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Friday, February 5, 2010

Rewards - No Credit Card Required

As soon as I typed the word 'rewards' I instatly thought of all of the commercials and pieces of junk mail advertising credit cards with all of the preks you get for using their card to get further into debt.

Well the rewards I'm coming up with for each milestone on my journey would not be rewarding at all if they were to put me into further debt!  In fact, beginning the process of getting out of debt is one of my non-weight-loss goals.

Without further ado, below is my economy friendly rewards system.

(note: I decided that there really is no way to give myself retroactive rewards - so for the first 16 lbs lost, I'll just give myself a big pat on the back!... and hope I don't pull something..)

20 lbs ~ One hour to myself (hubby will watch the kids/answer the phone, etc. time awards have been preapproved by said hubby) AND (ok, I guess I am doing a little retro reward) a curtain for my office (saw it in The Christmas Tree Shop flyer for $6! Yes, I SOOOO love a bargin!!)

25 lbs ~ A haircut (seriously, I have only gone to a salon about twice in the past 3 years, but have had  dear friend give me a great cut a few times)

30 lbs ~ Two hours to myself!

35 lbs ~ A new pair of jeans (I still have some gift cards kickin' around, so they wont actually cost me anything!)

40 lbs ~ Three hours to myself & a latte!

45 lbs ~ A manicure (haven't had one in years and only go for around $12, right?)

50 lbs ~ A night away (whether I just go visit my brother & his family, or my sister takes my boys for the night...)

Can't think beyond 50 at this point.  I'll update as I get closer.

"If we realize a celebration is down the road, it makes the road easier to travel." ~
Luci Swindoll: You Bring The Confetti, God Brings The Joy

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