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Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 11

Wow am I late this week!  Sorry!!

Strep throat has compeltely gone through our family with me it's last victim.  Now that we've got that just about out of the way, the joys of spring have arrived in the form of sneezing, sniffing and the ever favorite, post nasal drip!  Seriously though, I am enjoying the sun shine and getting out there and  exercising without 'exercising'.  Raking and yard work are very rewarding for me in that it counts as exercise, but at the end, you have immediate results as is evident in looking over the yard and seeing greenish grass as opposed to the sea of brown leaves.  Win Win!

Tuesday marked the two year anniversary of my mum's death.  Although this date is especially tough, truth be told, every day is tough.  There has not been one day that has past in these two years that I have not felt the deep sting of missing her.  My mum was sweet and very loving and also completely silly and daffy.  I have been making it a tradition to post the eulogy my sister Kerry read at my mum's funeral on my other blog at this time of year.  Please click over if you'd like to read it.  She did a wonderful job paying tribute to her.  Can I just take the opportunity to offer a few words of advice pertaining to what not to say to someone who has lost a loved one?  Actually, yes, I can. It's my blog....
Do not try to dismiss someone's feelings.  They are there's, you do not need to agree or understand them!  Nor should you say the 'right' thing because it's 'right' spiritually.  The Bible says there is a time to grieve, don't try to take that from someone.  God says they are to do it.  Ok.. that's it.

I did weigh in on Monday.  I have had my 1st gain.  Up 2lbs., but I'm not the slightest bit bothered by it.  Life is filled with ups and downs.  I know stress, sadness drives me to eat, and I did.  But I can be happy that even in that, my choices were still so much better than they would have been a few months back.

I really didn't set fitness/dietary goals for myself this week.  I know when I've already got enough on my plate.  I did have other goals though and they were:
Complete my resume
Write a few cover letters (to be appropriate for various positions)
Apply to a local town hall
As 3 people to write me letters of recommendation

I can tell you that I have done the first 3!  I also have asked one person already for the 4th task too!

Ok folks.  That's really all I have for this week.  Sorry for the late post and not feeling particularly inspired to blog.  Next week!

It's time to fill out my son's soccer registration.

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