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Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 13

Hello there folks!
Sorry to do this again - but this will be another quick post.

I have actually been quite sick over the last 4 - 5 days and this is my first day back on the computer (for more than 2 minutes).

Still not feeling great, but I'm getting there with the antibiotics, cough medicine with codine and a super strong dosage of pregnisone!  Hopefully within another day or so, I'll actually be able to sleep in my own bed again without fear of waking all of the men in my home with my coughing.

So, when you feel really wrotten, what's the only thing that makes you feel half way good?  Well for me, it's food.  Surprise surprise!!  And so indulge I did without worrying about counting calories.  For the most part, I've been eating what's been brought to me as for a couple of days I was totally down and out.

So no big shocker when I got on the scale today and saw my old friends, pound one and pound two back for another visit.  Although I bid them not to come back again when I got rid of them last week, bless them, they just couldn't help but come to my side, or butt, or wherever they are, to be with me during my illness.  How lovely of them... cuh....  Now that I'm on the road to recovery, I'm sure they will not make themselves too comfortable.

Due to being ill, I have to share with you that I missed the big church breakfast that I was helping to head up.  : (  I heard it was amazing and dear friend of mine even stopped by with a huge pan of food after the event.  Yummm...  I will admit, there were some rather yummy breakfast items that passed my lips for the first time in months, and boy oh boy were they good!!!!

This week, my only real goal is to get better and get back on track.

Good health everyone!!

It's time to get the boys their dinner.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


New product review:
SpecialK Fruit Crisps ~ Our local grocery store offered a sample of these a few weeks ago and so after trying them, and liking them, we bought them. Each package contains two crisps and really, I think they're like a dieters PopTart.  They are crisp (hence the name) and have a think layer of jam in the center (either strawberry or blueberry) and have a thin vanilla drizzle on the top.  If you like something sweet with your coffee/tea in the late morning, or even at night, these are a good option.
Calories 100
Fat 2 g
Dietary Fiber less than 1 g
Protien 1 g
Cholesterol 0 g

Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 12

Yippee - I'm getting this up on time this week!

Now lets hope this 'getting things done on time' becomes a theme for me this week!  Lots going on - lots to be done.

Saturday will be the big day with both the Women's Communion Breakfast in the am followed by the Pinewood Derby in the afternoon.  All in the same building which makes things both crazy and mighty convenient.

Praying I get all that I need done for the breakfast and that it all goes off smoothly and that the ladies are edified and the Lord glorified!!

Today was a CC day.  Felt a little lost today on what to talk about as my morning had been so crazy.  Son #1 almost missed the bus due to lolligaging, and son #2 had a melt down because he "doesn't want to grow up and leave mummy".  I felt like mother of the year as I detatched him from my beefy leg so I could bolt back to my car and attempt to make my meeting in time.  Thankfully, he had calmed down and was agreeable to going into class at this point.  But still, felt awful as I drove off.
No new assignments this week.  Don't really feel like much was accomplished this week.  Oh well.

I did however begin the challenge I had seen on SparkPeople, which is to pictorally (is that a word?) track my food for a week.  May not have been the best week to choose as I said my weekend will be super busy.  But at least I'll shoot for Mon - Fri any way.

Ok so I have seriously been battling a debilitating case of exhaustion!!  Why so exhausted?.. No idea really.  Still recovering from strep maybe.  The added bliss of seasonal allergies.. maybe.  Stress.. maybe...  It's just so annoying!!  But I am continuing to be productive despite the constant desire to put on some sweats and climb under the covers.

So last week I did something I haven't done in over a decade. (note: I am now tempted to leave you to guess.. but alas, I think a few of you already know)  I completed my resume and submitted it for consideration for a local administrative position.  It really would be a great fit (at 25 hours a week) and the pay rate is pretty decent for a part time job!  I know that where it's a town job there will be a lot of politics involved - but it was worth a shot and I feel good for having done it!
Now I need to continue to look for positions and put myself out there.  The right job will turn up.  I just need to wait.. I hate to wait...

So this being Monday, I went to the closet this morning and pulled out the scale.  Do you remember those 2 pounds I gained last week?  I lost them again this week. 

Dear Two Pounds,

How kind of you to come back and visit  last week.  Hope you enjoyed your stay but it is time for you to move on. Permanently!  Consider this your eviction notice.

Sincerely your former land lady,
diane :)

Goals for this week:
Finish all that needs to be done for the Communion Breakfast
Drink 8 glasses of water
track all food (on log as well as in pictures)
exercise 3 times
8 hours of sleep a night
complete "mission' assignment
make an appointment for my 25 lb reward - hair cut

Have a great week all!!

