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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Whatcha Doin'?

8 lbs. down - 4 lbs. down - 2 lbs. down
These are some of the posts I've made to my FB wall.

It never really occurred to me until the last day or two when I've received emails, calls and FB messages that I post 'how' I am doing, but now 'what' I am doing.

So, let me put this mystery to rest right now.

A few years back I had someone tell me about SparkPeople (if you read this, thank you).  Even though I technically joined over a year ago, I did absolutely nothing with it until this January.
SparkPeople is a website you can join and enter in your height, weight, age, gender and they'll give you healthy nutritional and fitness goals.  There is a 'fitness' tab that will tell you whether you're to do cardio or strength training each day and will even give you photos and videos of what to do.
On the 'nutrition' tab you can see the suggested menu (not bad - good for ideas), or choose for yourself what you'd like to eat.  You can track what you eat on the site, and what I love is it will tally your calorie, fat, carb and protein intake for the day.  I love that you become educated about what you eat!!  I've done WW in the past (great program) but was always just thinking about the points (yes, I know they're based on calories, fat and dietary fiber) and not about nutritional value.
The cost of this great health tool actually fits into my budget (unlike so many things!).  This is because, it's FREE!  Check it out for yourself.

I've also been asked, 'What are you eating?'
Fear not - If you know me even a little bit, you know that I could not do what I've been doing if I were feeling deprived.  I get very mean when that happens.  I remember when I joined WW for the, oh... 7th time or so, they were doing a fast start program where you ate only what they told you to for the first week.  I was like a woman possessed!!  "Hey Diane - WHAT?!?!"  Just too mean and ugly to deal with. I think my mother was counting down the days until week 1 was over! (actually, she was extremely supportive; although I'm sure she was ready to give me a good thumpin')
Here's a sample menu from my day:

Breakfast:  I typically have either 1.5 cups of Multigrain Cheerios (yummy!!) with 1% milk, or I'll make a 1/2 cup of egg beaters (= 2 eggs) sometimes with some diced onion and tomato.  If I'm feeling really hungry that morning, I'll put the egg beaters into a Wrap-Itz low carb wheat wrap (yummy!! and only 90 calories!).

Mid morning snack:  Either a piece of fruit or a yogurt.  I like Fiber One by Yoplait's key lime (50 calories) or Oikos by Stonyfield Farm Organic Greek Yogurt w/ strawberries on the bottom. (90 cal)

Lunch:  Turkey with lettuce & tomato on a Wrap-Itz  -  or  -  a tossed salad with hard boiled egg  - or - Progresso Soup.  I love the Progresso soups!!  So filling and very low calories, fat, carbs.  Look for the ones that say 'light' or that have the WW points on the front (keep in mind, that's for one serving and there are 2 in a can).

Afternoon Snack:  100 calorie pack of nuts,  fruit,  ants on a log (remember this from when you were a youngin? - celery with peanutbutter and raisins), light string cheese stick, lots of choices.

Dinner - This is always the toughest meal of the day for me. Still trying to find ways to cut the calories and fat on my old recipes without it tasting bland or as the boys would say "disgustan".  That being said, we usually try to stick with a 3 - 4 oz. portion of lean meat, veggies (which I love to roast - tiny bit of olive oil, little salt and pepper and put it in the oven on about 400 - 425, turning occasionally - great with any root veggies, and is really good with summer squash and zucchini too!), salad, roasted potatoes, brown rice... You get the idea.
A few specific things we enjoy are turkey chili (use the recipe from Allrecipes, and then tweak), and ... I can't believe I'm going to say this, even though it's not the first time I've posted about this... but I never thought these words would be tapped by my fingers.... I like veggie burgers.. (I feel so dirty).  Really, I like Morning Star's Mushroom Lovers burgers.  I've also tried turkey burgers (easy enough to make yourself) and they're good too.

Night time snack:  Popcorn is the #1 snack staple for me.  Orville Redenbacher's 94% fat free is only about 113 calories for the whole bag!!  I like Italian Ice, and all of the 100 Calorie Packs of cookies and such.  Can't wait to try VitaTops that I've been reading about, and had someone recommend. (thanks Stacey!)  And I just tried Popchips. YUMMMMM!  I tried the bbq ones and they were so good!!

