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Friday, January 15, 2010

Small Victory

Quick post...
Today was my first 'eating out challenge'.  We all had the day off so we took the kids into the Science Museum (great time had by all!!  and, this is also part of my 'fit' word of the year as we fit in some fun family time).  Lunch time came around (we brought snacks for the car, but didn't think we could bring lunch in... you can!) so off to the cafeteria we went.. (mind racing, praying I could resist the tempting smells of fried fatty food)
My first thought was salad!  Right?  Easy choice!
However, after inspecting the salad and finding fatty meats and cheeses on them, and no low cal dressing I wasn't too sure.  Then I looked at the price. 
Being a 'stuck in the middle' kinda family, the $7.95 price tag for a salad was not something I could swollow.

Ok, now what?

I found a turkey burger on the menu.  "I'll have one of those please and a water".  It was pretty good (not great- I'm super nervous about how foods are prepared as I've had food poisoning twice before from undercooked chicken at restaurants).  I ate about 2/3s of the burger (served on a whole wheat bun) and then split a banana with my husband.  So all in all, I was happy with my choices.

But then on the way home we talked about what we would have ordered a month ago.
My husband said he would have ordered a pizza (small - like a bar sized pizza) and had that to himself.  I would have ordered the fried chicken fingers and fries.  After that conversation, I was very happy with my choices!!!

Success in life is made up of many small victories.  I count today as one!

Now it's time to go meet a friend for tea!

PS - where did spell check go from blogger?

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