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Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 39

Week 39 and I'm feeling fine!  Great actually!

This past week has been really good.  The boys are settling into a good routine with school.  I got a lot done with the couple of hours I get to myself each morning. (See my cabinet cleaning project on my other site).  I have finally (read: FINALLY) finished writing the 'talk' portion for Friday nights women's ministry event at my church. (Are you in Massachusetts?  Then come to FBC in Hanson on 9/24 @7pm for a fun and uplifting evening with the girls! Contact me for details.)

Now as far as food and exercise go - what a week!  I had a really great week!!  I did 30 min. of cardio 5 days and went from 2 miles a day to 3 of low and high impact aerobic activity!!  I'm still so stinkin' proud of myself.  My back is still achy, but I'm gonna keep moving!!

Thanks to Natalia I was able to find out approximately how many calories I burn while doing the DVD.
358 Calories burned doing 3 miles on the Leslie Sansone Fat Burning "walk".
I tell ya though, it feels more like I burn a thousand calories with all of the sweat that's dripping down me when I'm done!

I weighed in this morning at 1 pound less than I was last week.  This is good, but frustrating.  I am in need of a new scale.  In 3 weeks I lost 3.8 pounds according to the nice shiney digital scale at the short term group Choose to Loose I've been apart of.  But my scale only says 1 pound (as it said I had stayed the samer previously).  Grrrr.  I feel like I really have no idea what I weigh - but the good news is, regardless of the difference both scales agree I'm on the way down!

I took my measurements today too to see if that could offer me more encouragement than my mean scale.  The results...ehh.  When I think of the parts of my body that really need to loose the lbs my mind goes to my stomach, but, legs, etc.., but not to my neck.  I guess I have a fat neck.. who knew? (please do not insert smart-alec comments here).  I have lost a half an inch from my neck since July.  Weird, but good.  Then a spot that does really need to have some major shrinkage did have a nice down-sizing; my hips.  My hips shrunk by 1.25 inches.  I'll take it!!  My husband keeps telling me that my legs look smaller but my measuring tape told me this morning that it's all in his head.  Maybe they're just really getting toned. Yup, that's what I'm going with!

I will post either later today or tomorrow the pics and recipe for Cheesy Butternut Pasta.  I made it yesterday, it was good, but I'll make some minor adjustments next time.  The hubs thought it was ok, but my two boys gobbled it up!

It's time to get back to cleaning out my lower cabinets.  I swear I'm waiting for Jimmy Hoffa to come crawling out! (sorry, I know you youngins won't catch that reference)

Have a wonderful week folks and keep making good choices!!!


  1. Great job with the cardio! And congrats on losing! Plus some inches gone... that's a bonus. I like how you keep pluggin' away. Best of luck with your talk and all you've got going! :)


  2. PS - Love the new fall look of your blog!!

  3. I'm thinking and praying for you as you prepare for Friday. I too am speaking and ministering on Friday, a day ahead of you here in NZ.

    I haven't anything written down yet so have a busy day sorting it out. This is my first 'Formally invited to speak/minister' outing and I'm hoping it will be the first of many. My theme is Joy in the midst of suffering and how Joy is the true state of being a Christian. I expect to see all of the women released to experience more of joy. We will have fun but I'm struggling with my own inadequacy at the moment.

    Blessings for a wonderful meeting. May God meet you in every way and may you see lives changed, rejuvenated, restored, healed and may everyone of you know that you have encountered Amazing Love.

  4. Hello! I stumbled across your blog on the Fat 2 Fit hop, and I just wanted to wish you well on your weight loss journey. Good luck! :)

  5. Found you thru the blog hop! Look forward to following you. Also love that you do Leslie workouts... shes my bestfriend!
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