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Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 30

One day on track, next day riding the shoulder, then on track, then down in a ditch.  It's been a bumpy ride friends!!  A ride which has been filled with cake (wedding, birthday), rich meals, extra snacks, even potato chips and dip!! Uggg!  Please let me be clear that I am all for treats, but not the frequency and quantity to which I have been indulging these past two weeks.  Even the moon gets full people!

But today is a new day and the start of a new week and I'm ready to get back to reality!  Well at least in regards to eating and exercise.  In fact, as I am writing this I am eating a very juicey plum (that I'm eating in very herky-jerky movements in order to not drip all over the key pad) and I already did two miles with Leslie!

Being this encouraged about getting back to normal ('back to'?.. have I ever been 'normal' to begin with??), I am issuing myself a "Get out of weighing free card" so that I don't focus on the past.  I can not undo what's been done so there is no use dwelling on it.

I'm setting a goal for myself for August.  By the end of August I would like to have lost a total of 50 pounds!  At last count, I was down 39 pounds.  This means that I have 36 days to drop 11 pounds.  Considering how slow my progress has been over the last few months (read - almost a stand-still) this is a challenge, and yet I think completely doable!  Thank you all for all of your encouragment thus far, and I'm sure I'll be cherishing your virtual cheers over the next couple of weeks to get this done!

So this week it's back to logging my food, getting my water in, exercise, etc...

Yuck - just got some rotten news...

Have a good week everyone!!

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