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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blah blah blah

Feeling so blah lately!  Kinda bloated too (how pleasant).
I'm in that cycle of  not having the energy to exercise and because I haven't exercised I have no energy!
This chubby chiquita so needs to get movin'!!
Well it's time for me to go switch the laundry.  How many calories does one burn folding clothes?  I'm desperate! 
That's it - I WILL do my Leslie Sansone tape today, even if it's just one mile.  No excuses!!!

UPDATE:  I did it!  I did the 2 mile tapes.  I was completely spent after.  I could have just laid down on the ground where I had just exercised and went to sleep!  Now if I can just do it again tomorrow...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 8

Happy Monday everyone!!

Last week was school vacation week and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my boys. Although.. there were a few times when I thought I was going to blow my stack due to fighting over such critical things as the Wii remote - but alas, they will not be young for long so I try to enjoy all my time with them. Even the times when they drive me coocoo!!

Vacation week also found me taking a vacation from exercise (she types sheepishly). Exercise is continuing to prove a challenge. Let me just be frank, I don't like exercise. There. I said it.

Exercise however is just one of those things that like it or not, ya gotta do it!

My week ahead:
Today after the cherubs are safely at school I will be heading to my CC appointment. I am still working on my homework assignment (I always did this in school too.. I'd need to ponder and mull things over before writing my final draft. I got really good grades though! Maybe my dc will give me a shiny gold star!!). The assignment you may remember is for me to write out my goals that I'd like to accomplish as a result of counseling. Note to self: She is not my fairy godmother!!   Here's a smattering of my goals: Learn good strategies for dealing with stress & anxiety, determine why it is I have remained over weight (Experts claim there is a reason we do this to ourselves. I'll be darned if I know what it is though.), improve on self-esteem, help determine career choice, and stop being afraid (this subject alone could take up many a sessions).

Aside from this appointment, I've got doc appointments for the kiddos, child care, women's ministry business to see to, house work (of course!!), etc... I'm also determined to finish a good book a friend from church lent me.

My goals for this week:
Exercise at least 3x
stay within my nutritional ranges
drink at least 8 cups of water a day
8 hours of sleep a night (really doing much better on this!)
take a multi vitamin every day (really have trouble with this one)
write on my other blog at least once this week (always have ideas.. never the time)
daily quiet time (time reading scripture/praying/listening)

Weigh-in ~ down 1 lb. Slow & stead, right? Total loss = 22 lbs.

Have a great week!!

It's time to pack some back packs.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

That's Life

My very kind/BRAVE sister took our boys over night on Friday so the hubs and I could have a date night, something we haven't had in ages!!

So what to do?...

It seems that it always comes to doing one of two things, or both. Movie and/or dinner. Well this 'in the middle' family doesn't have enough to splurge on both, so we looked at the movie listings. Nothing we really really wanted to see. Dinner? Um... well since we've both been being very good, we thought the ultimate splurge would be to go out to dinner.

I was excited, and yet a little frightened. How much of a splurge is good vs. 'holy smokes, now I've done it!!'

I perused the Olive Garden menu and my mouth started to water at all of the creamybutterycheesyrichyummy concoctions!!! But I knew that the scrumptious tastes would not outweigh the overwhelming disappointment I would feel after.
But then, looking at the salad, I knew I would feel like I deprived myself, and what kind of fun would that be? I don't want to pay $$ to feel bad!

So then, I decided I needed to solve a dietary equation!

"X" (in the equation) turned out to be Chianti braised short ribs with porcini risotto and steamed veggies. (Did you hear that? steamed veggies - that's good.. right?!) As succulent as the ribs were, the risotto was fabulous!! Even the steamed green beans and carrots were super tasty! I ate 1/2 the meal and was fully satisfied!

Did I feel guilty after? No. It was a treat. What would life be if we never allowed ourselves a treat? Plus, we went walking around stores after to walk off a small percentage of the meal. (I later looked up the calories and therefore am fully aware that our stroll only tackled a sliver of the calories consumed during that one meal.)

As much as I hated (HATED!! sorry Mr. Pisano) algebra, here is the solution to my dining out equation: 'x' (succulent enjoyment) + 'y' (self respect) = Satisfaction!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 7

I'm a day late posting - ahhh!  Sorry folks!

Yesterday we were busy using up our Christmas gift cards to buy Wii games, then off to a fun party at our friends house (upside down, inside out  party for the kids), then Scouts last night.  Ok, enough excuses....

