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Friday, November 19, 2010

Back up and running - Thankful still

I didn't forget to post, I had computer troubles but the hubs got me back up and running.  Thanks hun!!

For yesterdays 'Thankful' posts, I am thankful that I do not have a job.
WHAT?  you may ask.  Haven't you been asking us to pray for a job for you?  Did you get a bump on the head? you may be wondering.  Yes, I have been seeking, applying and praying.  But I was thinking yesterday about how I don't think that it's a mistake that I do not have a job at this time.
Over the last few months we have had my uncle pass away.  My sister-in-law's dad passed away.  Two wonderful ladies from church have went to be with the Lord.  My older son needed to have oral surgery.  My younger son needed to have tests, and then follow-up regarding his hearing.  I've had to have special meetings at school for one of my boys (who is doing wonderful!).  Now my poor aunt (the one whose husband just died) fell and broke her hip two weeks ago and is in the hospital for hip surgery and now heart troubles. 
Do you see? 
If I were working outside of the home, I would not be able to visit my family during these end times.  I would not have been able to offer my help to others who are going through these tough times.  I would be having a hard time getting my boys to their doctor's appointments and being there for themm as they heal.  I would struggle to get to the school appointments and volunteering opportunities and even more importantly, then being able to be at home to give them the extra help that they need.  Not to mention the extra time to just enjoy them - they grow so fast. The years are flying by.
Thank you Lord that you know what is best.  Please help me to be content in your will and the wisdom to know when I need to try harder and persevere, and when I need to just rest in your timing.

Now for todays 'I'm Thankful'
Today I am thankful for the yummy 'diet' hot chocolate I just enjoyed.  It's Swiss Miss 'diet' hc that I had with a little peppermint mocha lite creamer.  YUMMMMM!!!

Still struggling here.. I'm bound and determined to get myself back on the right track!!


  1. This post reminded me that everything happens for a reason. And that it's the simple things in life that make us happy ;D

  2. I agree things do happen for a reason! I think that while we don't always understand them at the time...eventually it makes sense and it just fits with what we need!