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Friday, July 30, 2010

Note to self

Note to self:
Week has been going well.  You've done a great job getting exercise in. Definitely a better job with food.  You even got the boys curtains made! 
Don't stress about your birthday!  Not the age, not the special dinner.. none of it! Don't think of it as being another year old - but rather "Diane day".
Deep breath...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yuck With a Silver Lining

New week off to a pretty good start!

I exercised yesterday, and boy did I feel the month 'holiday'.  But, I did it.  And I did the whole program without stopping or whimping out and dropping my flabby 'bat-winged' arms.

My eating was good also and I tracked it!  Totally should have had more water though.  Will work on that today.

At the end of my weekly post I noted I had just got some yucky news and indeed, it was yucky-yuck-yuck!  It's still yuck, but there was a bit of a silver lining.  This being the case - "Thank you Lord for making this less hurtful than it could be and for reminding me of who is in control!"

Encouraged to have another good day today!!

It's Time for tea and laundry...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 30

One day on track, next day riding the shoulder, then on track, then down in a ditch.  It's been a bumpy ride friends!!  A ride which has been filled with cake (wedding, birthday), rich meals, extra snacks, even potato chips and dip!! Uggg!  Please let me be clear that I am all for treats, but not the frequency and quantity to which I have been indulging these past two weeks.  Even the moon gets full people!

But today is a new day and the start of a new week and I'm ready to get back to reality!  Well at least in regards to eating and exercise.  In fact, as I am writing this I am eating a very juicey plum (that I'm eating in very herky-jerky movements in order to not drip all over the key pad) and I already did two miles with Leslie!

Being this encouraged about getting back to normal ('back to'?.. have I ever been 'normal' to begin with??), I am issuing myself a "Get out of weighing free card" so that I don't focus on the past.  I can not undo what's been done so there is no use dwelling on it.

I'm setting a goal for myself for August.  By the end of August I would like to have lost a total of 50 pounds!  At last count, I was down 39 pounds.  This means that I have 36 days to drop 11 pounds.  Considering how slow my progress has been over the last few months (read - almost a stand-still) this is a challenge, and yet I think completely doable!  Thank you all for all of your encouragment thus far, and I'm sure I'll be cherishing your virtual cheers over the next couple of weeks to get this done!

So this week it's back to logging my food, getting my water in, exercise, etc...

Yuck - just got some rotten news...

Have a good week everyone!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Struggling.  Totally struggling.
Summer is so great and we're having so much fun - but all of these various activities make it hard to stay on track and simply 'packing a healthy snack' to bring with me just isn't cutting it.  I haven't gone off the deep end, but I'm rambling off the track.
Praying I can pull it together!!... sooon!!
I can do this - I can change to a healthy eating lifestyle while still enjoying a treat time and again (or else it would just be another failed diet) - I can get back into this!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Cake

I've finally posted pictures of the wedding cake I made for my niece.
Enjoy the pictures - there are no calories in those! ;)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week 29

I'm late.  I'm late for a very important post!  Actually, not so important.  Just my weekly update.

I'm still trying to recoup after my niece's wedding this past Saturday.  I headed up on Friday with my sister and sister-in-law in order to put the cake together and decorate it.  It took much longer than I had expected (an additional 4.5 hours once up there), but it came out ok and the bride and groom were happy with it, so that's all that matters.  This will be a post in and of itself I'm sure.
The wedding was wonderful!!  My niece was stunning and the groom very handsome.  I already made a 'wedding' post on my other blog.
I am thrilled to report that with all of the mindless eating that happened over the past week that the scale was merciful to me and I stayed the same.  I'm just itchin for a loss at this point, but not discouaraged.  I so need a revival of sorts to get me going!
Just came home from taking my boys to my sister's pool and I did a few laps so I feel good.  Need to get myself back into the 'exercise routine'.  One day at a time - that's my focus for this week.
Sorry - but this is going to be a short update at this point as I've got lost of unpacking to do. My sister-in-law and my new nephew's mom sent me home with 3 bags of clothes!!  They have been doing Weight Watchers and they're doing a terrific job!! They lose weight, pass their old clothes on to me and then I will do the same. It's a beautiful thing!!
Oh, and by the way, I went with dress #1!  I'll post a picture below.  A big "thank you" to my sister-in-law Stacey for lending me a set of jewlery that matched the dress perfectly!!
I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Let's all take it one day at a time and make good choices!

It's time to tackle the mountain in the living room and start dinner at the same time. (good thing we women can multi-task!)
Me and my handsome men.

Me and the happy couple.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not As Easy As It Looked

I've been wanting to change the look of my blog for ages, and I had a free hour today so I decided that today was the day!  Little did I know.. it wasn't going to be that easy.  Blogger now has new templates and I found that as soon as I started poking around in there I had changed my blog and couldn't turn back.  There are a lot more options now and each option then sent me tweaking here and there to adjust colors, margins, etc... (It only took me about 12 tries to get my header to fit - yikes!)

