in the valley.
So I will keep plugging along in this valley knowing that my God is with me and that what's important is that His will be done. Not mine.
Despite the aggrivation, frustration, disappointment and sadness, I will not lose my joy.  For the joy of the Lord will be my strength!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

4th is not so bad

I think I came in 4th... could have been 5th.

Last night was the end of "Choose to Loose"; at least for this cycle.  The ladies will have another cycle starting next week but although I will continue to be included in the email support, I will not be weighing-in with them.  I'm so very appreciative of the opportunity to meet with those special ladies over a 6 week period and again thankful for all of the work that was put into the program!!

3rd, 4th and 5th place were super close.  My understanding is that we were not even a whole percentage off from eachother.  The 1st place winner lost of 6% of her body weight in just 6 weeks!  Amazing!!  Congrats to not only the ladies in the top 3 spots, but to all of the ladies who are continuing to make healthy changes!!

Now I'll give just a hint of a future post.  Folks, "It's Time" has taken on a whole new meaning in my life.  God is calling on me telling me, "It's Time" to take the next step that He has for me.  As I said, this will be a future post.

It's Time!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Take THAT Hungries!

I like to do my exercising in the morning.  I like to get up, brush teeth and all of that sort of thing and then go right into doing my LS DVD.  By the time I get into mile 2 I'm usually fully awake ; )
Today, I just couldn't do it.  I was too tired after a busy night at church last night. (What a party girl, I know!)  So I kind of figured that the day was a wash for exercise.
As the day went on I started to feel like a major case of the 'hungries' was coming on.  You know, when you eat... and eat... and then you eat... but you're still hungry.  I hadn't gone overboard at all, but I could feel that that's where the day was going.  I wasn't about to let that happen, so..what to do?
You got it!  I popped in my LS DVD and just did 5 miles sistahs!!  (That's 12 miles for this week so far. I've already reached my weekly goal!!)  Now I know I won't eat and eat and eat.  After I worked that hard, I know there's no way I'm gonna throw it away by eating too much.

It's time to drink some more water!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 40

Last week was a breakthrough week for me.
I have always struggled with exercise, but I really feel like I've found a good nitch.
Long story short, I did a total of 18 miles with Leslie Sansone! 18 miles!!!
AND, my eating was really good too.
Great eating and exercise week - do I hear the halleluja chorus?!
I sometimes feel a little nervous to be honest, that this will just be a phase.  This fitness won't last.  But I am going to do everything I can to ensure that it is a lasting change and not a passing fad!!

I'm not gonna sugar coat this, when I weighed in this morning I really wanted to kick my scale to the curb!!  According to MY scale, I had only lost a pound. Ok, now before you start singing the praises of a pound, please realize that normally I wouldn't be sad about a pound - but seriously, I think my scale is messing with me!!
According to the scale at the Choose To Loose group I've been going to since the end of August I have lost 6 pounds (not including this week - last weigh in with them was on 9/16).  During that same time (end of August to Sept. 16th) my scale said I had only lost 1 pound??  Now after exercising my butt off (ok, that's an exageration - this girls got back and plenty of it!!!) and eating really well it says I've only lost a pound.  I seriously think it's time I purchased a new scale.  One that wont mess with my head.  I know a scale is not the only measure, but I sure as heck think it's important to have one that is actually in good working order.  I'm really anxious to see what the other scale will say when I go on Thursday night.

Last week I also had the program at church I have been talking about and it was a big sucess!!  Everyone had fun and the gals that did the skit with me were amazing.  The message God had me give went over very well too and we had a woman accept Christ as her savior - Praise God!!!!
I got a call this afternoon as I was rushing to finish my chores and get dinner done early as we had a Scout Den meeting tonight from the president of the women's ministry group of the church I was to speak at on Saturday.  She was calling to cancel the talk.  I totally understood the situation, but I was/am seriously disappointed!!  They may re-book but it wouldn't be until sometime in February.  I'm disappointed both for not having the opportunity to speak to this group of ladies that I have never met as well as the money, to be honest.
I have felt led by the Lord to workin women's ministry almost since the day I became a Christian over 18 years ago.  He has slowly brought me along and I am now feeling like He may be calling me into ministry on a larger scale than just (and I don't mean "just" as a slight) a women's ministry leader at my church.  I think I'm being called to speak and teach.  I had lady after lady come up to me after the event Friday telling my how much I had touched them (I know it was God working through me, it's definitely not me!) and telling me I should be doing this professionally.  I feel as thought their encouragement is affirmation as to what I think the Lord has been trying to say to me.  To all of you praying gals out there, please be praying for the Lord's direction in my life and that I would be sensitive enough to follow His lead!