So there you are.  There's an idea of what I've been eating that is working for me.  But each person needs to find their own groove and what will work for them.

Now after writing about all of this food, it's time for my afternoon snack!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 4

The retreat was a big sucess!  Good time had by all.. including me!

I brought along my snacks, salad, water bottle, etc.  But, I also enjoyed myself.  I had pizza, I had a ceasar salad, and I even had one small bite of chocolate cake.  And you know what, that one bite satisfied me.  Seriously.  Because I knew that I could have a second, but that it was my choice not to. 

So all that was good for my health, true. But what was even better? I laughed. And I laughed a lot! I subjected all of those poor ladies to my horrible infectious loud laugh. Tears were streaming, the whole bit. And for me, few things make me feel better than laughter! 

So I walk away from the retreat with no regrets, no feelings of guilt and no feelings of being deprived.

I'm also walking away from week 3 with 2 less pounds.  That is a total of 14 lbs lost!! (and I ain't lookin' for them!)  Now I have started this week with a physical.  Boy do I know how to have fun!!  I was overdue though so I had to brave the needles, the scale, the poking and proding, and yes, the stirups!  It's so fun being a woman sometimes, isn't it?   That's another post for another time.

Week 4's goals: Try a new exercise tape - it's one from The Biggest Loser.  I'll let you know what I think after I've tried it a few times.  Keep striving for 8 hours of sleep a night (I'm trying, I'm trying).  Try to drink 8 - 8 oz. glasses of water a day, which will miraculously bring about 15 trips to the bathroom!

Right now it's time for me to stir the carrots.

Friday, January 22, 2010


After a very busy morning of taking one of my sons to an audiology specialist, going to several stores to pick up last minute items, packing and getting the house in order (a girl can try) - I will be off to our church's 1st Ladies Retreat!

I am so excited for it!! It has been a lot to plan this event, but I (and the team members) am honored to serve the Lord and the other ladies in this ministry!!

So as excited as I am, I know I will be facing some serious food challenges!  Friday evening is the pizza party (yummmm I love pizza) and then a breakfast buffet on Saturday morning (yummm I love breakfast food!) and then lunch at Bertucci's that afternoon (yummmmm I love their rolls dipped in oil and their tortellini (?) in Alfredo sauce!!!) and then cookies will be put out that afternoon. Oh boy!!!

But I'm good with it all!! I've got a plan!

Friday Night: I'll pack a salad with me so that I can fill up on that and then enjoy one slice of my favorite pizza (Papa Gino's!) with out feeling bad. Snacks that night? I'm brining a few bags (so I can share) of Orville Redenbacher's 94% fat free popcorn and one piece of Weight Watchers/Whitman's Chocolate (I gotta have a little bit of sweet at the end of the night).

Saturday am: I'm bringing a baggie of Multi Grain Cheerios with me and then I can enjoy some of their fruit and possibly a light yogurt later that morning.

Saturday lunch: I just saw a commercial for Bertucci's soup salad and bread sticks (thought that was just Olive Garden). That's one option! Or I could just enjoy a nice salad topped with grilled chicken and a light dressing. Then I can indulge in one roll!

Saturday afternoon: While the ladies are choosing a cookie off of the platter, I'll just open a 100 calorie pack of Fudge Stripes. I'll still get a yummy sweet, without the guilt... which doesn't taste so good any way :)

Ok, I'm ready!  I'll be improving on my spiritual well being without compromising my progress in my physical well being.  Cool!

I hope you are able to face all of your challenges with good strategies!

Have a great weekend!
It's time to get this show on the road!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Am I Hungry, Or Is It Stress?

Ahhh stress...  my favorite emotion to eat to!!  Nothing turns me to revolving bouts of salts and sweets like my 'pa'l stress.

I've been feeling it come on in waves of increasing intensity for days as I'm heading into a rather large event this weekend.  I am happy to have it come and excited for it, but it's been tons... TONS of work and I am sort of in charge of it.  (sorta - there's a team (great ladies!!), but it would seem that I am unofficially the leader)

I feel that we're pretty well prepared, so I should have peace.  However, in trying to express that I can not take on as much for our next event, I some how came off as... selfish?... it's my own fault?...  don't really know how to explain it.  Nothing to get into here, and I know I need to let it go, but it just seems my nature that I'm so tight with 'stress', my pal, my bud, mi amiga, that I can't stop fretting about it.

