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Friday, June 4, 2010

I Did!

I really didn't want to exercise this morning.


My bed was so comfy.  The idea of heading down the stairs and turning on the box that would bring forth a very perky Leslie Sansone who will giggle her was through the program was not appealing. (I like Leslie, just not when I'd rather be in bed) 

But I did!!  I've made so many great gains this week, and over the last several months.  I don't want to give in now.  Even as I exercised, I kept thinking, "You don't have to do the arm movements."  But I did!  "Ok, well you don't have to do the whole cool down portion."  But I did!  It felt good to give 110%!!  I'm achy - but I like it!

It feels good to have my cardio in for the day.  That's 165 minutes of cardio this week!  It's going to be nice not to have to whine about not getting exercise in on Mondays post!  How refreshing.

How about you my sister 'losers' - how are you doing with exercise?  What are you doing for exercise?  How do you push on when you just don't feel like it?

It's time to finish making cookies for my son's birthday celebration in school (he's 8 tomorrow!  ugh.. where does the time go?).  Isn't that a kick in the pants... exercise and then fight off cookie batter.  How many calories does that resistance burn?  It should be hundreds!! : )

PS - Totally getting sick of the look of this blog... A new look will probably be coming soon..

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