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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feelings.. oh oh oh.. Feelings

From last fall through to the beginning of January I would go to bed each evening and wake up each morning so very aware of my growth. Physical growth that is. I felt as though I were expanding by the second. I felt like a BLOB.

It was depressing as you can imagine having those thoughts be the last to see me to sleep and the first to greet me each day.

The first thing I felt when I woke up this morning, 121 days after beginning my journey, was ribs. Mine to be exact - not a pile I had eaten last evening that were still sitting in the pit of my stomach waiting to be digested as would have been the case back in December.

I now feel slimmer. I feel good. I go to bed each night thinking of the good choices I've made and how the bed I share with my husband seems to have grown as we are now no longer squished for space. I awake each morning ready to go and not dreading having to roll my blobby self out of bed.

So much of life has to do with our attitude and how we feel. It's so great to feel good!!

How are you feeling? Is it time for a change, or are you feeling the rewards of the changes you've already made?

Please know - you CAN feel good!!!

It's time to pack my son's lunch.


  1. I can relate with you on this one! The first time I felt my collar bone I thought I had a growth or something. It was pretty funny.

  2. Before I got pregnant with Mason I lost 45 pounds and I felt and looked great. I feel like that blob now, but today is day 1 of a new diet, wish me luck!!
    maybe I should start a blog and that way I will have accountability to more than myself.