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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful 23

Today I am thankful for modern conveniences.

I just gathered up some dark clothes and put them in the washer.  As I was trudging down stairs with them I thought about how I hate to fold and put away laundry.  But then I reminded myself that I was looking at it all wrong.
Instead of focusing on the folding and putting away, I need to be mindful that I'm not hauling it all into the back yard to rub against a scrub board.  Then instead of hanging clothes in this cold air (love line-dried clothes, but not so much in the cold) I just turn to my right and put them into the dryer.
Seriously, it's a blessing.  So much time saved not to mention my back being saved.

Almost a year ago now our dishwasher broke.  And guess what... It still is.  It can not be fixed actually.  Most of the time it bothers my husband more than me that we don't have a working dishwasher; not because he does the dishes mind you.  He just hates that he can't just go right out and buy another one.  But I remind him that it's a luxery and not a neccesity.

So I'm thankful for moder conveniences, but glad that I'm not enslaved to them.

On a healthy note...
Had a great food day yesterday (1420 and my max is 1570) and today is also looking good (as of 3:00pm 580 calories)!!  I rediscovered an old breakfast friend, multigrain Cheerios.  I've also been getting my water intake back up to parr.  Still feeling super tired though!  Been running up each morning to visit with my aunt and then I feel like I'm trying (unsucessfully) to play catch up the rest of the day.  Not complaining, I'm happy to be there with her!!  Goodness though, I'm dragging.

Any good fixes for the afternoon slump?

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  1. If you find a good fix for the afternoon slump, please let me know. I struggle with it often!