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Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 6

This past week was a bad week.  Hey, they happen - even to those of us who try to stay really positive.

Why was it bad?  Well I had a sick child, then I got sick.  Was (am still a bit) feeling overwhelmed  by all that needs to get done (personally, family, home, ministry, etc...).  Maybe a little nervous about today and my 1st appointment with my Christian counselor (I'll let you know how that goes).  Lastly, I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that we're coming up to the 2 year anniversary of my mother's death.  One positive?  With all of this, I did not succumb to emotional eating!! (see weighin below)

But, this is a new week and I'm ready to have a better one!  Lot's going on this week and I'm ready to face it all.

How'd I do last week?  Well like I said, even with all of the stress, I did not emotionally eat - big thumbs up for me!
I moved on to the 2 mile (+) walking workout with Leslie Sansone.  Good workout for me at the level I am currently at.  I'd like to get the 3, 4, and 5 mile workouts.  I tried my new Biggest Loser workout... I decided I want to wait another week or so before I go back to that (one move... gasp gasp.. I think I'll skip the next move, sorta try the next... gasp gasp....).  All workouts on the tape are 10 minutes each and can be done in any combination.  The cardio workouts are 10 straight minutes of mid-high intensity cardio (I suppose you could go low... but then I'd rather stay with Leslie as I think I'd get a better workout for that) no warm up/cool down.  I liked it, but want to use my other tapes to get me a little more conditioned before going back.
Did well with getting enough sleep this week - for the most part.  I was in bed at a good time even if I couldn't fall asleep for awhile.
Water - great!  Did my 8+ cups a day!

Weigh in:  down 4 lbs. for a total weight loss since Jan. 4, 2010 of (drum roll...) 20 lbs.

Goals for this week:
~ Go to my 1st session
~ Keep drinking 8+ cups of water a day
~ Keep striving for 8 hours sleep a night
~ Exercise at least 3x a week
~ Track all of my eating
~ Stay within my calorie, fat, carb and protein goals each day
~ Spend time with God each day

You know what the 20 lb. mark means?  REWARD!  I actually had my reward yesterday.  I went out by myself for over my one hour reward (yeah) and I bought the curtain for my office/craft room.  Actually, I bought two.  Still trying to decide which one... I may be posting for opinions.

It's time for me to get ready to go.  Have a great week all!!!

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