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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 10

Can I just start by saying how good it feels to write 'Week 10' in the title box and still feel encouraged? It seems that by now most folks who start a new program of some sort or another at the beginning of the year have started to wane. By the grace of God I'm still pressing on! Woo hoo!

It has been so nice to see that giant yellow orb back up in the sky! We have little green sproutlings popping up all over the place. The wild bunny that lives in our yard (and has since we moved here over 5 years ago) has made his first appearance of the season. I have even been serenaded by a small robin with an especially bright orange belly. Ahhhh spring!

This wonderful change of season (although not official until the 20th) has even aided me in my exercise. No, I'm not outside running the track or anything - but I've raked 13 bags of leaves! This is all from just my front yard mind you, and there’s still more to do. I don't even want to think about how many I'll fill from the back yard. And let me assure you, this raking ritual was also done in the fall. Trees.. I'd feel guilty and be afraid the 'earthy crunchy' types would come and picket in front of my house if we cut any down, but UGGGHHH all those leaves! Don't even get me started on the trillions of pine needles!! But at least it's good exercise, right? Did you know that one hour of raking burns 454 calories?

I have a new assignment from my cc. I'm to write a mission statement (with the hubs) as to what we'd like to get out of church personally, as a couple, for our children and as a whole family unit. We're to start with exactly what we believe, and then go from there. I'm looking forward to doing this. First, because it will be good quality time spent with my husband, and then just because I like this kind of thing. I like seeing things on paper. It makes things clear and will help with assessing. CC thinks we may be having some spiritual growing pains and may need to reevaluate. In conjunction, she also thinks it may be time for me to step down from a committee or two. This is hard!! But when what had been a clear calling from God that although was hard work, was still rewarding and helped me feel connected to God has now become... a burden and stress invoking.... Well, is still where God wants me, or is it Him telling me He wants me to move on?..

Still looking for a second job. I've had some good prospects. There's a night/weekend job that pays decent for a second job, but it's about and hours commute. Not sure I want to be driving home that late from that far away - but haven't ruled this out. I have also printed off an application to be a substitute paraprofessional at our town schools. I will need to gather letters of reference. I could do this on the days I don't have day care kids and my younger son can go to our church day care. Won’t make much after paying for that, but it gets me in the door. Lastly, there’s a job in a neighboring town as assistant to the town clerk. Pays well and it's only 5 hours a day. Not sure of the schedule and where do I put the kids on vacations, half days, etc.. But I am encouraged to see some options here!

Ok, time for the weekly weigh in. As of yesterday, 3/8/10, I am down... 4 lbs!!! That's a total of 27 pounds since 1/4/10!!! You know what this means? Another reward! I have earned a hair cut for reaching 25 pounds - and boy do I need it. So busy the next week or so. But I'll get one soon and I'll post a picture.

Goals for week 10:
drink 8 glasses of water a day
get 8 hours sleep
stay within my ranges
cardio for at least 90 minutes this week
do my spiritual 'mission statement'
finish my resume (not updated in 10 years or more!)
daily quiet time (reading Bible & prayer)

Prayer Requests:
Job search - that God would direct me to the perfect job He has for me
My youngest son - will be going in on 3/31 to put tubes in his ears and have an adenoidectomy
My dad - 'warning stroke' on Sunday. Pray docs find what caused it and that he will be careful. Will be back in Mass. in a few weeks.
Praise - for good weight loss! and many other blessings

It's time to get dressed (so late for me!!)


  1. I'm totally enjoying the spring like things too. I'm loving the warmer weather, the birds, the cool breeze, the fact that I can open my windows and let in fresh air without freezing!

    Have fun with your assignment. Congrats on the 4 pound loss and winning another prize. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new hair cut. Prayers being said for your job search, youngest son and father.

  2. Thank you so much for your prayers Barbara!!!! I'll be sure to post a picture after the cut!!