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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 38

No ups. No downs, just holdin' steady.
This isn't a mystery.  One day I do great, the next day, not so great.  But I'm not gaining!!  And more importantly, I'm not giving up!

Ok - review time!  I have tried a new Leslie Sansone workout DVD, 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk.  Before today I had only done one mile as I've been both pressed for time and completely out of breath by the end of mile one.  These "walking" miles are revved up on this DVD - "fat burning walks" that are now kicked into high impact.  It's great!!  When I would do her "Walk The Walk" video I could do 2 miles, work up a sweat but really wouldn't be out of breath - but this one, wooo.  But can I just say that as I go into the jogging part that I feel as if I should be able to simply unzip and step out of the fat suit that is jiggling up and down with each step!  Each time I do it I guess I need to look at it as a few more notches being unzipped on that suit, right?  Well today I decided that I wanted to just 'see' what mile two looked like and to my delight, I did all of mile two remaining at the high impact level!!  I think I actually preferred the second mile to the first.  How long before I can do all 5 miles?  Not sure if that's a matter of physical fitness and endurance or a measure of how long my boys will allow me to have that time to myself.

I also have been trying a new Tortilla (new to me - suggested by short term weight loss group I've been going to e/o Thursday).  They are super yummy (really!) and only 80 calories, 3 g fat, 0 cholesterol, 18 g carbs, 12g dietary fiber! and 8g of protein per tortilla. SCORE!  So what, they're like the size of a Reece's right? (sure, I had to bring chocolate into it!) No, they are really a good size and take up most of a dinner sized plate.  You can find them usually near your deli, but not on the rack that's just underneath the deli display case.  Usually in a wire rack thingy nearby.
Have I told you much about the talk I'll be giving on the 24th?  Well actually, it's more like three skits with talks in-between each.  It's a spoof on the Price Is Right called What'$ It Worth?!  Each silly round will be an introduction/spring board for each point that I will speak on; Having the Joy of the Lord, God's Word is Truth and Salvation.  We had rehearsal on Sunday evening and we laughed and laughed.  How exciting it is to see this idea that God have given me about two years ago coming to fruition.  Would you please pray for me that this event would come together to give glory to God and that He would bring out the ladies He wants to hear the message.  Also pray for all of those in the performance and me as the speaker.  I pray that I would say nothing other than what the Lord would have me say.

I am also begining to prepare for a talk I will be giving at another church in October for their ladies breakfast.  It will be on walking with the Lord.  This will be my first time speaking to ladies that I totally don't know.  But they are sisters-in-Christ and so I'm sure I will feel very welcome and at home.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and encouragement!!

It's time to get  a whole buncha work done!!
Have a great week and make good choices! :)


  1. Good luck on your upcoming talks. I'm sure you will help touch many people... prayers going out for ya! And way to kick butt on your fat burning walks! Woo hoo!!


  2. I'll look for those tortillas!

    Good luck with your talk!