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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 7

I'm a day late posting - ahhh!  Sorry folks!

Yesterday we were busy using up our Christmas gift cards to buy Wii games, then off to a fun party at our friends house (upside down, inside out  party for the kids), then Scouts last night.  Ok, enough excuses....

Week 6 was a busy week, but seriously, these days who do you ever hear say that their life runs at a slow pace?  I think if someone's life is slow and relaxed, they actually feel guilty and don't admit to it instead of realizing that they're smarter than most of us.  I always love to joke that I'm trading it all in and going to move the family to PA to become Amish.  Black is a good color on me. : )

I had my first appointment with the Christian counselor (henceforth to be known as 'CC') last Monday.  It went... well I guess.  It's hard to say the first visit.  She really just took down basic information, and then gave me an assignment.  How exciting, I like assignments!  I've always been a geek.  I need to write out all that I would like to see changed or accomplished as a result of my visits with her. So I've cracked open a new notebook (I think the poor thing will regret this request) and have started to jot down notes.  I was instructed to not write it down in 5 minutes but to take my time and really think it out.  I think about it while washing dishes (which currently takes a long time as our dishwasher has passed on), while I fold laundry, while waiting for my next turn at Monopoly with son #1, etc...  Then time and again I'll come into my office/craft room (henceforth to be known as simply 'my room'... I love writing 'henceforth', can't say as I normally get a chance to fit that into day- to-day conversation) and jot it down in my notebook.  I'm sure there are many who would love to add to my list - but alas, this is only a list for me to write out.

I've been doing quite well with sleep.  I'm happy to say that I haven't gone to bed any later than 11:30 in a few weeks.  Well actually, I have fallen asleep a few times on the couch watching the opening Olympics and then last night trying to stay up to see the pairs figure skating.. but once awake, I make my way down the hall.  Even so, I'm drifting off on the couch prior to 11pm.  So big thumbs up for getting good sleep!

Nutrition.. I've done pretty well.  I am consistently staying in my ranges (calories, fat, protein, carbs, etc..) but in all honesty, I could be eating more nutritiously.  My problem  - night time snacks.  I usually do ok, but on occasion, I'm looking for 3 snacks a night!  To be honest, I'm good with letting myself have 2.  I like to have my 94% fat free popcorn, and then something sweet.  The problem is when 'something' sweet becomes 2 or 3 somethings.  This is a goal for this week - and last night, I did well.

Another goal for this week is that I would like to broaden my horizons.  I don't want to keep eating the same things over and over.  I'm going to find some new recipes to try and plan out some menus for the end of this week and going into the next.  I enjoy cooking but have been losing that love due to the new lifestyle.  There's no reason for that to happen so it's time to roll up my sleeves.

Weight loss this week = 1 pound.  I need to applaud myself considering this was Valentine's weekend.  I went to a great family party and resisted (without feeling deprived) all of the chocolate - and there was lots of chocolate!! brownies, chocolates, cookies, etc.... So I'm happy with the 1 pound.  That's 21 in all!!

Still having trouble with mind racing.  Mostly about work these days.  I need a new job/or a second job!  House is falling apart and there are things we need for the kids.  But trying to find something that works around the kids so I won't only bring home a 1/4 of my pay after paying for day care is really hard!!  I need to keep reminding myself that God will provide.  Prayer request: That God would guide my husband and I to the jobs He has for us and that we would be wise stewards of our money.

Have a great week everyone!!

It's time to start housework before the kids play date.

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss, Diane! You're doing great! You are almost to the 1/2 way mark!