My inablility to stand my ground and not cave under other's opinions is a major battle I need to conqure!! (a problem for me as long as I can recall)  I need serious slapping around on this issue!  How is it that others can say what they need to say and be respected for it and they just move on... I state my position and it's just not ok... I'm the 'nice' one, I can't be blunt, I can't be assertive or else I then end up having to appologize.  Hmm... or is it just a matter of me FEELING like I have to appologize?

Any how, I am now battling not to eat to surpress my frequent companion... stress!  Which is stressing me out!!!

Note to self:  God will not give you more than you can handle. 
Lord, please  grant me peace in this matter.  Help me to handle all things with your grace.  Please help our retreat go well this weekend for your glory!  Help the team to work together like a well oiled machine in order to serve you better.  Amen

Ok, my mantra for the day:  keep away from snacks.. don't self medicate with food.. give it to God... go exercise.  Ah ha!

It's time to go exercise!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Look

Ok - so as promised, I'm trying a new layout.  I like this, but not sure it's right for this blog.  What do ya think?

I don't have Picture It on my lap top yet, so I wasn't able to add my picture to that glaringly empty picture frame in the banner.  I could put it in actually, but not tilt it.

Lots to do today!!  It's time to get started.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 3

Week 2 is complete.

How'd I do?:  Well, I can't say as I reached all of my goals  - but then again, I think I may have been aiming a little high.  After all, I went from no exercise at all a few weeks ago to my expecting to exercise just about every day and doing both cardio and strength together on most days.  Hmm... let's rethink this...
My fitness goal for this week is to exercise 4 days a week.  Period.  Not worrying if it's cardio or strength.  It's about getting started and getting into a good habit.
The exercise video I've been doing is going well.  I can keep up, breathe (always good) and even yell an occasional, "No, you can't have ice cream for breakfast!" to my boys as needed.  I've been able to up the intensity too! Bigger steps, arms raised.  This is good. It's a beginners tape, but that's what I am.
I keep wanting to compare my 38 year old - sedentary - 65 lb. away from goal  (apprx) - cheese and chocolate loving - mom of two self to my 21 year old - acrylic nailed - expensive perfume collecting - not a care in the world - living for my 4 nights of aerobics self.  "Well I used to be able to...."  Yes I did. But that was many years ago, and I am simply not the same person.  I'm bigger better!  No regrets or beating myself up.  Just do my best from where I'm at.
Sleep.. welllll.  Still about the same.  Will continue with this goal of getting 7 - 8 hours a night this week as well.
I did make time for family time this week!  I am always with my boys, so we have lots of time together - but on days when my husband is home, we are typically doing lots of errands and projects.  We went to a museum and had a great day!, we watched movies and played games together - all of us!  It's been great!  I'm always worried with all that we have going on (my home day care, Scout den host, Bible studies, church, ladies ministry team, etc....) that we are living the song "Cats In The Cradle".  "Not now mummy has to..."  I'm trying to be so aware of this and get things done when they are at school (only 2.5 hours a week total when I don't have one of my boys) or when they're asleep (hence part of the reason I don't get enough sleep).  Work in progress, but going well!

Time for my weekly weigh in:  I lost 4 more pounds for a total weight loss since 1/4/10 of:  12 lbs.!!  I'm very pleased with this!  In the past it has taken me at least a month to lose this much.

Now it's time for a cup of tea!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Small Victory

Quick post...
Today was my first 'eating out challenge'.  We all had the day off so we took the kids into the Science Museum (great time had by all!!  and, this is also part of my 'fit' word of the year as we fit in some fun family time).  Lunch time came around (we brought snacks for the car, but didn't think we could bring lunch in... you can!) so off to the cafeteria we went.. (mind racing, praying I could resist the tempting smells of fried fatty food)
My first thought was salad!  Right?  Easy choice!
However, after inspecting the salad and finding fatty meats and cheeses on them, and no low cal dressing I wasn't too sure.  Then I looked at the price. 
Being a 'stuck in the middle' kinda family, the $7.95 price tag for a salad was not something I could swollow.

Ok, now what?

