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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still Hard ~ Thankful 17

Not a great day again today.
No exercise, no tracking.  Food consumption, not too bad - but could be/should be better.
I'm keeping at it!!!

Today I am thankful for the internet.  Ok ok, in so many ways it is not good for us.  But at this time of year when my mind goes to buying gifts for my boys and nieces and nephew, I'm glad I can go to a Black Friday site and scan the deals so I know where/when I'm going next Friday to make the most of the money I have to spend.  And can I just stress - next FRIDAY.  It saddens me to see that so many stores (at least hear in the North East) are opening on Thanksgiving day!!  There may be a few workers who are cool with it, but you know darn well that there are others (maybe most of them) who would rather be home with their families.  I wont shop on Thanksgiving, regardless of the deals on principal.  There really should be a few days of the year where the majority of folks can have the day off. (obviously hospitals and pharmacies.. police and fire stations, etc. need to stay open.)

off to bed...

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