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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Or I should say, 'Wiiiiiiii'.

My sister very kindly bought me a Wii Fit when she bought one for herself.  Thank you thank you!!

I really didn't know what I'd think about it.  I thought exercise is exercise, right?

But I'm finding that I get so into the games, that it's not until after I finish a round that I realize that I've worked up a sweat and that my heart rate is excellerated.  Even my young son's want to join in and they will do a routine with me even though they are not standing on the Wii Fit board.

So instead of my usual moans and groans about exercise, I'm now saying, 'Wiiiiii'!

What are you doing to keep your exercise fun?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Check It Out

Thank the Lord for all of this beautiful weather that has finally come after such a rough spring!!

Doesn't it just make you feel more energetic?  I spent the whole day yesterday outside doing yard work and getting ready to start my garden (a little later than I would have liked).

I've been hanging in.  Some days eating great, some days not so much.  I've been using my new Wii Fit (love it!), but not as much as I should.  I'm not losing, but I'm not gaining.  I'm just hanging in there.  But I'm not beating myself up either.  Praying I'll find my rhythme sooner than later.

I have been working on something God has been leading to for years and that is a speaking ministry.  I've been involved with our Womens Ministry at church for over six years and the Coordinator for over three of those years.  Last fall I felt the Lord calling me to take a larger step out from just speaking at our church and leading only our women in Bible study.
I had met with our pastor who had advised me to make business cards and an information packet - but then my aunt got ill and well, that was that for then.
I have created the business cards and am continuing to work on the rest.  I have also created a blog called  My Time With God at the Kitchen Table.  Please check it out and let me know what you think, leave a comment and maybe even 'follow'.

I hope everyone is feeling energized by the change of season and that you're all making great choices!!