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Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 21


Sorry.  The above little delay was due to my doing a happy dance for writing "WEEK 21"!!  I am so proud of myself for heading into my 21st week of healthier living!
It's not been easy - as you've read from yesterdays post.  But there have been so many small victories, only a part of which has been the 35 pounds I have shed thus far.

I already touched on last week yesterday, so let's go straight into this week.  Don't wish to dwell on the past.

Feeling great today!!  Unfortunately, I didn't get breakfast in this morning as I had a super busy morning right from the get-go with lots of places to go and things to get done.  As soon as I did get to stop to eat however, I made great choices.  I started with a Jethro Bodine sized salad with Good Seasons dressing (made light - 1/2 the oil and more water).  Then followed that with two multigrain rice cakes (sounds yummy, eh? actually, they're really good!!) with reduced fat peanut butter and a little jam.  The jam satisfied my sweet craving - bonus!

This whole week is going to be out of the norm.  My husband is stripping and re-roofing our house.  This means kids have to stay in and company will be coming 1/2 way through the week to help.  Good stuff - just different.  But life is never 'status quo' is it?  I have plans for these challenges (feeding people who may not be so stoked about a veggie burger and such) and I'm not the least bit worried.

Visited with the cc today.  It went fine.  I have an assignment for the next few weeks to track what stresses me.  Specifically, to try to be mindful of negative thoughts that run through my head or negative things I tell myself.  Note pad is opened and on the top of my desk.  This should be interesting!  Anyone else out there feeling stressed?  Umm.... may be easier to ask, 'is anyone not feeling stressed'.. right?  She's supposed to give me some strategies that will help.  I'll keep you posted in case anyone else could benefit.

One of the sources of stress is that I've been looking for a job for a few months with no success.  I've been home with my boys for over 6 years.  Trying to return to the work force isn't easy.  I'm looking for specific hours that fit our lives.  But prospective employers aren't impressed with my 6 years out of the office environment even though my computer skills have stayed current.  I've been doing home childcare (licensed) for almost 2 years, but all of my kids go to Kindergarten next year.  Trying to decide whether I should leave the house for work or try to get more kids.  I kind of like the idea of getting out....
Prayer Request: Please pray God will guide me to the right job for me and my family whether it be in or out of the home and that I will have the discerment to know His will from my own.

I have not been exercising at all practically.  I hate this!  I soooo want to change this.  It just seems I'm always too busy.  I need to make a concerted effort to change this.  Dawn - I too wish we lived closer together so we could go walking!!  I need to start a walking club.  But when can I commit to going?  Hmm... seems I've just given myself another assignment.  I like assignments.

Considering my battle with sugar treats last week, I was happy to see that the scale stayed the same this week.  No complaints.  I'd love to see a 2 pound loss next week though. Let's see if I can accomplish that.

Goals for this week, week 21. Ahhh I said it again!!
(every week goals)
drink 8 glasses of water
sleep 8 hours a night
track my food and eat within my ranges
quiet time with the Lord
(added goals)
EXERCISE!  Possibly establish a walking club
paint classroom
clean out boys drawers of winter clothes and add summer ones
do the same for the hubs and I
decide if I'm continuing with childcare next year

Quick shout out to my new "followers" - THANKS LADIES!!!

I hope you all have a great week!!
It's time to start cleaning off my desk.


  1. A great mile stone and may there be many more.

    Keep plugging away at the job hunting. Persistence always wins.


  2. You've been awarded. Stop by my blog to pick it up!

  3. Great job getting yourself on track again with the sweets and that's AWESOME that you have been getting healthy for 21 weeks. It's so great to see how far you've come, isn't it?

    Best of luck on the job situation and great goals to help motivate you! I hope you can establish an exercise routine. Ever since starting working out at Curves...I have felt amazing!!!

  4. sounds like your week is off to a great start! congrats on the 35 pound loss! :)

  5. Congrats on staying in the game. Keep making healthy choices! You are doing an awesome job.

  6. I love reading your blog. My husband and I are also on a weight loss journey. Check out our blog at:


    I will be adding you to my blog roll! :)