It's time for tea!

PS - seriously - does anyone know what happened to spell check?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 11

Wow am I late this week!  Sorry!!

Strep throat has compeltely gone through our family with me it's last victim.  Now that we've got that just about out of the way, the joys of spring have arrived in the form of sneezing, sniffing and the ever favorite, post nasal drip!  Seriously though, I am enjoying the sun shine and getting out there and  exercising without 'exercising'.  Raking and yard work are very rewarding for me in that it counts as exercise, but at the end, you have immediate results as is evident in looking over the yard and seeing greenish grass as opposed to the sea of brown leaves.  Win Win!

Tuesday marked the two year anniversary of my mum's death.  Although this date is especially tough, truth be told, every day is tough.  There has not been one day that has past in these two years that I have not felt the deep sting of missing her.  My mum was sweet and very loving and also completely silly and daffy.  I have been making it a tradition to post the eulogy my sister Kerry read at my mum's funeral on my other blog at this time of year.  Please click over if you'd like to read it.  She did a wonderful job paying tribute to her.  Can I just take the opportunity to offer a few words of advice pertaining to what not to say to someone who has lost a loved one?  Actually, yes, I can. It's my blog....
Do not try to dismiss someone's feelings.  They are there's, you do not need to agree or understand them!  Nor should you say the 'right' thing because it's 'right' spiritually.  The Bible says there is a time to grieve, don't try to take that from someone.  God says they are to do it.  Ok.. that's it.

I did weigh in on Monday.  I have had my 1st gain.  Up 2lbs., but I'm not the slightest bit bothered by it.  Life is filled with ups and downs.  I know stress, sadness drives me to eat, and I did.  But I can be happy that even in that, my choices were still so much better than they would have been a few months back.

I really didn't set fitness/dietary goals for myself this week.  I know when I've already got enough on my plate.  I did have other goals though and they were:
Complete my resume
Write a few cover letters (to be appropriate for various positions)
Apply to a local town hall
As 3 people to write me letters of recommendation

I can tell you that I have done the first 3!  I also have asked one person already for the 4th task too!

Ok folks.  That's really all I have for this week.  Sorry for the late post and not feeling particularly inspired to blog.  Next week!

It's time to fill out my son's soccer registration.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

That's What I Get

Bluck!  I did not eat well this weekend and I feel it.

Yuck yuck... even more yuck is that tomorrow I have a meeting with the scale.  Ugh!

We'll see.

Tomorrows a new day!

It's time to get back to getting some word done.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I just made poached eggs for the first time in.... I don't even know how long!
I poached two eggs and had them on Thomas' multigrain low-fat English Muffins.
Sooooooooooo yummy!!!!
Typically these days if I have eggs, they are Egg Beaters, wich I like very much.  I didn't realize how much I missed the yummy creamy velvetiness of an egg yolk though!
I will defenitely be making this again!  It will make a nice treat time and again.

I had seen a challenge on SparkPeople about photo blogging all of your food intake for one week.  I think I may take this challenge....  Stay tuned.

It time to wash the dishes

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 10

Can I just start by saying how good it feels to write 'Week 10' in the title box and still feel encouraged? It seems that by now most folks who start a new program of some sort or another at the beginning of the year have started to wane. By the grace of God I'm still pressing on! Woo hoo!

It has been so nice to see that giant yellow orb back up in the sky! We have little green sproutlings popping up all over the place. The wild bunny that lives in our yard (and has since we moved here over 5 years ago) has made his first appearance of the season. I have even been serenaded by a small robin with an especially bright orange belly. Ahhhh spring!

This wonderful change of season (although not official until the 20th) has even aided me in my exercise. No, I'm not outside running the track or anything - but I've raked 13 bags of leaves! This is all from just my front yard mind you, and there’s still more to do. I don't even want to think about how many I'll fill from the back yard. And let me assure you, this raking ritual was also done in the fall. Trees.. I'd feel guilty and be afraid the 'earthy crunchy' types would come and picket in front of my house if we cut any down, but UGGGHHH all those leaves! Don't even get me started on the trillions of pine needles!! But at least it's good exercise, right? Did you know that one hour of raking burns 454 calories?

I have a new assignment from my cc. I'm to write a mission statement (with the hubs) as to what we'd like to get out of church personally, as a couple, for our children and as a whole family unit. We're to start with exactly what we believe, and then go from there. I'm looking forward to doing this. First, because it will be good quality time spent with my husband, and then just because I like this kind of thing. I like seeing things on paper. It makes things clear and will help with assessing. CC thinks we may be having some spiritual growing pains and may need to reevaluate. In conjunction, she also thinks it may be time for me to step down from a committee or two. This is hard!! But when what had been a clear calling from God that although was hard work, was still rewarding and helped me feel connected to God has now become... a burden and stress invoking.... Well, is still where God wants me, or is it Him telling me He wants me to move on?..

