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Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 12

Yippee - I'm getting this up on time this week!

Now lets hope this 'getting things done on time' becomes a theme for me this week!  Lots going on - lots to be done.

Saturday will be the big day with both the Women's Communion Breakfast in the am followed by the Pinewood Derby in the afternoon.  All in the same building which makes things both crazy and mighty convenient.

Praying I get all that I need done for the breakfast and that it all goes off smoothly and that the ladies are edified and the Lord glorified!!

Today was a CC day.  Felt a little lost today on what to talk about as my morning had been so crazy.  Son #1 almost missed the bus due to lolligaging, and son #2 had a melt down because he "doesn't want to grow up and leave mummy".  I felt like mother of the year as I detatched him from my beefy leg so I could bolt back to my car and attempt to make my meeting in time.  Thankfully, he had calmed down and was agreeable to going into class at this point.  But still, felt awful as I drove off.
No new assignments this week.  Don't really feel like much was accomplished this week.  Oh well.

I did however begin the challenge I had seen on SparkPeople, which is to pictorally (is that a word?) track my food for a week.  May not have been the best week to choose as I said my weekend will be super busy.  But at least I'll shoot for Mon - Fri any way.

Ok so I have seriously been battling a debilitating case of exhaustion!!  Why so exhausted?.. No idea really.  Still recovering from strep maybe.  The added bliss of seasonal allergies.. maybe.  Stress.. maybe...  It's just so annoying!!  But I am continuing to be productive despite the constant desire to put on some sweats and climb under the covers.

So last week I did something I haven't done in over a decade. (note: I am now tempted to leave you to guess.. but alas, I think a few of you already know)  I completed my resume and submitted it for consideration for a local administrative position.  It really would be a great fit (at 25 hours a week) and the pay rate is pretty decent for a part time job!  I know that where it's a town job there will be a lot of politics involved - but it was worth a shot and I feel good for having done it!
Now I need to continue to look for positions and put myself out there.  The right job will turn up.  I just need to wait.. I hate to wait...

So this being Monday, I went to the closet this morning and pulled out the scale.  Do you remember those 2 pounds I gained last week?  I lost them again this week. 

Dear Two Pounds,

How kind of you to come back and visit  last week.  Hope you enjoyed your stay but it is time for you to move on. Permanently!  Consider this your eviction notice.

Sincerely your former land lady,
diane :)

Goals for this week:
Finish all that needs to be done for the Communion Breakfast
Drink 8 glasses of water
track all food (on log as well as in pictures)
exercise 3 times
8 hours of sleep a night
complete "mission' assignment
make an appointment for my 25 lb reward - hair cut

Have a great week all!!

It's time for tea!

PS - seriously - does anyone know what happened to spell check?

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