I found a turkey burger on the menu.  "I'll have one of those please and a water".  It was pretty good (not great- I'm super nervous about how foods are prepared as I've had food poisoning twice before from undercooked chicken at restaurants).  I ate about 2/3s of the burger (served on a whole wheat bun) and then split a banana with my husband.  So all in all, I was happy with my choices.

But then on the way home we talked about what we would have ordered a month ago.
My husband said he would have ordered a pizza (small - like a bar sized pizza) and had that to himself.  I would have ordered the fried chicken fingers and fries.  After that conversation, I was very happy with my choices!!!

Success in life is made up of many small victories.  I count today as one!

Now it's time to go meet a friend for tea!

PS - where did spell check go from blogger?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Ups and Downs

"Make sure the bar is down and in the locked position ladies and gents. The emotional rollercoaster is about to begin!"

And it's off!!

I spent the day feeling really down on myself all because I felt hungry. This is the 1st day since 1/4 that I have felt hungry. I don't mean hungry leading up to a meal, but just sort of felt hungry all day, ya know? We all have these days so it really shouldn't be a big deal.

The thing is though, that looking over my food tracker (complete - didn't skip over anything I'd rather not have record of eating) there isn't a thing I should feel bad about! I was within my calorie count (1300's), fat count, protien and carbs for the day - a well balance diet - so why was I so hard on myself?

I think all because I felt hungry.... I was disapointed with myself for feeling this way. And what did I want to do about it? Well of course, I wanted to eat! Eating is what I do as I've posted before any time an emotion gets to me. (but - and here's a 'yay me moment' - I didn't eat for my emotions sake)

Ah ha! This is my true problem! Emotions!! I know that I am an emotional eater - always have known this. But what is at the core? We've all heard Doctor Feel Phil - 'What's really eatin' at you?' and Jillian from the Biggest Loser scream into peoples faces (love that show!) until the break down into sobs and confess what their deep hurt or unresolved issue is that is causing them to lead such an unhealthy lifestyle.  What I feel so jealous of is that in the end, they are all able to figure it out and get past it.  I have yet to figure it out.  I sooooo need to figure it out!!!!

And to that end... those mysterious phone calls... I have set up an appointment to speak with a Christian counselor.  Very important to me that it be a Christian counselor so that they will not minimize my faith and beliefs - they are a very integral part of who I am.

The appointment isn't until next month.  I'm looking forward/dreading it!  I am a firm believer that if we allow our present to be shackled by the past then we have made the choice to be a victim.  What happened to us when we were young may not be anything we could have avoided, but it is in our power now to choose how we will live. I've made no excuses, but I also have made no effort to get things out and deal with them.  It's time I deal with things.

It's time I get off of the emotional rollercoaster.  Heck, I don't even like rides!  I get motion sickness!!

* Total side note - I've decided that this layout isn't really me.. so be looking for a new look, or two while I decide on my new layout.  :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 2

Week 1 is done.

How'd I do on my goals?

Well as far as the mysterious phone calls go - they were made. I had a plan. Now the plan has to change. That's ok, I'm sure it's all for the best. So I did reach this goal, but it's now a goal for this week also.
I exercised! Not as much as I would have liked but I did discover that if I can't get my exercise in first thing in the morning, it wont happen. I need to get it in while getting two little guys going in the morning, bathed, dressed, fed, lunch packed, etc., plus prepare for my day care children - lesson plans, snacks, etc... But it is good to know what I need to do and I did exercise 4 days, so I'm happy with that.
I changed my eating habits. First, I changed what I was eating (I'll miss you all my sugary, fat, simple carbo friends! I'm sure I'll visit time and again...) and secondly how much I was eating. I knew my eating was bad - primarily because I'm an emotion eater. There isn't an emotion that I can't eat to! (happy - celebrate with food, sad - console myself with food, stressed - eat my tension away!, tired - eat to stay awake, I'm multi talented) But boy, I can't tell you how many times I caught myself about to just put some morsel or two in my mouth just as I walked by something or as I reached in the fridge for water. Crazy!
So I feel good at the close of week 1/beginning of week 2.

And the scale? Well the scale (my scale isn't great - you have to get on about 5 times and take an average - but I'm not 'scale driven' so I'm ok with it) says I'm down 8 lbs!! Not bad for week one!!

