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Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 14

How was your Easter?

My day was great - actually, the whole weekend was great!  We spent both days with family watching the kids play and eating.  And eating... and eating....

But that's ok.  Today is a new day!  And to be honest, I'm glad to be over the last couple of weeks.  First the whole family had strep, then my illness progressed into bronchitis, just short of pneumonia.  Feel much better, although still not 100% - but I'll take 'better'.

Today I headed off to the cc.  Fairly good appointment - discussed something that really upset me last week.  This discussion led to my weight which will be the topic of conversation for the next meeting...

My weight has been traveling the 2 lb. path over the last few weeks and at this point I'm down one of those pounds.  So my total is 26 lbs. down as of right now.  Although the stall is a little frustrating, I am still feeling so good about this loss!!  There's no race - no key goal that I have in mind that adds additional pressure.  I'm just going to keep enjoying and celebrating each pound I take off and how good it makes me feel!

Today I began the photo tracking challenge.  I'll be taking a picture of everything I eat over the next week.  Well, that's the plan any how.  How convicting will this be??

Going back to the sick topic.. one good thing did come of being ill.  It forced me to slow down.  Seriously!  It had me flat on my back for a few days.  Unfortunately, those few days were the set-up of, and then the big communion breakfast itself that I'd been working on for months.  But God had a plan for all of it!  The gals from our church and the hosting church did an amazing job (from all accounts) and it was enjoyed by all.  But the good that came from this down time was this, God has begun filling my mind with lots of topics and themes for future talks and retreats.
For many years, I have felt God leading me into ladies ministry.  As of about four years ago, I was actually put into that field at our church.  I have been blessed to help lead the women's ministry these past few years, and I have truly been blessed as a result.  But I feel God wants more.
A year and a half ago, God called me to not only lead Bible study and introduce speakers, but called ME to speak.  My first talk was at Christmas and it was called "The Wise Still Seek Him" and I taught about the significance of each of the Wise Mens gifts.  I was terrified, but the peace of the Lord washed over me just before I took the stage.  I have done a few brief speaking engagements since, and I'm scheduled to be the speaker for our Fall 2010 event.
Please be in prayer for how God would use me in Women's Ministry.  As I said, He's been filling my head with more themes and ideas and I am looking to be faithful to study and see what He wants me to do with them.  We have been praying for guidance as to employment for me.. and it has been a question on our hearts as to if the Lord is calling me to speak proffessionally.  I'd greatly appreciate your prayers!!!

Goals for the week:
8 hours sleep a night
track my food (update tracker and pictures)
8 glasses of water a day
physical activity (still need to be careful - still having trouble w/asthma due to illness)
be faithful in my walk with the Lord and studying His word
cc gave me an assignment to read up on emotional eating

That's it for this weekly update my friends.  I'm happy to say that I've finally started blogging on my other blog again!  I even updated the look.  If you have not done so already, please take the time to become a 'follower' on this and/or my other blog.  Have a great week!!!

It's time to start working on the devotional I'll share with the ladies at this weeks Heart2Heart on Saturday.

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