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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Am I Hungry, Or Is It Stress?

Ahhh stress...  my favorite emotion to eat to!!  Nothing turns me to revolving bouts of salts and sweets like my 'pa'l stress.

I've been feeling it come on in waves of increasing intensity for days as I'm heading into a rather large event this weekend.  I am happy to have it come and excited for it, but it's been tons... TONS of work and I am sort of in charge of it.  (sorta - there's a team (great ladies!!), but it would seem that I am unofficially the leader)

I feel that we're pretty well prepared, so I should have peace.  However, in trying to express that I can not take on as much for our next event, I some how came off as... selfish?... it's my own fault?...  don't really know how to explain it.  Nothing to get into here, and I know I need to let it go, but it just seems my nature that I'm so tight with 'stress', my pal, my bud, mi amiga, that I can't stop fretting about it.

My inablility to stand my ground and not cave under other's opinions is a major battle I need to conqure!! (a problem for me as long as I can recall)  I need serious slapping around on this issue!  How is it that others can say what they need to say and be respected for it and they just move on... I state my position and it's just not ok... I'm the 'nice' one, I can't be blunt, I can't be assertive or else I then end up having to appologize.  Hmm... or is it just a matter of me FEELING like I have to appologize?

Any how, I am now battling not to eat to surpress my frequent companion... stress!  Which is stressing me out!!!

Note to self:  God will not give you more than you can handle. 
Lord, please  grant me peace in this matter.  Help me to handle all things with your grace.  Please help our retreat go well this weekend for your glory!  Help the team to work together like a well oiled machine in order to serve you better.  Amen

Ok, my mantra for the day:  keep away from snacks.. don't self medicate with food.. give it to God... go exercise.  Ah ha!

It's time to go exercise!

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  1. Good luck with your event! You're doing a great job with eating healthy and exercising. Enjoy the weekend, and know that you'll be right back at it on Monday. (Oh, and try not to bring your friend (stress) with you!)

    On another subject - have you tried Vitamuffin Vitatops? Deep Chocolate are heavenly!