My goals for this week:
continue to eat healthy
do at least 12 miles of exercise
get all of my water in
daily quiet time

It's time to get to bed!
Have a good week everyone and keep making good choices :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two Yummy Recipes

Ok folks, get your pointer fingers ready to click n' copy these super delish recipes below!

Both of these recipes were given to me by Laurie, the co-leader of the short term healthy lifestyle group called "Choose To Loose" that I've been attending.  This group was started by Laurie and another gal named Victoria as a result of talking with some other ladies at their churches' Ladies Retreat.  You see Laurie and Victoria had each lost a significant amount of weight (60 lbs + for Laurie) and they have each kept it off.  Now they have gotten together to share what they have learned from their experiences with other ladies who also wish to get healthy.  These meetings are held at another woman's house (thank you Ellen!) where we have a confidential weigh-in followed by a 'class' where these fit sistah's share some of what they have learned with different theme's each week.  This particular session will meet a total of 5 times over I believe an 8 week period.  Next Thursday will be our last weigh-in.  There was a one time small fee to join the group and at the end the ladies with the top 3 percentages of weight loss will win cash prizes!!

Last week the AMAZING Laurie made a whole days worth of food for us to try to show us that healthy can taste great!!  I tried making two of her meals this week as you will see below.  I am posting the ingredients and the nutritional information that I've come up with.  Here we go...

"Quick and Creamy Mac N' Cheese"
(I call this Cheesy Butternut Pasta so my kids won't expect traditional mac&cheese)

16 oz medium shell pasta (whole wheat)
1 pkg frozen butternut squash, thawed
1 can (12 oz) evaporated milk (fat free)
2 cups shredded Italian cheese blend (reduced fat)
1/8 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp salt

1. Cook pasta.  Carefully remove 1/4 cup of the cooking water for later use. Drain pasta and place in casserole dish.
2. Prepare sauce.  Place thawed squash in a saucepan, gradually add milk, whisking constantly.  Cook over medium-high heat for 3-4 minutes or until mixture begins to simmer.  Reduce heat to medium.  Add cheese; cook 3-4 minutes or until cheese is melted and mixture retuns to a simmer, whisking constantly.  Add nutmeg, salt and reserved cooking water.  Stir until smooth. Add sauce to pasta, mix to coat.
3. You can put this into the oven for a few minutes to toast the top (especially if you decide to add extra cheese, panko crumbs, crushed light crackers, etc...).
4. Makes 6 servings, may top with a sprinkle of additional nutmeg.

* Laurie topped hers with a little plain Panko crumbs.
* Hubby didn't love it as is, I added some shredded cheddar to his.  Next time I think I'll make it with 1 cup Italian cheese and 1 cup cheddar.
** Even my boys enjoyed this!!!

Personally, I found 1/6th to be too generous a portion for us so the nutritional values you'll see following are for 1/8th servings.
calories: 332.5
fat: 5.8
dietary fiber: 7
carbs: 57
protien: 20
cholesterol: 10

Southwestern Sloppy Joes

1 Tbs. Canola oil
1/2 red onion, chopped
2 carlic cloves minced
1 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp dried oregano
1 lb lean ground turkey (99%)
1 (11 oz) can of Mexican style corn, rinsed and drained
1 (16 oz) jar of Salsa (no sugar added such as Chi-Chi's)
1 Tbsp packed dark brown sugar
1 pkg Light Whole Wheat Hamburger rolls

1. Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Swirl the oil then add the onion and garlic.  Cook, stirring occasionally, until softened, about 4 minutes.
2. Add the chili powder and oregano and cook 1 minute more.
3. Add the turkey and corn and cook until the mixture is nearly dry, about 4 minutes.
4. Stir in the salsa and sugar and cook, stirring occasionally, until slightly thinchened and the turkey is cooked through, 4-5 minutes longer.
5. Spoon over the opned rolls and serve.

Can I just start by saying that I LOOOOOOVE this!!  It is so yummy and I promise you that no one would ever eat this and think, "oh gosh, this is healthy stuff" - it's just delish!!
I have no tips or adjustments to make to this - it's perfect.  I will say that the hubs added a little salt.

According to our serving sizes, we could get about 10 sandwiches out of this.  The nutritional values below include the sloppy joe mix along with a light wheat hamburger roll.
calories: 205
fat: 3
dietary fiber: 3.46
carbs: 30.17
protien: 14.94
cholesterol: 28

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Laurie for these wonderful recipes!! Can't wait to try to make the others you shared.  And thank you to you, Victoria and Ellen for all that you do to encourage us all to live a healthy life!!!

Blog Hop

It's Blog Hop time!

If you'd like to join in, please go over to Diminishing Lucy.
Looking forward to reading some new blogs!
Have a great day everyone!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh Ya I Did!

I can't believe it, but I did it!

