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Friday, May 14, 2010

How'd You Know?

I've been having a tough week.  Hard to explain why... just has been.

Today, after running to the grocery store to pick up a few things I swung by the post office.  Doing good - this was my third stop this week!  We don't get mail delivery in these here parts and I usually only get to the PO once or twice a week.  Back to the story...
So I went to the PO and amidst all of the bills and junk mail there was a lovely yellow envelope.  Inside was a card.  It's a cartoon of someone climbing up a mountain reaching for a star.  The 'mountain' is seperated into sections each with a saying: "the hard work, the Energy, the Sweat, test of Character, the Heart..the Soul, the Challenge!" The message on top reads "...it's been a big, long climb..."  Inside, the person is atop the mountail holding a flag that says '#1' and now the mountains sayings are: "a true & noble star of life, Wonderful, oh yeh!, way way cool, Hero!, bravo bravo and way to go!"  The message inside - "& You deserve a Mountain of Praise!!"
Then on the left hand side there was a lovely handwritten message.

This thoughtful, wonderful card was sent to me by my dear friend Carol.  Let me just say now, I adore her!!  I know her through church and I am so thankful God has blessed me with Carol as a friend!!

This card was a much needed pick-me-up this week, and I am so appreciative!

So should my dear friend read this - THANK YOU!!!! 

And to anyone (including myself) who has been contemplating sending off a note, a card or placing a call to someone to let them know what they mean to you or to offer them congratulations, thank you, an 'I miss you' or what have you, go ahead and do it!!  For all you know, it may be the bright spark someone is in need of receiving!!

It's time for dinner.


  1. So have you heard the song called "The call" by Matt Kennon Here's the link you have to watch it please. It totally fits your blog you should get the code on put it in your post. Just saying...Cheers! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YK3zs7EV6Tk

  2. Sorry that you're having a rough week. What a pleasant surprise, especially in the times of email and IM. To get a card through snail mail with a hand written note! How much fun was that? :)