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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An Interesting Notion

I signed on to SparkPeople today to start entering my food for the day (ok -really wasn't planning 325 calories for breakfast!!) and I checked out the community while I was there.

I came across one ladies page and found something very interesting.  She had created a whole schedule of rewards for herself.

Lose 5 lbs - get a coffee
Lose 10 lbs - get a new pair of jeans
Lose 15 lbs - get a new book
and so on ....
I saw this and thought,  'Note to self, create a rewards system for yourself that does not include a cream sauce or a sea of chocolate.'

So this, along with laundry, polishing, sorting through my office/craft room, making some thank you notes, etc.., is my mission for today.  I'd like to include markers that go beyond lbs lost.  What about self-esteem found?  Daily exercise? hmm....

Stay tuned for my rewards list.  I will need to be creative as it can not involve lots of spending.  Healthy eating is expensive enough!  Now that I think of it, having lost 16 lbs thus far, I really have already earned 3 rewards!  Are rewards retroactive?

Do you reward yourself for reaching your goals?  Let me know what you've done.

It's time to wash the bathroom floor.... sigh

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