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Monday, June 28, 2010

Week 26

The heat is here and it brought it's unwelcomed friend, humidity with it!!  Thank you Lord for centeral air conditioning!!  Do I hear an 'amen'?

I plugged along last week but was completely consumed with recovering from one son's party the previous weekend while preparing for a family party on Saturday followed by my other son's birthday party on Sunday.  So sadly, as great as parties are, I allowed the hustle and bustle of cleaning, shopping, cleaning, thank you card writing, cleaning, (you get the idea) to distract me from many of my good habits.  There was no tracking.  There was no excercise (other than all of the running around).  And I squeeked in about 5 hours of sleep a night.

By the grace of God however, I did actually lose a pound this week for a total of 38 pounds lost!!!

My goal for this week is to just get back to basics.
Take the time to log my food.
Stay within my calorie/fat, etc. limits
Make sure I'm getting at least 8 glasses of water a day.
Get at least 7 hours sleep a night.
3 days of cardio (30 minutes each day).

I'm still job searching.  Nothing yet.  I've been spreading the word about my home preschool too.  No bites yet.  Please continue to pray for God's leading and that I would hear Him and follow.  I know I need to wait on Him, but boy, I really don't like being in the 'wating room' I must confess.

I'm looking for a new low cal/low fat desert.  Anyone have any good recipes?  I'll be trying a few out and I'll review them for you with pics.

I hope you all have a good week - keep making healthy choices!!

It's time to switch the laundry over.  Oh, and break up the fight that I hear beginning between my boys.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Starting To Forget

This has nothing to do with health or anything else I need to make time for really....

But last night was a really tough night!!  Today we're having a family party to celebrate my boys birthdays.  So last night, I was working on some of the food.  Specifically, I made potato salad.  My mum's potato salad.

As I chopped the celery and onion, I began to think of the rest of the ingrediants.  "Did she chop the eggs small or leave them in rings?  How much mustard did she put in?..."  My mum was never a cup of this, 2 teaspoons of that kinda lady.  It was more a bit of this and just enough of that.  But I had cooked with her ever since I was young and she had taught me everything.  However as I was working on the potato salad, it hit me.  I'm starting to forget.

Now for those who have never lost anyone close they may say, "Oh it tastes fine, don't worry."  But to those who have, they'd understand that it's not really about the taste, not really any way.  It's the fact that one of the closest bonds I have with my mother is cooking, and if I'm starting to forget her ways in the kitchen, then it's like I'm starting to forget her.

I'm crushed.  I was awake until 1:00 am crying.  I know so many totally can't relate to this, and for this reason I haven't shared it with anyone face to face except one of my sisters and my husband.  But I needed to get it out, so here I am sharing with my faithful followers and any welcomed visitors.  Not that I'm looking for any kind of response.  Just needed to get it out.

Nothing can change the inevitable.  I will forget things.  We all do.  Memories will start to fade a bit with time.  I know I will never forget my beloved mum, but forgetting little things about her is kind of like losing her again.

Sorry for a down message - don't like to post sad things...  Next post will be cheerier, I promise!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 25

Hello folks and welcome to summer!!  Summer officially began this past weekend.  Are you ready for it?
It's funny what our minds go to when we think, "Am I ready for summer?"  Some may think about child care or family vacation plans.  Others think of whether or not their bodies are 'beach ready' (thank goodness I don't go to the beach much ; )  Personally, I think, "Is the centeral ac up and running? Check!!  Is the kids water slide ready for use? Check!"  I hate to be really hot.  Heat/sun doesn't agree with me.  I get headaches.
That being said though, I love the summer because our schedules are far more relaxed (not completely though as son #1 goes to a summer program at school for all of July), and I get my boys home with me!!  I know, many of you may think I'm deranged, but I love having the kids home!!  I've already heard some moms talk about how they can't wait for September because their littlest ones will be in school.  Personally, it makes me kind of sad to think of my youngest heading into Kindergarten.  So I will savor this summer - especially since I do not know what the Lord has for me in regards to work.  This could be my last summer home with my men : (  I will cherrish it!!
Well last week unfortunately did prove to be another sick week.  Battled a horrible cold/sinus infection while still recovering from strep.  And would you believe poor son #1 who brought strep back into the house 3 weeks ago is now complaining of a sore throat again?!  Good thing we have his physical today!
Here's something I learned about myself last week.  Even though I've had no sense of taste (husband would insert joke here) it has not curtailed my eating.  Wouldn't you think that since I couldn't taste anything my craving for sweets would diminish?  Nooooooo.  Mind over matter baby!  My mind remembers what everything tastes like and still wants it.  Interesting....
The scale is holding steady this week.  Better than a gain, but I would seriously like to get a move on.  I don't tend to get impatient with weight loss, but this week I am just a bit.  I'm telling myself all the positive things, "You've lost 37 pounds!! You didn't gain!! Your in smaller clothes!!", but still, just a wee bit frustrated this week.  It's ok though, this is a life long journey so there's no race to win.
This week I'm hoping to get moving again!
Track my food.
Drink plenty of water.
Have fun with the kids!!!!