Still looking for a second job. I've had some good prospects. There's a night/weekend job that pays decent for a second job, but it's about and hours commute. Not sure I want to be driving home that late from that far away - but haven't ruled this out. I have also printed off an application to be a substitute paraprofessional at our town schools. I will need to gather letters of reference. I could do this on the days I don't have day care kids and my younger son can go to our church day care. Won’t make much after paying for that, but it gets me in the door. Lastly, there’s a job in a neighboring town as assistant to the town clerk. Pays well and it's only 5 hours a day. Not sure of the schedule and where do I put the kids on vacations, half days, etc.. But I am encouraged to see some options here!

Ok, time for the weekly weigh in. As of yesterday, 3/8/10, I am down... 4 lbs!!! That's a total of 27 pounds since 1/4/10!!! You know what this means? Another reward! I have earned a hair cut for reaching 25 pounds - and boy do I need it. So busy the next week or so. But I'll get one soon and I'll post a picture.

Goals for week 10:
drink 8 glasses of water a day
get 8 hours sleep
stay within my ranges
cardio for at least 90 minutes this week
do my spiritual 'mission statement'
finish my resume (not updated in 10 years or more!)
daily quiet time (reading Bible & prayer)

Prayer Requests:
Job search - that God would direct me to the perfect job He has for me
My youngest son - will be going in on 3/31 to put tubes in his ears and have an adenoidectomy
My dad - 'warning stroke' on Sunday. Pray docs find what caused it and that he will be careful. Will be back in Mass. in a few weeks.
Praise - for good weight loss! and many other blessings

It's time to get dressed (so late for me!!)

Monday, March 8, 2010

One Day More

Sorry folks - I'm going to be a day late posting my weekly update.
Found out today may dad had a 'small stroke'.  You know, one of those 'warning' ones.
Prayers please!
Thank you Lord for hearing all of our prayers and for always being in control. amen

update tomorrow...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 9

It's Monday - Update-day!

Well again.. It was a tough week in many ways.

I was at my counselors this morning and she said that since we talked about a lot of heavy stuff from years ago the prior week that it is typical that I would then have a tough week. So there you go. That's my excuse!

Although, one thing I'm learning about myself is that I really don't like excuses. Not for myself any way. Counselor - 'Well you were a victim. You weren't responsible, can you see that?' - me - "Yes. But that doesn't make me feel any better. Being a victim makes me feel dumb that I fell for it." Another topic... "He wasn't acting in a very Christ like manner.", me - "No. But what am I doing wrong?"

I don't like being pacified, and although I know she isn't doing that. I'm just waiting for her to say "BINGO - That's where all of your issues stem from. You're doing x,y, z wrong!" I have a hard time letting someone else be at fault. If it's someone else you see, I can't fix it. If it's me who's wrong, I can fix it, or at least try. Hmmmm.

Anyhow - back to my update (sorry for the little jaunt into my psyche). Lots of stress eating I'm sorry to say. However, my stress eating consisted of reasonably healthy food (read - I ate two 100 calorie packs instead of a whole box of regular cookies... its progress, right?!). I let my stress completely weigh me down. It drained me of my energy, which then left me not wanting to do any exercise, which would of course have helped me to have more energy... I did do one of my DVD’s once. Better than none. But definitely plenty of room for improvement.

I did well with my water and ok with sleep (slipping back to about 6 hours a night).

I have also begun a love affair with Laughing Cow Light Garlic. LOVE it! It's good on crackers, carrots, pretzels, in a potato, etc. It is not uncommon to find me licking the inside of the foil wrapper which inevitably tearing off a small piece that then hits a filling and sends me to the roof. But does that stop me the next time? Please!

I had my date with the scale this morning, the temperamental thing. I have lost 1 more pound bringing my total to 23 pounds lost. Missing those bigger numbers from January, but it's ok. I'm sure I'll see them again, especially if I exercise!

Goals for this week:
8 glasses of water (or more) each day
8 hours sleep a night
stay in my ranges
exercise 3 times (heck, I'll take 2)
take my vitamin each day
that's it for this week..

Oh, and, looking for a second job. A second paying job that is. I have more non-paying jobs than I can handle.

Head's up - It's coming up to the 2 year anniversary of my mum's death. I know this is a huge underlying factor to, well, everything. I miss her terribly!!!

It's time for me to go finish decorating my classroom. Have a great week everyone!!