Can't say I LOVE this look... but after all the fuss, I'll keep it for the time being.  What do you think?  I really want to change the pictures, but there's no time today. (Is that dance costume just mean or what?  I was the token fat kid in dance class.)

I've seen lots of fall layouts I can't wait to try... but alas, I will have to wait.  And next time I'll know to do this at night when I can devote a few hours to it.

It's time to get my veggies in the oven.  It's turkey meatloaf night - yummy!  What's for dinner at your table tonight?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 28

I don't know about your neck of the woods but it has been one HOT week here in Massachusetts!! (hmm..Imagine that - hot..in July.... ; )   My primary focus this past week was keeping cool.  Lots of visits to my sister's pool, quick play time in the yard and then back into the AC.  Is it just me, or does the heat zap you of your energy?  I feel as if I've been moving in slow motion.

I tried some new products/recipes this week and returned to some old favorites.  I've been  on an 'ants on a log' kick at afternoon snack time (that's celery with low fat peanut butter and raisins in plain speek).  I also hadn't had a veggie burger in ages - it tasted great!  My favorite is Morning Star Mushroom Lovers.  I am also really enjoying watermelon.  Last year was such a ho-hum year for the super juicey fruit, but this year it's as flavorful as ever and I've been inhaling a plethera of it!!

So do you remember how last week I said that I was only 1 pound away from reaching 40 pounds?  And do you remember me saying that I was so motivated to lose that one pound?  Well you wouldn't know it by the way I ate this past week.  Not that I was terrible - but I certainly did indulge more than I thought I would.  I also was not dilagent in my tracking.  Now I'm off to go see what the scale has to say...

I've stayed the same.  Better than a gain!  I try to say to myself that I'd rather take a long time and lose 60 pounds than lose 75 quickly and put it all back on again.  The way I've been losing is a lifestyle I can mantaine.  I'd rather lose 60 permanently than more only to gain it all back and then some.  Hopefully I can reach the 40 pound mark next week!

It's time to bring my son to his summer program.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Product ~ New Recipe

I tried a new product this week by Del Monte.  I found them in Wal-Mart on sale for 2 for $4 in the canned fruit sections.  They are called Fruit Chillers.  They are little delicious tubes of fruit sorbet.  Put them in the freezer and as you're taking out a treat for the kids or hubby, guests, etc.. take out a Fruit Chiller for yourself.  I tried the strawberry flavor.  SUPER yummy!!!  These frozen little gems are only 55 calories per tube and 0 grams of fat!
I also tried a new recipe as I've been wanting to start branching out.  I've known of this recipe for years as I got it from one of the many many Weight Watcher's meetings I've attended over the years.  I think I've hit every meeting in a 20 mile radius.. but I digress.  Any how, it's a recipe for a pie using Jell-o, Coolwhip and a ready made grahm cracker crust.  It's called Light Cool n' Easy Pie. (click on link for recipe)
This was quick and very easy to make!  The consistancey, according to my husband, is 'foamy'.  It's light and refreshing.  The taste... well, that's where my rave reviews stop.  I like sugar free Jell-o on it's own, but didn't care for it in the pie.  I think I would like the dessert if I were to make it with regular Jell-o, light Coolwhip and reduced fat pie crust.  For me, the after-taste due to the sugar free Jell-o was just too strong.  It was worth a try, and I may try it again with regular Jell-o... we'll see..
I don't want to end on a sour note, so let me give you another yummy dessert idea.  Do you like chocolate cream pie?  If so, buy yourself a reduced fat graham cracker pie crust and some sugar free Jell-0 chocolate COOK pudding (super important - don't buy the instant, buy the one you need to cook).  Cook the pudding according to directions on package.  Let it cool several minutes in the pan giving it an occassional stir.  Spoon it into the crust.  Chill in the fridge until completely cool and set.  Next, add light or fat free Coolwhip.  This comes out so good your guests will not know that it's light.

It's time to finish my cup of tea and finish watching You've Got Mail and then off to bed.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Help Me Choose

So today I took my birthday boy (youngest son turned 5 today.. crazy!) off to go dress shopping after dropping son #1 off at summer enrichment.  This of course is just what every 5 year old boy wants to do.  I am a smart mother and therefore, I know how to make bribery work to my utmost advantage!  "Be a good boy shopping with me and we'll go get you one more little gift."  At 5 you see you can still get away with a 'little gift'.
I went to two stores, Kohl's and Dress Barn.  I found one dress at the first store and many at the second, but only purchased two.  Can I just say that I was actually able to fit into a size 16 in a few dresses!! (I was a size 22 back in January).  "Why Diane, what pray tell will you do with 3 dresses?" you may be asking.  I brought 3 home with me so I could ask my sister and husband, and now all of you which one you like best as call me silly, but I didn't feel as though my 5 year old son was the best judge as really, all he wanted me to do was get a dress already so he could get his 'little toy'.
(FYI - He did amazingly well and chose a Mickey Mouse giant coloring thing a majiggy from The Christmas Tree Shop which only set me back $3.99.  So worth it!!!)