Whatever your plans are for this summer, I hope you have fun and enjoy yourself!!

It's time to get the guys ready for their doctors appointments.  Have a great week!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Week 24

Birthday parties, field day, wedding shower up in Maine... These are just a few of the great things that happened last week.  Some I was able to attend, some I wasn't.  I am unfortunately, sick again! (Seriously, I feel like throwing a little fit for myself! I have NO time to be sick!!)  My boys brought strep back into the house and of course, mom's got it!  I'm a little nervous that it is going to take the same path it did in March when strep turned into bronchitis bordering on pneumonia.  Please pray for good health!!!

Despite all of the festivities and illness, I still did great this week!!!  I kept away from the birthday cake.  I feasted on fruit salad at the shower and on my trip up to Maine I had egg beaters and whole wheat toast at the diner. (Super cute diner done in 50's retro complete with oldies music. So fun!)  But I also indulged a bit too.  The favors at the shower were Oreos covered in white chocolate!  Since it was a 'favor' for my niece, I felt compelled to eat one... or two.. : )  I mean after all, how could I refuse the bride a 'favor'? ; )  It was super yummy! 

I got on the scale this morning hoping to meet the goal I had set for myself last week but knowing that I'd be good with anythiing that wasn't a gain.  To my delight, I met my goal!!  Down 2 pounds for a total weight loss of 37 pounds!!  I think I should have pulled the scale back out again to see if I had lost another pound after the workout I got cleaning up the 100 rolls of toilet paper that came out at me like an avalanche when I opened the closet.  It's nice to know we wont have to worry about 'sparing a square', but really dear, that pack of toilet paper is monsterous!!

The week ahead is CRAZY busy!!! It's the last week of school and the last week of the Preschool Enrichment program I do in my home daycare (only open during school season, do some part time in the summer).  I have teacher's gifts to get, gifts for my Joyful Moments kids (my child care), projects for them to wrap up... Plus, Saturday is my youngest son's graduation from Preschool followed by my older son's birthday party (the one with his friends - family party is the following week).  And let's not forget that next Sunday is Father's Day.  Plus I'm facing a mountain of house work after being sick over the weekend.  Still feel terrible, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

My goals for this week are to simply keep the program rolling.  Too much going on to try to push myself.  By the way, exercise was doing great until I got sick.  I'm sure all we be well as soon as I'm healthy again.

By the way, my cc gave me an assigment to write my lifes mission statement.  Oh well, if that's all! lol!  I'll use my mission written in the right column of this blog as my jumping off point.  Have you ever done that?

Well my mission for today is to try to start tackling all of the house work and projects that need to be done while still getting a little rest time in.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and make great choices!