I did the whole 5 mile fat burning program today. All 5 miles!!

I even did every high impact boost for the last few minutes of each mile!!

I never thought that I could do anything for 5 miles.. Except maybe eat my way through a 5 mile long buffet. But alas, I have!

Can't do it every day as it takes an hour. But if I can continue doing the 3 miles and do 4-5 miles once or twice a week I will be happy. It's so empowering just knowing that I can do it!!

Now, if someone could please just notify my scale and tape measure of all of the exercise and healthy eating I've been doing I'd be most appreciative. They just don't seem to be quite on board with all of this. I know. I know. It will come eventually. And yes, I am reaping the benefits in other ways I know.
It would just be rather swell if all components could recognize all of this hard work!!

In any case; I did it and I'm proud of myself!

5 MILES - woo hoo!!!

It's time to get back to reality and go clean the toilette before I think too highly of myself.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 39

Week 39 and I'm feeling fine!  Great actually!

This past week has been really good.  The boys are settling into a good routine with school.  I got a lot done with the couple of hours I get to myself each morning. (See my cabinet cleaning project on my other site).  I have finally (read: FINALLY) finished writing the 'talk' portion for Friday nights women's ministry event at my church. (Are you in Massachusetts?  Then come to FBC in Hanson on 9/24 @7pm for a fun and uplifting evening with the girls! Contact me for details.)

Now as far as food and exercise go - what a week!  I had a really great week!!  I did 30 min. of cardio 5 days and went from 2 miles a day to 3 of low and high impact aerobic activity!!  I'm still so stinkin' proud of myself.  My back is still achy, but I'm gonna keep moving!!

Thanks to Natalia I was able to find out approximately how many calories I burn while doing the DVD.
358 Calories burned doing 3 miles on the Leslie Sansone Fat Burning "walk".
I tell ya though, it feels more like I burn a thousand calories with all of the sweat that's dripping down me when I'm done!

I weighed in this morning at 1 pound less than I was last week.  This is good, but frustrating.  I am in need of a new scale.  In 3 weeks I lost 3.8 pounds according to the nice shiney digital scale at the short term group Choose to Loose I've been apart of.  But my scale only says 1 pound (as it said I had stayed the samer previously).  Grrrr.  I feel like I really have no idea what I weigh - but the good news is, regardless of the difference both scales agree I'm on the way down!

I took my measurements today too to see if that could offer me more encouragement than my mean scale.  The results...ehh.  When I think of the parts of my body that really need to loose the lbs my mind goes to my stomach, but, legs, etc.., but not to my neck.  I guess I have a fat neck.. who knew? (please do not insert smart-alec comments here).  I have lost a half an inch from my neck since July.  Weird, but good.  Then a spot that does really need to have some major shrinkage did have a nice down-sizing; my hips.  My hips shrunk by 1.25 inches.  I'll take it!!  My husband keeps telling me that my legs look smaller but my measuring tape told me this morning that it's all in his head.  Maybe they're just really getting toned. Yup, that's what I'm going with!

I will post either later today or tomorrow the pics and recipe for Cheesy Butternut Pasta.  I made it yesterday, it was good, but I'll make some minor adjustments next time.  The hubs thought it was ok, but my two boys gobbled it up!

It's time to get back to cleaning out my lower cabinets.  I swear I'm waiting for Jimmy Hoffa to come crawling out! (sorry, I know you youngins won't catch that reference)

Have a wonderful week folks and keep making good choices!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

3 Miles!

3 miles!
I did 3 miles today with the Leslie Sansone fat burning DVD!!!
I was only planning to do 2 (that's the highest I've done previously) but then thought that I just wanted to see what mile 3 was like.  Well I was already standing (barely, as I had given miles 1 and 2 my all) so I thought, ok, I'll do another 1/2 mile.  But next thing I knew, she was saying that it was time for the end of the mile blast!  Wooo hoooo!!!
I wish I knew exactly how many calories are burned doing her work out.  She calls it a 'walk', but it totally is not a 'walk'.  It's aerobics but it goes from "low impact" to "high impact" so not sure how to figure it.
But in any case I did it.  3 miles in 35 minutes and I have the sore muscles and headache to prove it.  But I feel great!!

It's time to get the boys to their soccer games!
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Back Is Saying, "You Deserve a Break Today"

I'm taking today off.
From cardio that is.  I feel guilty even though logically I know that I shouldn't.
I have done four days in a row of mid/high impact aerobics totalling about 7 miles.  Not huge for some of you I'm sure, but for me this has been a nice step up; especially where I've gone from low up to mid & high impact.
Yesterday afternoon and this morning my lower back has been a bit achey and my feet are hurting a wee bit.  I'm taking this as a sign that my body needs and eentsy weentsy break from the routine I've been doing.  Or it's a sign I'm getting old.  Hmmm.  Let's go with option one, it sounds much better!