Below you will see 3 dresses.  Please let me know which you think looks the best and will be most appropriate for an outdoor wedding in the middle of July (ceremony at 3 pm with reception to follow).
Here's the dress I got from Kohl's.  I wish the hubs got a better shot (on all of these).  This dress comes just below the knees and has bit of a flounce on the edges.  It's a light stretchy material.  This was hubby's favorite.  One thing I love about it.. it was only $23!!!

Love the retro feel of this one!! Saw it in the Dress Barn window and had to try it on.  The olive green color isn't my favorite, but the cut is fun - "Donna Reed" my husband said.  This was the big payout of the day at $59.99.
This was my $25 buy at DB.  Again, sort of an early 60 vibe to this one (anyone see the movie Shag? It's about a 60's dance, not 'Austin Powers').  It' has a little tulle ruffle on the bottom.  This was my sister's favorite.

Ok my friends, what do you think?  Paisleys, polka-dots or flowers?

I can only imagine how much better I'll look when I lose the 'Lilly Munster look'.  Gotta wash that grey right out of my hair and then get it cut. (so past due on my rewards)

It's time to hit the hey.  Have a good night!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 27

Hello friends and welcome to week 27!  Ahhh 27... that was a great age!!

Any how, back to reality and age 38...  Is it harder to lose weight as we get older or what?!  And another birthday is quickly approaching... Speaking of birthdays, this week my little man will turn 5!  No more babies :(  It's great to have the boys old enough to do things with and not have to shadown them at all times.  Yet at the same time I miss my babies.  I have always wanted 3, but I am thankful for the two wonderful young men the Lord has blessed us with.  I LOVE my boys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our summer days thus far have been filled with play dates, trips to the library and going to Auntie's pool (my boys personal favorite activity.. and mine too!).  Both boys are learning to swim and I benefit from the exercise as well as visiting with my sister!  It's a win win.  I've even been able to wear a bathingsuit that I haven't worn since I first bought it nearly 8 years ago!

My niece's wedding is fast approaching and I have been relying on the fact that I can find a dress in my closet to suit.  So this weekend I had a little fashion show and had the hubs take pictures of me in each dress to help me choose which to wear.  The wedding will be held outside in the middle of July, so it needed to be something cool and not too formal.  First I tried on the black and white number that still has tags on it... Too big.  Then I tried on the cranberry dress that I wore for my husbands cousin's wedding  8 years ago... Too big.  Next I tried another black and white dress that I actually bought to wear at her wedding (purchased back in September), sooo cute!  TOO Big!  Last I tried on a very pretty, but possibly too formal eggplant colored dress that I wore for a wedding at the end of last summer... Too big.
Ok, nice problem to have, but so disappointing!  So now the hunt is on to find a 'not too formal', cool, inexpensive dress.  Wish me luck ladies!

I would love to tell you that I met all of my goals for last week, but alas..  I didn't track.  I didn't sleep enough.  I didn't even drink enough water.  But for some reason, I still lost a pound this week. (Thank you Lord!)  This puts me at 39 pounds.  One pound from the big 40 - THAT is my goal for this week!  I want to reach 40 so badly - I want to change the little do-dad in the right hand margin to "40 pounds gone"!
So this week I will track both my food and exercise.  I will get 7 hours sleep a night.  I will drink more water.  I will take care of me!!

I've also decided to start tracking my measurements.  Wish I had done this earlier.  My sister commented this week that I look even better than what the scale says.  Who am I to argue? ; )   I'm hoping this will be another source of encouragement.  I also checked up on my BMI.  I started with a BMI of 43.9 YIKES!  I'm now at 37.2  Not great obviously, but I'm very happy with a 6.7 drop!!

What are your measures of success aside from the scale?

Some of you have asked for a photo update.  I'll try to get to that this week.  Also, I just want to thank you all for your support and encouraging comments.  It means so much to me - thank you!!

I wish you all a great week and make healthy choices!!

It's time to play some baseball with the boys.

Friday, July 2, 2010

More "FIT"ing

I've always wanted to 'fit' gardening into my life.  Oh I've tried to have a garden before.  But I would always kill my poor little plants just days - or at best - weeks after planting.  Poor little suckers never stood a chance.

Well this summer I've been fitting more time in my schedule for me to tend to my garden and the results have been, well... see for yourself.

It's time to put my water-logged and sun kissed boys to bed.