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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I love me some bacon!!
I don't eat it though.  This is a massive trigger food for me!
If someone were to say to me at a brunch, "Would you like some bacon?"  My response would be, "Oh sure I'd love a little. You can just put a pound right here next to the pineapple, I'm eating light."

So in celebration of this yummy food that I must avoid, here's a little comedy clip about the scrumptious, salty treat.  There is some very mild language in this (almost not worth mentioning really).
I hope it gives all you bacon lovers a chuckle!!

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  1. I guess I'm lucky that bacon has never been a problem food for me. Every time I go to the local Quizno's or Subway and ordered my sandwiches "without bacon", everyone standing in line gasps like I've done a horrible thing. LOL!!