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Monday, November 1, 2010

November goals and Week 45

Happy November everyone!!

As this month was approaching I was feeling as though I'm in need of something fresh.  No, I'm not typing this with a wink. I mean that I feel as though my blog is stale and that the multitude (ok, 3 or 4) of regular readers may be ready for something new.

This being the month of Thanksgiving, I am going to write about something I am thankful for every day leading up to the holiday otherwise known as 'turkey day'.  Heavens knows that I have much to be thankful for, big and small, and so I will be writing of all of the blessings for which I am truly thankful!

'I Am Thankful For..' Day 1:
Today I will write of that for which I am most thankful (please note, going forward I will not be writing in any order), my Lord and Savior, Jesus.
I am so thankful for Jesus and my faith in Him as it's as much a part of me as my heart, or lungs.  He is a part of all that I do, say, think.  I am of course, not perfect, but even when I fall short, I turn to Him for reproof and restoration.
In good times I know to whom all credit should go (every good and perfect gift is from above) and in bad times He gives guidance, wisdom and comfort as no other (the peace that passes all understanding).
I could truly write pages and pages on why I am thankful for my faith, but I will summarize with this statement:  He is everything to me!  Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would you like to join me in my "I Am Thankful" challenge?  Look for a post later today!!

Last week was a stressful one.  Stress if part of each of our every day lives though, is it not?  It's all in how we handle it.  I must be honest and confess that for one day I lost it.  By the next day, I was able to allow God's peace to comfort me.  It's not that His peace wasnt there the day before, but rather that I didn't allow it in. (dope!)
I only got in 5 miles of exercise.  But that is better than no exercise so I wont beat myself up over that.  Water, sleep and eating were all... so-so.  Not bad one day, not good the next. 
I've been in such a slump over the last few months.  I don't want to be slumpish any more.  I want to pull it together folks!  My "It's Time" has fallen away from time for me and I'm backsliding into putting me and what is good for my wellbeing into last place once again.  Why do I do this?  Do I find this a 'safe' place to be?  Does putting myself last mean that I don't have to expect much of myself? Hmmm... Makes one think.

Surprisingly, I lost .2 pounds this week.  It's a loss - I'll take it!!  But honestly, not so sure I deserved a loss at all.  Just keepin' it real.

My goals for today: (Because sometimes, that's how we need to roll. Day by day.)

1. Drink at least 4 - 8 oz glasses of water.
2. Exercise for at least 1 mile. (yippee I did 2 miles!)
3. Track and eat within my caloric/fat/protien/carb ranges.
4. Get my quiet time in (time reading God's word and praying)
5. Get to bed by no later than 11:15 pm.

Ultimately, my goals for the month:
1. Post about something I am thankful for each day!!
2. Get my quiet time in at least 5 times per week.
3. Lose 4 pounds (totally realistic!)
4. Exercise at least 3 days a week.
5. Do something nice for myself once a week. Doesn't have to be anything big.

Have a great week everyone!!


  1. I definitely want to do the posting something I am thankful for each day! Let me know about that.

    Also, I really have to say, I admire your faith. I'm Jewish myself, but I have very little faith. My parents grew up in a communist country and they weren't allowed to practice their faith, so we were never really religious and it's kind of sad sometimes. But we all have our different ways of living!


  2. Yay on your loss. What great goals too. I love the idea about posting something you are grateful for each day this month. I need to be thinking that way every day myself so I don't get caught up in a pity party!! I am also so very grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ!

    I agree with making time for yourself... and being gentle with yourself. So often we are more critical of ourselves than we would be with others... we can have compassion on ourselves too! Keep smilin' you awesome woman!! :)


  3. Hi! Hurray for Jesus. I can't imagine where I'd be without him. dead or crazy and that's no exaggeration.

    I'm thankful we have a roof over our heads, and not just shelter but it's our home.

    I'll keep praying for you and your family, especially for your son and new teeth/jaw alignment, restoration to God's original design.


    PS I understand my November talk has been cancelled. This is not the year or maybe I'm to concentrate on writing rather than speaking.

  4. I'm definitely with you on the being thankful challenge. I can't wait to find out more about that. Congrats on that loss and your goals sound very do-able. :)