Week 6 was a busy week, but seriously, these days who do you ever hear say that their life runs at a slow pace?  I think if someone's life is slow and relaxed, they actually feel guilty and don't admit to it instead of realizing that they're smarter than most of us.  I always love to joke that I'm trading it all in and going to move the family to PA to become Amish.  Black is a good color on me. : )

I had my first appointment with the Christian counselor (henceforth to be known as 'CC') last Monday.  It went... well I guess.  It's hard to say the first visit.  She really just took down basic information, and then gave me an assignment.  How exciting, I like assignments!  I've always been a geek.  I need to write out all that I would like to see changed or accomplished as a result of my visits with her. So I've cracked open a new notebook (I think the poor thing will regret this request) and have started to jot down notes.  I was instructed to not write it down in 5 minutes but to take my time and really think it out.  I think about it while washing dishes (which currently takes a long time as our dishwasher has passed on), while I fold laundry, while waiting for my next turn at Monopoly with son #1, etc...  Then time and again I'll come into my office/craft room (henceforth to be known as simply 'my room'... I love writing 'henceforth', can't say as I normally get a chance to fit that into day- to-day conversation) and jot it down in my notebook.  I'm sure there are many who would love to add to my list - but alas, this is only a list for me to write out.

I've been doing quite well with sleep.  I'm happy to say that I haven't gone to bed any later than 11:30 in a few weeks.  Well actually, I have fallen asleep a few times on the couch watching the opening Olympics and then last night trying to stay up to see the pairs figure skating.. but once awake, I make my way down the hall.  Even so, I'm drifting off on the couch prior to 11pm.  So big thumbs up for getting good sleep!

Nutrition.. I've done pretty well.  I am consistently staying in my ranges (calories, fat, protein, carbs, etc..) but in all honesty, I could be eating more nutritiously.  My problem  - night time snacks.  I usually do ok, but on occasion, I'm looking for 3 snacks a night!  To be honest, I'm good with letting myself have 2.  I like to have my 94% fat free popcorn, and then something sweet.  The problem is when 'something' sweet becomes 2 or 3 somethings.  This is a goal for this week - and last night, I did well.

Another goal for this week is that I would like to broaden my horizons.  I don't want to keep eating the same things over and over.  I'm going to find some new recipes to try and plan out some menus for the end of this week and going into the next.  I enjoy cooking but have been losing that love due to the new lifestyle.  There's no reason for that to happen so it's time to roll up my sleeves.

Weight loss this week = 1 pound.  I need to applaud myself considering this was Valentine's weekend.  I went to a great family party and resisted (without feeling deprived) all of the chocolate - and there was lots of chocolate!! brownies, chocolates, cookies, etc.... So I'm happy with the 1 pound.  That's 21 in all!!

Still having trouble with mind racing.  Mostly about work these days.  I need a new job/or a second job!  House is falling apart and there are things we need for the kids.  But trying to find something that works around the kids so I won't only bring home a 1/4 of my pay after paying for day care is really hard!!  I need to keep reminding myself that God will provide.  Prayer request: That God would guide my husband and I to the jobs He has for us and that we would be wise stewards of our money.

Have a great week everyone!!

It's time to start housework before the kids play date.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 6

This past week was a bad week.  Hey, they happen - even to those of us who try to stay really positive.

Why was it bad?  Well I had a sick child, then I got sick.  Was (am still a bit) feeling overwhelmed  by all that needs to get done (personally, family, home, ministry, etc...).  Maybe a little nervous about today and my 1st appointment with my Christian counselor (I'll let you know how that goes).  Lastly, I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that we're coming up to the 2 year anniversary of my mother's death.  One positive?  With all of this, I did not succumb to emotional eating!! (see weighin below)

But, this is a new week and I'm ready to have a better one!  Lot's going on this week and I'm ready to face it all.

How'd I do last week?  Well like I said, even with all of the stress, I did not emotionally eat - big thumbs up for me!
I moved on to the 2 mile (+) walking workout with Leslie Sansone.  Good workout for me at the level I am currently at.  I'd like to get the 3, 4, and 5 mile workouts.  I tried my new Biggest Loser workout... I decided I want to wait another week or so before I go back to that (one move... gasp gasp.. I think I'll skip the next move, sorta try the next... gasp gasp....).  All workouts on the tape are 10 minutes each and can be done in any combination.  The cardio workouts are 10 straight minutes of mid-high intensity cardio (I suppose you could go low... but then I'd rather stay with Leslie as I think I'd get a better workout for that) no warm up/cool down.  I liked it, but want to use my other tapes to get me a little more conditioned before going back.
Did well with getting enough sleep this week - for the most part.  I was in bed at a good time even if I couldn't fall asleep for awhile.
Water - great!  Did my 8+ cups a day!

Weigh in:  down 4 lbs. for a total weight loss since Jan. 4, 2010 of (drum roll...) 20 lbs.

Goals for this week:
~ Go to my 1st session
~ Keep drinking 8+ cups of water a day
~ Keep striving for 8 hours sleep a night
~ Exercise at least 3x a week
~ Track all of my eating
~ Stay within my calorie, fat, carb and protein goals each day
~ Spend time with God each day

You know what the 20 lb. mark means?  REWARD!  I actually had my reward yesterday.  I went out by myself for over my one hour reward (yeah) and I bought the curtain for my office/craft room.  Actually, I bought two.  Still trying to decide which one... I may be posting for opinions.

It's time for me to get ready to go.  Have a great week all!!!

