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Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 15

Hello all and welcome to week 15!

I'm hoping week 15 will be a fresh start for me!!

Being sick for about 3 weeks has totally thrown me off of my journey. Well, not completely. But food and exercise wise, yes. Last week was better, now that I'm pretty healthy again, but I could have done much better!

I was thinking about this last night and just why it is so important to me to make a healthy life change. One thought that came to mind has stuck with me through a rough night's sleep (allergies).

Over the last few weeks there have been lots of flashes going off, camera flashes that is. Pictures taken for Easter, play dates, Scouting events, etc. I have seen some of the pictures and to be frank, when I see one of me, I'm not happy at the image before me. Not that I ever am really, but I think I'm expecting to see a better reflection of all of my hard work.

I do not want to be one of those people who say, "No, I hate having my picture taken, don't!" Especially now that my mother is gone and I know how much a picture can mean. I can't be that selfish to my boys. And it would be selfish (sorry, not trying to offend any shutter-shy people). I say this for two reasons.

1. When someone really loves you, as a spouse, parent or children do, they love you completely, fat and all. And let's face it folks, a photograph is a reasonably accurate depiction of how you look. (I say 'reasonably' because there are people who just don't photograph well and the image doesn't match the individual.) When you want to remember someone photographs become very important. I won't take that away from my boys.

2. What lesson would I teach them by not letting anyone take my picture? Self-loathing. Yup, that's what it amounts to. I hate how I look sooooo much, that I won’t' let it be recorded. That is not a message I want to send to my young men. I want them to be much deeper than that.

More picture snapping events are coming up. Family day trips, birthdays, etc.. Pictures will be taken. How do I want to look in them? More than anything - happy!

Ok - so I'm ready for ya week 15!

I've actually been typing this without knowing what my current poundage is.... I'm going to go weigh in now. How exciting - a live weigh in! Considering no one will read this right away, I guess it's only sort-of exciting for me. And considering I'm not expecting fabulous results....Ahh, enough already. Here it goes.

I do have to say first that my hair is dripping wet! (Oh boy! I sound like one of those folks at Weight Watchers who spit out their gum before they weigh in as if that tiny wad of Trident is going to make the tilt buzzer go off..)

Wow - I'm down 2 lbs!!! This puts me at a grand total of 28 lbs lost! Yippee - yeah me!!

Goals for this week:
drink 8 glasses of water a day
8 hours sleep a night
track all of my food (ok, totally wimped out of photo journal last week - it's so hard, I don't want to wait to eat until I've taken a picture!)
stay within my ranges
exercise - for however long, just get going!
try a new healthy food/recipe
continue job hunt
work on talk for fall church event (please be praying as I'll be the speaker)

Still need to get my 25 lb loss reward of a hair cut.  Soon I hope!

It's time to attend to the laundry! Have a great week everyone!!

Question... What do you want to see when you look at your reflection?


  1. I agree with your outlook on not having your picture taken. Every time I see a picture of me I cringe. When we go on outings I am usually the one taking the picture so there are lots of pictures of Dean and Mason but not so many of me and Mason. I would like there to be more of us, but again I don't like the way I look so I'm not totally complaining about always being the photographer!!

  2. I know what you mean about the pictures. There are maybe a handful of photos with me in them at my highest weight. It was very hard for me to find a "before" picture once I wanted one! Even now, I shy away from the camera. I guess it's just ingrained him me.

    When I see a picture of me, I want to see someone happy, healthy, and full of energy!