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Monday, November 22, 2010

My Thanksgiving Plan, Weekly Update and Thankful post

Sorry I  missed posting yesterday, we were so busy. We had a great family day!!
So for yesterday, I am thankful for days that are clear so that we can just spend it together doing fun family activities as opposed to continuing on the busy treadmill of projects and errands.

So I said that I was determined to get myself back on track.
So far today.. It's going well!!
I had to run out the door this morning so I ate a SpecialK bar (90 calories).  Knowing that I was going to be running up to visit my aunt in the hospital and running in and out of a few stores I also knew that I was going to need some snacks to hold me over until lunch.  I packed an apple (81 calories) and a light cheese stick (50 calories).  I also brought my water bottle and gulped down 16 ounces.
For lunch I had an Arnold sandwich thin with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomatoe and mustard (231 calories)  with a cup of grapes (60).  In the early afternoon I needed (wanted) a little snack so I had a sugar-free Jello cup (10 calories).  So at 3:00 pm, I've had 523 calories.  Not bad!  My calorie range per SparkPeople should be between 1200 and 1500.  I am planning some yummy cod for dinner that I picked up on sale yesterday.  (I love sales!!)
My goal this week is to be on track with my food and water.  I'm not worrying about exercise or anything else at the moment.  I know Thursday will be tough, but that's ok.  Here's my plan:
1. I'll be making my Impossible Egg Pie for breakfast.  A generous serving is less than 200 calories, plus it's healthy, yummy and filling.
2.  Skip appetizers except for raw veggies. I'll put in my ear plugs so I don't hear any melted cheese concauctions call my name.
3. Try to serve myself vegetables prior to turkey, potatoes, stuffing...  I'll have some of whatever I want, but my plate will be divided into sections. 60% veggies, 20% protien and 20% startch.  I could go stricter, but no one wants to be around me if I've skipper my beloved carbs!!
4. Beverages: I will be bringing a bottle of flavored seltzer water with me and I'll skip soda, egg nog and wine. (Not a big sacrifice to skip alcohol - not a big fan, and it puts me to sleep)
5. Dessert: Ahh... Well here's the plan.  I'll have a little of whatever I want.  When it comes to pie, it will be a sliver; cookies = 1, etc..  I'll limit myself to 3 things.  That's plenty and yet I'll still have indulged.

Ok, that's the plan and I feel that it is totally reasonable!!  I also don't think that I'll feel even the least bit deprived.  I want to stay within my calorie range; and it will be ok to got to the limit (which is technically 1570).  What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Today I am thankful for my good health.  I was up at the hospital visiting my aunt again today (please pray for my sweet Aunt Helen) and as I held her hand while she winced in pain as the nurse changed her dressings I was ever so mindful of my good health.  Heven knows that the way I've treated my body over the years that I do not deserve to be so healthy, but by the grace of God, I am.  So thank you Lord that I have legs that take me where I need to go, eyes that see your beautiful creation (not as good as they used to), ears that hear the laughter of my children, a voice to sing your praises (a joyful noise to you, noise to everyone else), a heart that beats true, arms that can give those I love a hug..... I am so thankful!! amen.


  1. Hello! So, I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to keep up with the challenge. I am going to bow out here, because there is no way I will have time to catch up. My life just got semi-crazy, but I think that Thursday morning, I am going to just make a list of 30 things that I am thankful for. Thank you for the challenge. It really did make me think and I wish you the best of luck in continuing it!

  2. That sounds like a good plan ! Keep up the good work.

    I am loving the challenge. I feel so blessed each day as I wake up.

  3. Raych ~ No worries hon, I know how busy this time of year gets!!
    Sweet Pea ~ So glad you're enjoying the challenge. I'm enjoying not only focusing on all of the blessings in my life, but also reading yours and the other ladies posts of what they are grateful for. So uplifing!!