PS - Have you thought of becoming a 'follower'?  Look in the right hand column.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Burger & Fries On The Down Low

So I had a hankerin' for a burger and fries.
Here's what I came up with.  It tasted delish!! Especially since it didn't come with a side of guilt!
I could have gone with a turkey burger, but I actually really like the veggie mushroom burger!  For the fries I just cut up a medium potato (actually two, fed the hubs too), then put it into a pan that was lightly sprayed with Pam.  I put a little salt and pepper and then some Tastefully Simple seasoning salt (love that stuff). Mixed it up, and then gave the fries a couple of spritzes of Pam. In the oven they went on 425. Couldn't be any easier!

Rewards - No Credit Card Required

As soon as I typed the word 'rewards' I instatly thought of all of the commercials and pieces of junk mail advertising credit cards with all of the preks you get for using their card to get further into debt.

Well the rewards I'm coming up with for each milestone on my journey would not be rewarding at all if they were to put me into further debt!  In fact, beginning the process of getting out of debt is one of my non-weight-loss goals.

Without further ado, below is my economy friendly rewards system.

(note: I decided that there really is no way to give myself retroactive rewards - so for the first 16 lbs lost, I'll just give myself a big pat on the back!... and hope I don't pull something..)

20 lbs ~ One hour to myself (hubby will watch the kids/answer the phone, etc. time awards have been preapproved by said hubby) AND (ok, I guess I am doing a little retro reward) a curtain for my office (saw it in The Christmas Tree Shop flyer for $6! Yes, I SOOOO love a bargin!!)

25 lbs ~ A haircut (seriously, I have only gone to a salon about twice in the past 3 years, but have had  dear friend give me a great cut a few times)

30 lbs ~ Two hours to myself!

35 lbs ~ A new pair of jeans (I still have some gift cards kickin' around, so they wont actually cost me anything!)

40 lbs ~ Three hours to myself & a latte!

45 lbs ~ A manicure (haven't had one in years and only go for around $12, right?)

50 lbs ~ A night away (whether I just go visit my brother & his family, or my sister takes my boys for the night...)

Can't think beyond 50 at this point.  I'll update as I get closer.

"If we realize a celebration is down the road, it makes the road easier to travel." ~
Luci Swindoll: You Bring The Confetti, God Brings The Joy

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An Interesting Notion

I signed on to SparkPeople today to start entering my food for the day (ok -really wasn't planning 325 calories for breakfast!!) and I checked out the community while I was there.

I came across one ladies page and found something very interesting.  She had created a whole schedule of rewards for herself.

Lose 5 lbs - get a coffee
Lose 10 lbs - get a new pair of jeans
Lose 15 lbs - get a new book
and so on ....
I saw this and thought,  'Note to self, create a rewards system for yourself that does not include a cream sauce or a sea of chocolate.'

So this, along with laundry, polishing, sorting through my office/craft room, making some thank you notes, etc.., is my mission for today.  I'd like to include markers that go beyond lbs lost.  What about self-esteem found?  Daily exercise? hmm....

Stay tuned for my rewards list.  I will need to be creative as it can not involve lots of spending.  Healthy eating is expensive enough!  Now that I think of it, having lost 16 lbs thus far, I really have already earned 3 rewards!  Are rewards retroactive?

Do you reward yourself for reaching your goals?  Let me know what you've done.

It's time to wash the bathroom floor.... sigh

Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 5

I've been enjoying a slightly more relaxing week now that all the craziness of reatreat planning is done.  However, now there's another church event in the works : )  There's always many things to do, and for that I am thankful (most of the time).

This past week I took it waaaay too easy in so far as not exercising.  Unless you count the many times I got up and down to bring my hobbit boys their 1st breakfast, 2nd breakfast, ellevensies, noon luncheon, etc...  I bought a new workout DVD and watched how fast it could collect dust.  This week.. this will be the week I actually peel off the pesky wrap that never seems to want to come off.. then I will search for the invisible tape that seals the edges and I'll put it in and actually move along with it!  I'll review it next week - I promis!!

Food wise, I did great.  No new foods to suggest that I can think of.  I'll let you know if my swiss cheese mind remembers something later.

Other than that, I had some really nice family time this week.  Got some things accomplished for the next event at church.  Did some emptying and sorting of dresser drawers (exciting stuff I know!)....

Doing better with sleep.  I'm getting between 6.5 - 7 hours regularly and even slept 8 hours on two nights. Woo!

Then I met the cold heartless scale this morning... and it was good to me once more!  Down 2 more pounds for a total of 16 pounds in 4 weeks!  It's not Biggest Loser dramatic, but it's a really good loss for 28 days and I'm really happy with myself.

Ok, speaking of the Biggest Loser, anyone else ready to see the red team go home?  The woman is just a weeeee bit pushy, annoying, mouthy, etc..  Who are you rooting for?  I'm not pulling for a particular person to win at this point - but I sure hope Micheal (white team) can really kick it into gear.  He did better this past week.

Lots to do this week.  Major cleaning projects!  More work for the church breakfast.  Need to start a study as we are on Bible study hiatis (ladies study at church).  I'll let you know where God leads me.

But right now, it's time to go and eat a Lean Cuisine egg roll (super yummy!!!!).