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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Don't Like It - Shhh, Don't Let Them Know

So I tried the BL "Jump Start" DVD yesterday.  I just flat out don't like it.  Do 10 jumping jacks, 10 squats, 10... 10... 10....   And I'm sorry to say, but I just find Tara annoying.  I don't dislike her, she's done a tremendous job!  I just... I don't like it. 
Here's the really strange part though, I feel guilty not liking it.  Seriously Diane???  It's not like the past contestants of BL are going to find out and be upset with me.  "Hey, Diane in Mass. doesn't like our workout video. Now my feelings are hurt! Pass the Super Fudge Chunk!!"  Geesh!  No wonder I go to the cc every couple of weeks.
So back to Leslie today.  It's a good workout and I'm seeing results. 
In fact, yesterday when I was showering and shaving my legs I noticed something.  Leg muscles.  I have HUGE legs. Always have, always will (not being hard on myself, just the facts mam).  But if I have to have these ginormous legs, I at least want them toned, and my friends, they're getting there!  My calves at least.  I have a long way to go on the rest of my legs!!
What does your workout consist of these days?  What works for you - what do you like/dislike?  And the best part, other than the scale, what positive results are you seeing?

It's time to switch over the laundry.  Have a great day!!


  1. you are so cute. Don't think I will be reading about your dislike of the video on the 5 o'clock news...LOL Congrats on the muscles!

  2. I actually was never a huge Tara fan to begin with, so I'm sure it would be annoying to me, too! (However, I am PROUD of her super accomplishments, so I won't ever take that away from her!) My workouts have been going to Curves each day for 30 minutes. It has helped me in AMAZING ways!! I've been wanting to try out Jillian's 30 Day Shred, but haven't gotten the guts yet...I don't want to be sore!!!!! Congrats on the little things in seeing muscles in your legs. You should definitely celebrate those small victories!!

  3. Great topic. We don't like everything. I don't really like Tara either. ;P I wrote a blog entry about this topic of which workouts I do.

  4. Diane I didn't like the jump start one -I was expecting Bob to lead. I do like the last chance workout one lead by Jillian. Tara is in it but she isn't leading it.

  5. I totally know how you feel! I've had more than my fair share of illogical guilt over not liking certain dvds (most of them from Jillian, actually). Crazy, huh? So I prefer Richard Simmons and his wackiness ... it doesn't mean Jillian's going to hunt me down or anything! (I HOPE!!!)