I'm not taking the day off completely though as I'll be rolling out the ole' exercise ball and my 4 lb. hand weights when the boys head off to school to do some crunches and arm toning.  I don't dare take the ball out in their presence as a fight always insues as they see who can do the most life-threatening moves on the sphere of death.  Seriously!  "Watch, I can roll over head first and then fall down the stairs."  Why is it that I've got so many grays?

I went to my Choose To Loose group last night (only one more meeting).  It was a great meeting!  The co-leader made all of these super yummy and healthy (Stop the press! Did I write those two words "yummy" & "healthy" in the same sentence? YES!!) foods for us to try.  I will be making these and as I do I'll take pictures and post the recipes.  One is for a delicious alternative to a traditional mac and cheese using butternut squash.  Oh my gosh - it's fabulous!!!!!!!
The surprise of the night however, was that I lost weight!  It's been three weeks since I've weighed in with the group (it doesn't meet every week) and their scale said that I lost 3.8 pound!  Woo hoo!!  Now why does my scale keep saying that I've stayed the same?... I think my scale has a cruel sense of humore.  Next week I'll take some measurements as I haven't done that in a few months.

I signed on to make one quick post and now look!  It's like going into WalMart, you can never just go in for one quick thing, you come out with lots more stuff you don't really need.

It's time to get this day rolling!  Lots to do including putting the finishing touches on my talk part of the 24th event.  Dress rehearsal tonight!!  Have a great day!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Now I'm Moving!

What a great start to my day!

I did 2 miles with LS doing both low and high impact cardio.  Worked up a great "glow" and then explained to my boys why I was so out of breath (I left out the old and flabby part though).
Then I hoofed it down to drop off a friend's sweat shirt and on to the post office.  What a glorious day!!  The sun is shining and the air is cool.
For this is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!  Amen

It's time to now tackle cleaning out my kitchen cabinets.  Not quite so much fun, but it will sure feel great when it's done!  Thanks for the motivation Domestic Engineer!!

Have a great day!! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 38

No ups. No downs, just holdin' steady.
This isn't a mystery.  One day I do great, the next day, not so great.  But I'm not gaining!!  And more importantly, I'm not giving up!

Ok - review time!  I have tried a new Leslie Sansone workout DVD, 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk.  Before today I had only done one mile as I've been both pressed for time and completely out of breath by the end of mile one.  These "walking" miles are revved up on this DVD - "fat burning walks" that are now kicked into high impact.  It's great!!  When I would do her "Walk The Walk" video I could do 2 miles, work up a sweat but really wouldn't be out of breath - but this one, wooo.  But can I just say that as I go into the jogging part that I feel as if I should be able to simply unzip and step out of the fat suit that is jiggling up and down with each step!  Each time I do it I guess I need to look at it as a few more notches being unzipped on that suit, right?  Well today I decided that I wanted to just 'see' what mile two looked like and to my delight, I did all of mile two remaining at the high impact level!!  I think I actually preferred the second mile to the first.  How long before I can do all 5 miles?  Not sure if that's a matter of physical fitness and endurance or a measure of how long my boys will allow me to have that time to myself.

I also have been trying a new Tortilla (new to me - suggested by short term weight loss group I've been going to e/o Thursday).  They are super yummy (really!) and only 80 calories, 3 g fat, 0 cholesterol, 18 g carbs, 12g dietary fiber! and 8g of protein per tortilla. SCORE!  So what, they're like the size of a Reece's right? (sure, I had to bring chocolate into it!) No, they are really a good size and take up most of a dinner sized plate.  You can find them usually near your deli, but not on the rack that's just underneath the deli display case.  Usually in a wire rack thingy nearby.
Have I told you much about the talk I'll be giving on the 24th?  Well actually, it's more like three skits with talks in-between each.  It's a spoof on the Price Is Right called What'$ It Worth?!  Each silly round will be an introduction/spring board for each point that I will speak on; Having the Joy of the Lord, God's Word is Truth and Salvation.  We had rehearsal on Sunday evening and we laughed and laughed.  How exciting it is to see this idea that God have given me about two years ago coming to fruition.  Would you please pray for me that this event would come together to give glory to God and that He would bring out the ladies He wants to hear the message.  Also pray for all of those in the performance and me as the speaker.  I pray that I would say nothing other than what the Lord would have me say.

I am also begining to prepare for a talk I will be giving at another church in October for their ladies breakfast.  It will be on walking with the Lord.  This will be my first time speaking to ladies that I totally don't know.  But they are sisters-in-Christ and so I'm sure I will feel very welcome and at home.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and encouragement!!

It's time to get  a whole buncha work done!!
Have a great week and make good choices! :)