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Friday, January 22, 2010


After a very busy morning of taking one of my sons to an audiology specialist, going to several stores to pick up last minute items, packing and getting the house in order (a girl can try) - I will be off to our church's 1st Ladies Retreat!

I am so excited for it!! It has been a lot to plan this event, but I (and the team members) am honored to serve the Lord and the other ladies in this ministry!!

So as excited as I am, I know I will be facing some serious food challenges!  Friday evening is the pizza party (yummmm I love pizza) and then a breakfast buffet on Saturday morning (yummm I love breakfast food!) and then lunch at Bertucci's that afternoon (yummmmm I love their rolls dipped in oil and their tortellini (?) in Alfredo sauce!!!) and then cookies will be put out that afternoon. Oh boy!!!

But I'm good with it all!! I've got a plan!

Friday Night: I'll pack a salad with me so that I can fill up on that and then enjoy one slice of my favorite pizza (Papa Gino's!) with out feeling bad. Snacks that night? I'm brining a few bags (so I can share) of Orville Redenbacher's 94% fat free popcorn and one piece of Weight Watchers/Whitman's Chocolate (I gotta have a little bit of sweet at the end of the night).

Saturday am: I'm bringing a baggie of Multi Grain Cheerios with me and then I can enjoy some of their fruit and possibly a light yogurt later that morning.

Saturday lunch: I just saw a commercial for Bertucci's soup salad and bread sticks (thought that was just Olive Garden). That's one option! Or I could just enjoy a nice salad topped with grilled chicken and a light dressing. Then I can indulge in one roll!

Saturday afternoon: While the ladies are choosing a cookie off of the platter, I'll just open a 100 calorie pack of Fudge Stripes. I'll still get a yummy sweet, without the guilt... which doesn't taste so good any way :)

Ok, I'm ready!  I'll be improving on my spiritual well being without compromising my progress in my physical well being.  Cool!

I hope you are able to face all of your challenges with good strategies!

Have a great weekend!
It's time to get this show on the road!!

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