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Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 25

Hello folks and welcome to summer!!  Summer officially began this past weekend.  Are you ready for it?
It's funny what our minds go to when we think, "Am I ready for summer?"  Some may think about child care or family vacation plans.  Others think of whether or not their bodies are 'beach ready' (thank goodness I don't go to the beach much ; )  Personally, I think, "Is the centeral ac up and running? Check!!  Is the kids water slide ready for use? Check!"  I hate to be really hot.  Heat/sun doesn't agree with me.  I get headaches.
That being said though, I love the summer because our schedules are far more relaxed (not completely though as son #1 goes to a summer program at school for all of July), and I get my boys home with me!!  I know, many of you may think I'm deranged, but I love having the kids home!!  I've already heard some moms talk about how they can't wait for September because their littlest ones will be in school.  Personally, it makes me kind of sad to think of my youngest heading into Kindergarten.  So I will savor this summer - especially since I do not know what the Lord has for me in regards to work.  This could be my last summer home with my men : (  I will cherrish it!!
Well last week unfortunately did prove to be another sick week.  Battled a horrible cold/sinus infection while still recovering from strep.  And would you believe poor son #1 who brought strep back into the house 3 weeks ago is now complaining of a sore throat again?!  Good thing we have his physical today!
Here's something I learned about myself last week.  Even though I've had no sense of taste (husband would insert joke here) it has not curtailed my eating.  Wouldn't you think that since I couldn't taste anything my craving for sweets would diminish?  Nooooooo.  Mind over matter baby!  My mind remembers what everything tastes like and still wants it.  Interesting....
The scale is holding steady this week.  Better than a gain, but I would seriously like to get a move on.  I don't tend to get impatient with weight loss, but this week I am just a bit.  I'm telling myself all the positive things, "You've lost 37 pounds!! You didn't gain!! Your in smaller clothes!!", but still, just a wee bit frustrated this week.  It's ok though, this is a life long journey so there's no race to win.
This week I'm hoping to get moving again!
Track my food.
Drink plenty of water.
Have fun with the kids!!!!

Whatever your plans are for this summer, I hope you have fun and enjoy yourself!!

It's time to get the guys ready for their doctors appointments.  Have a great week!!!


  1. I love how you enjoy being with your kids! That's so awesome. I'm sure your consistency and positive attitude will pay off in your weight loss. It is the long haul we're in for. Keep smilin' :) You're doing GREAT!!


  2. You have such a great attitude. I love that time with your kids is one of your goals! Have a good week!

  3. Your goals sound great. And while it's frustrating to not see the scale move, you ARE right: you're not gaining, and that's a good thing! :)