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Friday, September 17, 2010

My Back Is Saying, "You Deserve a Break Today"

I'm taking today off.
From cardio that is.  I feel guilty even though logically I know that I shouldn't.
I have done four days in a row of mid/high impact aerobics totalling about 7 miles.  Not huge for some of you I'm sure, but for me this has been a nice step up; especially where I've gone from low up to mid & high impact.
Yesterday afternoon and this morning my lower back has been a bit achey and my feet are hurting a wee bit.  I'm taking this as a sign that my body needs and eentsy weentsy break from the routine I've been doing.  Or it's a sign I'm getting old.  Hmmm.  Let's go with option one, it sounds much better!

I'm not taking the day off completely though as I'll be rolling out the ole' exercise ball and my 4 lb. hand weights when the boys head off to school to do some crunches and arm toning.  I don't dare take the ball out in their presence as a fight always insues as they see who can do the most life-threatening moves on the sphere of death.  Seriously!  "Watch, I can roll over head first and then fall down the stairs."  Why is it that I've got so many grays?

I went to my Choose To Loose group last night (only one more meeting).  It was a great meeting!  The co-leader made all of these super yummy and healthy (Stop the press! Did I write those two words "yummy" & "healthy" in the same sentence? YES!!) foods for us to try.  I will be making these and as I do I'll take pictures and post the recipes.  One is for a delicious alternative to a traditional mac and cheese using butternut squash.  Oh my gosh - it's fabulous!!!!!!!
The surprise of the night however, was that I lost weight!  It's been three weeks since I've weighed in with the group (it doesn't meet every week) and their scale said that I lost 3.8 pound!  Woo hoo!!  Now why does my scale keep saying that I've stayed the same?... I think my scale has a cruel sense of humore.  Next week I'll take some measurements as I haven't done that in a few months.

I signed on to make one quick post and now look!  It's like going into WalMart, you can never just go in for one quick thing, you come out with lots more stuff you don't really need.

It's time to get this day rolling!  Lots to do including putting the finishing touches on my talk part of the 24th event.  Dress rehearsal tonight!!  Have a great day!!


  1. Ohhhh... I want to know how to make butternut squash replace mac & cheese!!! Yum. Big congrats on losing weight! You rock!! :)


  2. Promise me you will post that mac-n-cheese recipe! I have been looking for a healthy alternative to the oh so awesome mac-n-cheese! :D

  3. I absolutely will ladies! I'm going shopping tomorrow to buy the ingredients. I think I would call the recipe, "Cheese butternut pasta".

  4. Boys! Don't you love them.

    Choose To Loose is a good catch cry.