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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Danger - Slippery Slope Ahead!

Terrible!  Just terrible!!!
That's how I've been eating lately.
Typically, each day starts great!  Healthy breakfast, fruit for snack... even lunch is good.  Then it starts.  The afternoon triangle (dum dum dum..).
"I'll just have a rice cake with some low fat peanut butter", I'll tell myself.  "A 100 calorie pack will do the trick"... "I think a Luna bar will really hold me until dinner." (now we're talking about 350 calories consumed here people!)
Then I'll eat dinner.  Dinner is fine.  I'm pretty good at the point with fixing healthy meals.
But then, night time eating kicks in.  "Gotta go pop my nightly popcorn".  This is fine.  "Hmm... Now I need a sweet.  I'll have a WW 100 calorie icecreamonastick."  "Tea time.  Gotta end the night with a cup of tea..... And a biscotti to go with it."
Are you kidding me??!!!  What is up?  I kinda feel like I'm in one of the books like "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"
"If You Give Diane A Morsel then she'll want....."
I really need to keep a short leash on this or else I'll be sliding down a slipper slope for sure!

Tomorrow is shopping day.  I'll be very strict with whats allowed into the house!!
I'm determined to up my water intake and have a salad with lunch and dinner each day to help curb my appetite.

It's Time to get the kiddos to bed and watch a movie with my husband.  I wonder what there is to snack on....


  1. Well you have lost 35 pounds so you must be doing something right. Don't be so hard on yourself. smile

  2. If you're like most women, when you're the "Lady of the House" one thing you might excel at is being to hard on yourself. Is that the case here? It's awesome that you recognize that something is happening that you don't like, but I sure like you, so don't beat yourself up or I'll have to get mad! ;) Forgive yourself and come up with a plan to help you through those snacks-a-callin'-my-name times. Lesia is right, you've lost 30lbs, you can so do this!!! Be tough and know that we believe in you!

  3. I understand your post completely! Its amazing how fast the extras can add up. You look AMAZING though! Keep up the great work. :)

  4. Hi. If you really want to change what you are doing try snacking on protein and minimum carbohydrates, no starches. My guess is that after two days without starches, including your popcorn, you will get through the afternoons and evenings much better.

    You have done really well to lose 30 pounds so you obviously know what works for you, but sometimes we need to change something to get over a bad patch.

  5. Hi Diane! I am going through the same thing right now. Have had a few rough days. Keep up the good work. Look how far you have come. You are PAST the 1/2 mark. You have less to lose than you have lost so far. You can so do this!! Keep drinking your water and go for a walk to take your mind off it. I wish we liked closer, we could walk together. You're doing awesome, I have full faith in you!!!! I will pray for strength!! :)