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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful ~ Day 4

"I AM THANKFUL" Challenge ~ Day 4 (click here to join)

As I sat down to type today's post I had something in mind to write about for which I am thankful.  But as I signed in, it became clear to me (like being hit over the head with a lightsaber... a plastic lightsaber, but a lightsaber none the less) that what I wanted to give thanks for today are my two little men.

God has blessed us with two beautiful boys whom I absolutely adore!!!

Our 8 year old is a heart with legs!  You would be hard pressed to find a boy of this age who is as loving, sweet, kind, considerate, generous and compassionate as our Jack. 
When he was 4 we had chosen a tag off of the Salvation Army giving tree at his school.  We got home I explained to him what the program was all about and why we were buying a toy for this boy. He was thrilled later that day to go buy "Noah" a toy.  The next day when we were writing out his letter for Santa, he suddenly ran away to his room.  I was completely perplexed.. what kid runs away from writing their letter to Santa?  He came back down the hall with his piggy bank.  He told me to write in his letter that he would leave his piggy bank in a special place so Santa could take his money to get extra toys for the boys and girls who don't have as much as he does, and that he could bring him less so other kids could get more toys.  Four years old people!!!
Last Spring one day as he got home from school he said, "Wati till you see Mum!!!" It was reportcard day!  We sat on the couch together and he watched me as I read it through front and back.  I read out each wonderful grade and glowing comments.  When done, I put it down and gave him a big hug and told him how proud I was of him for always trying his best and doing so well.  He said, "I feel like I could cry."  "Why?" I asked, afraid I somehow didn't express how thrilled I was with him well enough.  He said, "Because I've made you so happy and I'm just so proud of myself!!"  melt melt melt....
My little sweetheart is also funny and very smart!  Just so proud of him!!!

Our 4 year old is in a word, 'entertaining'.  We have family members, church family, friends and neighbors that all look forward to 'Billy stories'.  This boy is a hoot!!  Sometimes funny, sometimes charming, frequently mischievous; this little guy could keep a comedian in fresh material on a daily basis.
Frequently on Sunday mornings I head to his Sunday school room to pick him up and bring him back to the sanctuary as we're singing the closing song.  A few Sundays ago I did just this thing, and as I looked up at the over-head screen and sang with the band, I began to hear laughing behind me.  Slow at first, just a few giggles, but then it built and built.  As I turned to see what they were laughing at, I saw my son beside me playing air guitar and dancing for all he was worth rockin' it out to "God of Wonders". (Note: Our church is extremely child friendly - no one minds such things. I know at other churches this might upset some folks, but not at our church. People were coming up after service to thank him for making their day.)
In August I brought him to school for his Kindergarten screening.  As he was being brought back to me by one of the teachers, I could see the teacher was in stitches.  I thought to myself, "Oh no... what's he done?"  She said, "I love this kid!  I asked him if he likes to be called William or Billy.  He said, Billy because he's called William when he's been fresh."
I could share tons more stories, but most of a 5 year old boys antics have to do with.. well, bodily functions. (you moms with boys are giving large nods right now as you're reading)  If you want to know more of his escapades, go to my other blog that has plenty of his stories.
Along with his antics, my little charmer is very affectionate, loving and smart!! His smile melts my heart!!

I am so blessed with my little men.  My cup runeth over!! (or more likely has been tipped over by my rambunctious little fellas)

Thank you Lord for the gift of these boys that you have entrusted to us!!!
Mummy loves you Jack & Billy!!!!!!


  1. You do have wonderful kids. Love those stories! Being a mom is a wonderful blessing.

  2. Awwww ... your kids sound amazing. Is being a Mom such a blessing? :)

  3. Your kids sound absolutely precious!!! And I have to tell you, I'm loving this challenge.