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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 40

Last week was a breakthrough week for me.
I have always struggled with exercise, but I really feel like I've found a good nitch.
Long story short, I did a total of 18 miles with Leslie Sansone! 18 miles!!!
AND, my eating was really good too.
Great eating and exercise week - do I hear the halleluja chorus?!
I sometimes feel a little nervous to be honest, that this will just be a phase.  This fitness won't last.  But I am going to do everything I can to ensure that it is a lasting change and not a passing fad!!

I'm not gonna sugar coat this, when I weighed in this morning I really wanted to kick my scale to the curb!!  According to MY scale, I had only lost a pound. Ok, now before you start singing the praises of a pound, please realize that normally I wouldn't be sad about a pound - but seriously, I think my scale is messing with me!!
According to the scale at the Choose To Loose group I've been going to since the end of August I have lost 6 pounds (not including this week - last weigh in with them was on 9/16).  During that same time (end of August to Sept. 16th) my scale said I had only lost 1 pound??  Now after exercising my butt off (ok, that's an exageration - this girls got back and plenty of it!!!) and eating really well it says I've only lost a pound.  I seriously think it's time I purchased a new scale.  One that wont mess with my head.  I know a scale is not the only measure, but I sure as heck think it's important to have one that is actually in good working order.  I'm really anxious to see what the other scale will say when I go on Thursday night.

Last week I also had the program at church I have been talking about and it was a big sucess!!  Everyone had fun and the gals that did the skit with me were amazing.  The message God had me give went over very well too and we had a woman accept Christ as her savior - Praise God!!!!
I got a call this afternoon as I was rushing to finish my chores and get dinner done early as we had a Scout Den meeting tonight from the president of the women's ministry group of the church I was to speak at on Saturday.  She was calling to cancel the talk.  I totally understood the situation, but I was/am seriously disappointed!!  They may re-book but it wouldn't be until sometime in February.  I'm disappointed both for not having the opportunity to speak to this group of ladies that I have never met as well as the money, to be honest.
I have felt led by the Lord to workin women's ministry almost since the day I became a Christian over 18 years ago.  He has slowly brought me along and I am now feeling like He may be calling me into ministry on a larger scale than just (and I don't mean "just" as a slight) a women's ministry leader at my church.  I think I'm being called to speak and teach.  I had lady after lady come up to me after the event Friday telling my how much I had touched them (I know it was God working through me, it's definitely not me!) and telling me I should be doing this professionally.  I feel as thought their encouragement is affirmation as to what I think the Lord has been trying to say to me.  To all of you praying gals out there, please be praying for the Lord's direction in my life and that I would be sensitive enough to follow His lead!

My goals for this week:
continue to eat healthy
do at least 12 miles of exercise
get all of my water in
daily quiet time

It's time to get to bed!
Have a good week everyone and keep making good choices :)


  1. Okay Diane.. you have my prayers that you will be guided. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and that the Lord is working a lot of good through you.

    And 18 miles... that's incredible. WAY TO KICK BUTT GIRL!!
    Yes, maybe you should get a new scale... that's just what I would want to do to.

    Have a great healthy-choices week!!


  2. I hope that woman's group call you soon to give you another date. It's not easy to start out.

    I've known for years, possibly 25 or more, that I would have a ministry to women to heal, strengthen etc. but I have to admit I now wonder if it was a figment of my imagination. It didn't help to have my first proper invitation postponed but it does look as though I have a firm date in November.

    What a delight to have someone make a new commitment. Imagine the celebration in heaven.

    All the best as you keep walking. I've just registered you said 18 miles not kilometres which are half the distance. Awesome effort.


  3. Diane, you are awesome! 18 miles! Sometimes I can't even walk 18 feet! Keep up the good work. I know when you get weighed on Thursday you will be happy. It's time to retire your scale. I will keep praying for you in regard to your ministry. I think you are right it is where you should be.:)

  4. Glad you had a good week! And that your talk was a success!

    I think your scale has gone crazy ;D