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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Or I should say, 'Wiiiiiiii'.

My sister very kindly bought me a Wii Fit when she bought one for herself.  Thank you thank you!!

I really didn't know what I'd think about it.  I thought exercise is exercise, right?

But I'm finding that I get so into the games, that it's not until after I finish a round that I realize that I've worked up a sweat and that my heart rate is excellerated.  Even my young son's want to join in and they will do a routine with me even though they are not standing on the Wii Fit board.

So instead of my usual moans and groans about exercise, I'm now saying, 'Wiiiiii'!

What are you doing to keep your exercise fun?


  1. We LOVED out Wii Fit when we got it (we have sense had to sell it - money reasons) but I am all in favor of it. Good for you!!!

    Lately, it's been the bike for me. I love bike riding! And basketball of all things. Being such a shorty, you'd think I'd pick a sport I could do better at, but I just love it.

    I think when you love doing something active, it doesn't seem like "working out" and just "burning calories"... and that's what I need to stick with something.

    Yay... I can post a comment on your blog! Have a super day Diane!!


  2. I love the WEEEEE! ;) I think it's great fun! I have recently added pool walking to my fitness routine. :)