It's time for me to reheat my tea... again.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Don't Like It - Shhh, Don't Let Them Know

So I tried the BL "Jump Start" DVD yesterday.  I just flat out don't like it.  Do 10 jumping jacks, 10 squats, 10... 10... 10....   And I'm sorry to say, but I just find Tara annoying.  I don't dislike her, she's done a tremendous job!  I just... I don't like it. 
Here's the really strange part though, I feel guilty not liking it.  Seriously Diane???  It's not like the past contestants of BL are going to find out and be upset with me.  "Hey, Diane in Mass. doesn't like our workout video. Now my feelings are hurt! Pass the Super Fudge Chunk!!"  Geesh!  No wonder I go to the cc every couple of weeks.
So back to Leslie today.  It's a good workout and I'm seeing results. 
In fact, yesterday when I was showering and shaving my legs I noticed something.  Leg muscles.  I have HUGE legs. Always have, always will (not being hard on myself, just the facts mam).  But if I have to have these ginormous legs, I at least want them toned, and my friends, they're getting there!  My calves at least.  I have a long way to go on the rest of my legs!!
What does your workout consist of these days?  What works for you - what do you like/dislike?  And the best part, other than the scale, what positive results are you seeing?

It's time to switch over the laundry.  Have a great day!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Week 23

Happy Monday everyone!

Mondays are such a pivotal day of the week, aren't they?  Either you're dreading them, heading back to the ole' grind.  Or you're happy to see it come around as it is ushering in a welcomed fresh start.  Then in my case, it's 'the moment of truth', when I step on the scale to see how I've done over the past week. (Although, we all know that the scale is only one small piece of the health equation.)

However you are looking at this Monday, I hope it proves to be the beginning of a great week for you!!

Last week I finally, make that FINALLY, found my exercise mojo!  I did a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio on Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sunday.  Primarily I did the 2 mile 'walking' DVD by Leslie Sansone.  If you are not familiar with her program, it's called 'walking' but it's really more like low impact aerobics as you're doing knee lifts, kick backs, etc. with upper body movement as well.  What's nice is you can make it more or less intense by what you put into it.  I began by just following along, and not doing the arms several weeks back.  Now I do everything, plus add some extra umph by throwing in some moves from back in my days of living at the gym in my fluorescent short unitard with oversized tank shirt and matching scrunchie. (Ok, totally dating myself here!  Anyone remember those outfits?)  So if you're just getting started her program may be a great start for you.  It's also good for intermediate - and she has more intense programs that I want to check out.  I have a Biggest Loser DVD that I bought back in January that almost killed me after like 2 seconds 5 minutes.  I'd like to give this a try again and see if I can get through one 15 minute session.  I believe it's the 'Jump Start' program.  Watch out for anything that says 'jump start' because it really means you may need a difibulator to jump start your heart again! or at least have a tank of oxygen around.)

My water intake is right back in line!  Big surprise right?  Having trouble with getting enough water?  How much are you exercising?  The whole thing is a cycle.  If you exercise, then you get thirsty and need to drink more and nothing satisfies thirst better than water.  Then when it's time to eat, you're thinking there's no way you're blowing all of that hard work working out by eating a Twinkie. (Or whatever your Achillies heel is.  Mine is actually pretty much any kind of sweet/baked good.)  Another added benefit of exercise is it helps you to have more energy throughout the day, which then means that you're ready to sleep and you can't resist the call of the pillow at night.

Exercise was definitely the missing link for me.  I would love to say that I love to exercise now.  But I don't.  I'll keep doing it though as the benefits far exceed any negative feelings. If I were to greet my exercise session it morning it would sound something like, "Hello Newman."

Ok - so I have to share a supper duper huge success this week.  The hubs was talking about how he wished he had dropped some lbs by being up on the roof the previous week but he didn't lose anything at all.  He then said what he weighs.  For the first time like ever, I weigh less than him!!!!!  Most of my friends weigh considerably less than their husbands so I know this may not seem like a big deal to them, but it is to me!!  Yipppeee!!!

So last week I had gained 3 pounds, yikes!  This week, I have lost those 3 pounds!  So it's like losing a couple of weeks, but I'm cool with that.  I don't normally set a weight loss goal for myself, but I really would like to lose 2 pounds this week.  We'll see...

Week 23 goals:
Exercise at least 5 days
Track all food
Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
Minimum of 7 hours sleep a night
Pray more, stress less (making good progress on this)

It's time to get dressed.  I hope you all have a great week and make healthy choices!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Blog Hop

Here is the linky for the Blog Hop should you wish to join.  Look below for directions and details.

I Did!

I really didn't want to exercise this morning.


