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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week 43

I'm sorry I'm so late posting. 
Just busy, what's new, right?

We had a half good and half bad weekend.

We had a great (albeit cold) time at the boys soccer games and then again when we went to a local farm to get pumpkins.

 My 8 year old took this picture.
A kind Girl Scout leader took this picture for us.
Not a great shot (as the boys aren't really looking).
For some reason when I look at this I want to belt out..
"OOOOOOOOOOOklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains..."

I also had a great time when my niece came down from Maine to do a Pampered Chef show for me.  Lots of friends came by and we had a great time chatting and catching up.

But the not so great... My sister-in-laws Dad died last Tuesday.  We had the wake on Saturday and then a get-together at her mom's house on Sunday.  So very sad!  I lost my mum 2 1/2 years ago.  I know what this time is like.  I know the feelings.  I know it's harder after all the services are over.  I know the pain does not go away.  Acceptance comes with time.  But you always feel the loss.

Can I just interject a note here?.. Why yes, of course I can it's my blog.  I'd just like to suggest and remind myself to not feel like we always have to say something.  Sometimes situations come about that we ourselves have never experienced and therefore we should be careful not to speak as if 'we know'.  It's ok to offer words of love and sympathy, but be careful.  I recall very clearly a woman telling me a few months after my mum passed that if I just think on happy memories everything will be just fine.  In other words, 'get over it'.  I'm so sad to share that she is in a season where her mother may not be with her for much longer.  She now, 'gets it'.  It makes me sad to think that she now 'gets it', because again, I know this pain.  Let's just all be careful to never try to negate someone's pain. The Bible tells us that there is a time to grieve - so allow that person (and yourself) time to grieve; however long that time needs to be for the individual.  Ok, getting off my soap box now.

Health - in a nut shell 'so-so'.  Exercising, but not enough.  Eating... pretty well.  Not getting all my water in and sleep hasn't been great.  Didn't even weigh in on Monday to be honest.  Sleep and water will be my biggest focus' this next week as I feel they are my weakest points right now.

I hope to share my new 'it's time' I hinted at a few weeks back.  Hopefully within a week - just need the time to sit and write it out.

I hope you all have a great week!!
Remember, there's a season for everything in our lives.  Allow yourself to feel them, live them.  God wouldn't have told us about them if we were to just sluff them off.  What season are you in?


  1. I can just feel your calm assurance as I read your post. What a wonderful, wise and loving person you are! I'm so sorry about your sister-in-laws loss. I've lost my mother too, and then my father and the loss never leaves.

    Sounds like a good time at the pumpkin patch. I love the pic that your son took of you!! :)

    I hope you get some more sleep and drink lots of h2o this week. God bless!! You are a good woman! The world needs more people like you.