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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Game Plan ~ Thankful day 20

Today I am thankful for sleep.  I am so in need of some zzz's right now.
I'm thankful to have a warm comfortable bed on this chilly night.

Tomorrow I will be going food shopping.  I need to whip my cupboards and fridge back into shape.  I will go with list in hand and a firm game plan in mind.  I will aproach each isle with offensive game play tactics and wont be tackled by the high fat/calories, low nutrition foods that will try to get me out of bounds again.
What are some healthy staples that you always buy when you shop (aside from fruits and veggies which are a given)?

Hope you all have a great night's sleep!

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  1. Yes, we need a game plan when shopping and never go shopping hungry!

    So things I buy: light laughing cow cheese.. a must for me. Love it with celery or about anything. Pretzels for my kids... that's about the only non-fruit or veggie snack I get them anymore. Lately I've getting more healthy soups. I also always stock up on sugar free jello's and knox gelatin for my "knox blox". My regular veggies are celery, mushroom and peppers - I can't run out of those, and romaine lettuce of course. I buy lean meats like salmon, ground turkey breast, and chicken breasts. When I bring home one of those rotisserie chickens - that is always a treat at our house. For Thanksgiving, I'm making yams using a new recipe I learned. I think my kids will love it.

    Good luck on your shopping!! :)