My bed was so comfy.  The idea of heading down the stairs and turning on the box that would bring forth a very perky Leslie Sansone who will giggle her was through the program was not appealing. (I like Leslie, just not when I'd rather be in bed) 

But I did!!  I've made so many great gains this week, and over the last several months.  I don't want to give in now.  Even as I exercised, I kept thinking, "You don't have to do the arm movements."  But I did!  "Ok, well you don't have to do the whole cool down portion."  But I did!  It felt good to give 110%!!  I'm achy - but I like it!

It feels good to have my cardio in for the day.  That's 165 minutes of cardio this week!  It's going to be nice not to have to whine about not getting exercise in on Mondays post!  How refreshing.

How about you my sister 'losers' - how are you doing with exercise?  What are you doing for exercise?  How do you push on when you just don't feel like it?

It's time to finish making cookies for my son's birthday celebration in school (he's 8 tomorrow!  ugh.. where does the time go?).  Isn't that a kick in the pants... exercise and then fight off cookie batter.  How many calories does that resistance burn?  It should be hundreds!! : )

PS - Totally getting sick of the look of this blog... A new look will probably be coming soon..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy to Sweat

Yeah - It's 7 am and I've already got a half hour of cardio in!!
How many days to make something a habit? (I'm quite sure it's more than 2)
Hoping to get down stairs to exercise by 6/6:30 am every weekday. 

I hope you all have a great day!

It's time to make my son's lunch for school.

(by the way... it's 30 days to make something a habit)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week 22

Do over  -  Do over!!!

Do you ever wish you could just call a 'do-over' of your week?  If it were possible, I'd call one for last week.  However, we do not live on the great kick-ball field of life, so I'll just put on my big girl panties (that are a size smaller thank you very much) and face the music.
Last week was a crazy week (the hubs reroofed our house with help, people in and out - praise God for the help and the good weather) and my diet reflected it.  Let's call it what it is, bad choices.  But I shant dwell on  the past.  No, I shall not.  Rather, let me tell you about how week 23 is starting off...
This morning I popped in my Leslie Sansone tape for the first time in eons.  By 6:45 am I had logged just over 2 miles and had sore thighs to prove it.  Hours have gone by now and I feel great!!  Hoping to do this 2 - 3 more times this week!
I have also tracked my food, something I really avoided last week.  Tracking my food intake is absolutely crutial for me!!!  I love SparkPeople for this (and it's free, holllaaaaaa).  It's so convicting to write in what you have consumed, even when you don't want to admit it to yourself.  Not to mention, it's a great way to track the nutrients you've had to keep your diet healthy.
I am bound and determined to hit the sack by no later than 11:00 pm this week which will give me 7 hours sleep.  Sure, I'd like to say I'll be in bed by 10:00, but who do I think I'd be kidding?  I will resist you my late night friends.  You just keep that adorable Scottish accent to yourself Mr. Ferguson!

Ok, news on the job front.  I recieved a call last week to interview for a church office administrator (part time).  They had recieved 92 resumes and chose 6 people to interview.  This made me feel great!  I went and interviewed on Wednesday and it went great.  I wasn't nervous at all and it felt like I did really well.  This morning I received a message from the pastor that she would like to meet with me.  (The Pastor was to be given 3 candidates to interview and then choose one from the 3).  PROBLEM - After summer child care ($$) and putting our youngest son in full day Kindergarten ($3,200) I would only make about $5,000 for the whole year.... PROBLEM 2 - I am not in agreement with some of the churches theology.  Some think this should not be an issue, but I feel that if it isn't a church I'd attend, then I shouldn't be working there... seems a little hypocritical.  So I'm going to have to call in a bit and turn the position down. : (   I really think I'd enjoy that kind of position.. but the timing and specifics are off.  Please continue to pray that God would either direct me to the right job outside of the home, or that He would bring just the right children into my home day care.

Dum du dum dum.... The scale.  Well, what could I expect really.  I'm up 3!!!!  Ugh!  Oh well.  No worries, I'll make short work of those 3 pounds now that I'm exercising again.

For this week:
Sleep 7-8 hours a night
Track my food!!
Drink plenty of water
Exercise 3 - 4 times this week
Choose to not stress!

I'm a hungry chickie - need to go have my Progresso Soup. Yummm!
Have a wonderful week everyone!!

It's time to eat!