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Friday, January 1, 2010

And so it begins...

Here I am taking my first step... my first step which I am sure will prove to be a long journey. A journey in many ways I hope will never end - as I never wish to stop trying to improve myself.

As with many women, mothers especially, I have become accustom to putting myself last to the point of diminishing my own well-being. And when we ourselves become accustom to coming in last, it is only natural that those around us also become accustom to our needs/wants/goals being last.

Therefore, it is only me who can change things.

and.... It's time!

This is not a blog about becoming self-indulgent and self-centered - but rather adding my well-being back into my priorities equation.

Each week I will choose at least one goal. One thing to work on, improve upon, address and then I will blog about it. Some weeks, I may have more than one blog due to set backs or (I hope more frequently) achievements - but my commitment is to one post a week!

I like to set a theme for each year and I do this via a single word that has several applications in my life. My theme for 2010 is - FIT! I have blogged about this on my other blog - and this blog is really a manifestation of my theme.

With this in mind, my first assignment of this journey is... a phone call. Well two actually. I'm hoping to complete one tomorrow so I can therefore follow up with another phone call on Monday. But if need be, I'll do them both on Monday.

Prayer Request: That God will help these calls to be fruitful and that call #1 would enable call #2 to be feasible. In all things - that God's will be done!

I'll update you with the results of my calls when I have them.

But for now.. IT'S TIME I got to bed.

good night!

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