My goals for week 2:

1. Increase my exercise. I want to get in 2-3 days of strength training and 3-4 days of cardio (shooting for 30 min). I'm tired and sore just thinking about this, but I'm going to give it my all!

2. Get 7-8 hours sleep a night. Currently I average 4-5 hours a night. Not enough! I need to try to calm my mind before bed. Since my mum died in March of 2008 my mind just goes and goes... It's exhausting! :) Seriously though, it is. My plan is to try a little 10 - 15 minute devotional or at least scripture reading before bed.

It's time to begin week 2! (and stop the boys from 'destroying the empire')

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tried Something New

It was time I tried... a veggie burger.

I so did. And, the verdict. You know, it wasn't bad at all!

I bought Morning Star's Mushroom Lovers burgers and was very nervous to try them. I grilled it in the pan as directed and served them on another 'new to me' (hence forth to be known as simply 'ntm') product, Arnold's 100% whole wheat Sandwich Thins. Both were yummy with lettuce, tomatoe, grilled onions and mustard. I can't say that I thought 'wow, this is a great BURGER.' But it was a very enjoyable hot sandwich. Even the hubs ate it and thought it was pretty good.

Here's the skinny on both items:
Mushroom Lover's Burger - 110 calories, 6 g fat, 7 g protien and less than 1 g of dietary fiber.
Sandwich Thin - 100 calories per roll, 1 g fat, 5 g protien and 5 g dietary fiber.

Now it's time to go to the movies with the family.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Today it was time to make the two calls I needed to make. Both calls went quite well, although the second call just involved my giving information.. therefore I'm now waiting for another call...

Cryptic? Yes. But suffice to say these calls concern an intergral part of my journey to improve upon my well being and help me on the road to be all that God calls me to be.

Sorry... just had to take a break from blogging to perform my sometimes necessary role as a HAZMAT crew member after my sleepwalking son visited the bathroom....

I did however have a tangible breakthrough today. Well, breakthrough may be a little strong and a little premature, but I exercised today. Yup I did! Something that I haven't done in years. Did I say years? I mean, YEARS!! It wasn't for long and it sure wasn't pretty - but I did it. First day down.. how many days does it take to make something a habit? 30?

But the truth of it is... it was hard.

Harder than I expected it to be. I know that I am very overweight. I know that I am out of shape. I know that I'm not getting any younger. I know that this body has suffered a few injuries in the past. But I didn't know it would be this hard. I really thought I could do better. I didn't realize I would have to keep going back to the low intensity because I flat out couldn't do the higher intensity stuff. But then I have to remind myself, it's only day one. I can't change what's past, but I can move in a positive direction for the future. And I can do it! Luke 1:37 - 'For nothing is impossible with God'

I have a few more things to do before bed. I need to make sure I get enough rest to tackle my morning exercise routine. (see that - positive thinking - I'm calling it a 'routine'.)

So now IT'S TIME... to finish setting up for my little friends tomorrow.

Friday, January 1, 2010

And so it begins...

Here I am taking my first step... my first step which I am sure will prove to be a long journey. A journey in many ways I hope will never end - as I never wish to stop trying to improve myself.

As with many women, mothers especially, I have become accustom to putting myself last to the point of diminishing my own well-being. And when we ourselves become accustom to coming in last, it is only natural that those around us also become accustom to our needs/wants/goals being last.

Therefore, it is only me who can change things.

and.... It's time!

This is not a blog about becoming self-indulgent and self-centered - but rather adding my well-being back into my priorities equation.

Each week I will choose at least one goal. One thing to work on, improve upon, address and then I will blog about it. Some weeks, I may have more than one blog due to set backs or (I hope more frequently) achievements - but my commitment is to one post a week!

I like to set a theme for each year and I do this via a single word that has several applications in my life. My theme for 2010 is - FIT! I have blogged about this on my other blog - and this blog is really a manifestation of my theme.

With this in mind, my first assignment of this journey is... a phone call. Well two actually. I'm hoping to complete one tomorrow so I can therefore follow up with another phone call on Monday. But if need be, I'll do them both on Monday.

Prayer Request: That God will help these calls to be fruitful and that call #1 would enable call #2 to be feasible. In all things - that God's will be done!

I'll update you with the results of my calls when I have them.

But for now.. IT'S TIME I got to bed.

good night!