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Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 3

Week 2 is complete.

How'd I do?:  Well, I can't say as I reached all of my goals  - but then again, I think I may have been aiming a little high.  After all, I went from no exercise at all a few weeks ago to my expecting to exercise just about every day and doing both cardio and strength together on most days.  Hmm... let's rethink this...
My fitness goal for this week is to exercise 4 days a week.  Period.  Not worrying if it's cardio or strength.  It's about getting started and getting into a good habit.
The exercise video I've been doing is going well.  I can keep up, breathe (always good) and even yell an occasional, "No, you can't have ice cream for breakfast!" to my boys as needed.  I've been able to up the intensity too! Bigger steps, arms raised.  This is good. It's a beginners tape, but that's what I am.
I keep wanting to compare my 38 year old - sedentary - 65 lb. away from goal  (apprx) - cheese and chocolate loving - mom of two self to my 21 year old - acrylic nailed - expensive perfume collecting - not a care in the world - living for my 4 nights of aerobics self.  "Well I used to be able to...."  Yes I did. But that was many years ago, and I am simply not the same person.  I'm bigger better!  No regrets or beating myself up.  Just do my best from where I'm at.
Sleep.. welllll.  Still about the same.  Will continue with this goal of getting 7 - 8 hours a night this week as well.
I did make time for family time this week!  I am always with my boys, so we have lots of time together - but on days when my husband is home, we are typically doing lots of errands and projects.  We went to a museum and had a great day!, we watched movies and played games together - all of us!  It's been great!  I'm always worried with all that we have going on (my home day care, Scout den host, Bible studies, church, ladies ministry team, etc....) that we are living the song "Cats In The Cradle".  "Not now mummy has to..."  I'm trying to be so aware of this and get things done when they are at school (only 2.5 hours a week total when I don't have one of my boys) or when they're asleep (hence part of the reason I don't get enough sleep).  Work in progress, but going well!

Time for my weekly weigh in:  I lost 4 more pounds for a total weight loss since 1/4/10 of:  12 lbs.!!  I'm very pleased with this!  In the past it has taken me at least a month to lose this much.

Now it's time for a cup of tea!

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