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Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 27

Hello friends and welcome to week 27!  Ahhh 27... that was a great age!!

Any how, back to reality and age 38...  Is it harder to lose weight as we get older or what?!  And another birthday is quickly approaching... Speaking of birthdays, this week my little man will turn 5!  No more babies :(  It's great to have the boys old enough to do things with and not have to shadown them at all times.  Yet at the same time I miss my babies.  I have always wanted 3, but I am thankful for the two wonderful young men the Lord has blessed us with.  I LOVE my boys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our summer days thus far have been filled with play dates, trips to the library and going to Auntie's pool (my boys personal favorite activity.. and mine too!).  Both boys are learning to swim and I benefit from the exercise as well as visiting with my sister!  It's a win win.  I've even been able to wear a bathingsuit that I haven't worn since I first bought it nearly 8 years ago!

My niece's wedding is fast approaching and I have been relying on the fact that I can find a dress in my closet to suit.  So this weekend I had a little fashion show and had the hubs take pictures of me in each dress to help me choose which to wear.  The wedding will be held outside in the middle of July, so it needed to be something cool and not too formal.  First I tried on the black and white number that still has tags on it... Too big.  Then I tried on the cranberry dress that I wore for my husbands cousin's wedding  8 years ago... Too big.  Next I tried another black and white dress that I actually bought to wear at her wedding (purchased back in September), sooo cute!  TOO Big!  Last I tried on a very pretty, but possibly too formal eggplant colored dress that I wore for a wedding at the end of last summer... Too big.
Ok, nice problem to have, but so disappointing!  So now the hunt is on to find a 'not too formal', cool, inexpensive dress.  Wish me luck ladies!

I would love to tell you that I met all of my goals for last week, but alas..  I didn't track.  I didn't sleep enough.  I didn't even drink enough water.  But for some reason, I still lost a pound this week. (Thank you Lord!)  This puts me at 39 pounds.  One pound from the big 40 - THAT is my goal for this week!  I want to reach 40 so badly - I want to change the little do-dad in the right hand margin to "40 pounds gone"!
So this week I will track both my food and exercise.  I will get 7 hours sleep a night.  I will drink more water.  I will take care of me!!

I've also decided to start tracking my measurements.  Wish I had done this earlier.  My sister commented this week that I look even better than what the scale says.  Who am I to argue? ; )   I'm hoping this will be another source of encouragement.  I also checked up on my BMI.  I started with a BMI of 43.9 YIKES!  I'm now at 37.2  Not great obviously, but I'm very happy with a 6.7 drop!!

What are your measures of success aside from the scale?

Some of you have asked for a photo update.  I'll try to get to that this week.  Also, I just want to thank you all for your support and encouraging comments.  It means so much to me - thank you!!

I wish you all a great week and make healthy choices!!

It's time to play some baseball with the boys.


  1. What an awesome problem... to have your dresses be too big!! Way to go you! And congrats on your 6.7 drop in BMI! Awesome!! Sounds like you are having a fun summer so far with your boys... loving every second with them. :) You sound like such a wonderful mother. Have fun playing baseball... how fun is that???

  2. I have that problem every Sunday as I go through my closet. It IS disappointing. Luckly I own a sewing machine to take the clothes in. I am not brave enough to measure my body. You go girl.smile.

    PS.Happy birthday to the little man too.

  3. 40!!! That will be so exciting!!! Although you didn't hit all your goals, I bet you did have quite a few NSV (and a 1lb loss, not bad!!)! You are doing so awesome!!!

  4. my measure of success these days is keeping up with my four year old.
    when my food is off and my exercise gone I CAINT :)


  5. Diane You are doing so awesome! So proud of you!

  6. How exciting to be soooooo close to 40 pounds gone! I know you can get it this week! I've been realizing that it can be tough when there are so many goals to meet, but I've decided that if I'm chipping away at each of them little by little, that eventually I'll get there. I bet you are most likely doing just that! Love hearing that you want to go play with your boys! What a great mom they have!

    Keep it up and thanks for the comments even though I haven't been the best in reply. I do REALLY appreciate them!