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Friday, October 29, 2010

So much more than week 44

I have tried to write this post a few times and either I get pulled away (sometimes kicking and screaming) or appointment number 36 beckons me to keep moving.

Now for a wellness update.  It doesn’t seem so important this week. I have the proverbial 'bigger fish to fry' at the moment. I will say that I've exercised (not nearly enough), slept about 6-7 hours a night (feels like 3 or 4) and ate. Yes, ate. Sometimes very well, and sometimes not so well. But boy I've eaten alright!

Now on to the pressing news of the week. My oldest son, all of 8 need oral surgery. Here's the story..

He does not have his top front adult teeth in yet. They should have been in 1.25 - 2 years ago. Via very expensive pan x-rays, it seems that my boy has an extra set of teeth up in his gums that are preventing the proper adult teeth from coming in. They will never come in with said superfluous teeth.

Best case scenario:
Oral surgeon will go in and remove the baby teeth, then go into the gum and remove the extra teeth. He may also need to 'remove' bone that is obstructing the teeth.

Alternate scenarios:
Once up in the gum, he may discover that the adult teeth need root canals due to damage from the extra teeth.

They may be flat out no good at all.

They may be ok, but if they do not drop on their own, he'll have to go back in and attach gold chains to the teeth and then we'd have to go to an orthodontist to 'pull' the teeth down and into place.

The cost of just scenario one would pay for our family of 4 to go on a nice trip to Disney for a week!!! Dental insurance is barely covering anything and health insurance won’t even cover the anesthesia because the procedure will not be done in a hospital.

More than anything though, I'm concerned for my son.  Praying all goes well and he heals quickly.  I hate the thought of him needing to go under and just thinking of him being in pain it terrible!!!

God tells us that He will provide for us, and I'm going to keep trusting.
I could cry at the drop of a hat.
I'm usually a very upbeat person, but there's no way around it, we've been in a cave for weeks now between deaths and trial after trial and I'm feeling flat out worn out! I'm even getting sick. Yuck!
I'm trying to keep the joy of the Lord and trying to hold tight to the wisdom in James where we are told to consider it all joy when we encounter trials of many kinds as it's the testing of our faith that will bring about spiritual maturity. I'm feeling 'mature enough' for the moment, thank you. But clearly our Heavenly Father thinks otherwise.

To all my praying readers, your prayers would be very welcome!!

Feeling a little weird about posting such personal stuff. Trusting that those who personally know me will read this, pray about it and not ever make this a topic of conversation with others that know us. I needed to vent and that's what my blog is for.

I hope you all have a great week.

As for me, I will keep trusting in our Savior knowing that He can do 'exceeding abundant beyond what we can imagine'.  And praying my son's surgery goes perfectly, that he will be in as little discomfort as possible!!!! and the 'best case scenario' comes to pass.

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