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Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 19

This past week was another great week of food choices, tracking and sleep!  Not so great with water and exercise. But this is a new week!

There's a shift going on in the way I think about food.  I have stopped mindless eating.  Before it was nothing for me to just reach in the cupboard or fridge and find a quick snack regardless of it's calories, fat nor nutritional value.  Now when I need a snack, I am so much more mindful.  I think about my ranges, and maybe even more importantly, I'm thinking about what the food has to offer.  What nutrients.  Is is a food that will be filling and satisfying in the long run...
Very cool change!!

Ok, to be honest, I'm tired. I'm writing this post late as I couldn't tear myself away from Dancing With The Stars.  Derek & Nicole were amazing!!  So one last comment prior to the 'weigh in'.

I ran out of peanut butter and so I went to buy some today.  Before I could find the reduced fat Jiff I found the reduced fat Stop & Shop brand.  When I did find Jiff I decided to compare labels.  Would you beleive that the store brand was the healthier choice?  They were the same for calories (190) and total fat (12), but the name brand had a 1/2 a gram more saturated fat.  The store had less carbs, a lot less sodium (140 mg) and was higher in protien (9 g).  But.. how does it taste?  Great!  So save yourself some cash, gain some nutrition and check out the store brands friends.

Did my good feelings pan out on the scale?  Yes!  Down 1 more pound for a grand total of 34 pounds lost!

My niece is coming for a visit at the end of the week. I'm looking forward to her visit very much - but where we will be working on ideas for her wedding cake, I just pray I don't eat out 'tests'!!  I'm really itchin' to reach that 35 pound loss!!

I hope you all have a great week and feel free to share any great finds you've come accross!!

It's time for my night cap (aka - tea).


  1. congrats on your loss. I also compared the WW brand (1 point) yogurt with the Yoplait low fat brand yogurt (also 1 point). Who knew that a brand from a non WW product would be the same point value? But more interesting was the other nutritional facts were also better than WW. So I have learned to shop and compare even if it is a WW brand. (Which by the way cost more too.) Good post!

  2. Congrats on the loss AND the way of thinking where food is concerned - that's awesome! :)

  3. Great job on your non-snacking habits. I, however have a very hard time with that. Sometimes it's very mindless. ug! Thanks for the reminder that I can have control over it.

  4. I LOVE it when store brands are better (and cheaper) for me than the fancy schmancy name brands! Do you have any Aldis stores where you live? I'm absolutely addicted to their prices and they have a GREAT selection.