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Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 35

So last night I was thinking (it happens!).. Looking over the past 7-8 months I have come to the conclusion that as the months have gone on I've lost my passion, or it may be more aptly put to say, my direction for my "it's time" life change.

Each year I choose a word or phrase to sum up my goal for the year. This year I had chosen "It's Time". Since becoming a wife and mother the vast majority of my attention and efforts have gone to my husband and boys. Sound familiar anyone? Then with school, Scouts and of course church there was just nothing left for me. I always felt tired and run down. If anyone asked what I wanted, I never had an answer. I never allowed myself to think on my needs or desires. I wanted this to be the year I began adding myself back into the equation.

If I don't take care of myself, how can I do anything else well? If I do not take care of myself I get in the way of what the Lord would have me do. It's easy to confuse selflessness with neglect of oneself. I had in fact been neglecting myself to the detriment of all of those around me; even if they did not realize it. And let me be clear, I did this to myself. No blame game here.

So here I am 8 months into the journey and 40 pounds lighter (yeah!).. But I've become a bit stagnant. The weight isn't dropping off - but hey, I'm not gaining either. I haven't been making any strides toward my goals or improving myself in other areas. Can't say that I've been really spending any time on myself. And what I've been giving to the Lord this summer has really been sloppy seconds at best!

I need a revival!! I need to get out of this funk!! I'm sick of this 'blahhh' feeling. My mind runs at a thousand, no, make that a million thoughts per minute, but it gets me nowhere. I need to focus. I need to write out some new goals.

YES - that's it! I need to rewrite my goals!! Maybe this is something that should be done every 6 months or so. Let's face it, a lot can happen in 6 months and that may be the perfect time to reevaluate where I've been and where I'm going.

There it is. My goal for the week. I will rewrite my goals and objectives through the end of the year. At that time, I'll need to write new goals (and come up with a new word/phrase for 2011).

Have any of you faced this? A season of 'blahhh'. Lost your focus/determination? What helped you to get back on track? Remember, this isn't a race or a diet. This is permanent. A total life change.

It's time to do the laundry. The mountain never lets me lose sight of that task :)

Have a great week everyone!!


  1. Every time the Adversary throws a trial in my life I get that blah feeling. Then I realize I have the Lord to help me and I lean really hard on His help. Hang in there sweetie you can do this. smile.

  2. I totally understand what you mean about finding that balance of not being selfish yet still taking care of yourself. I agree, We do need to nurture ourselves (spirit and body) so that we CAN give and serve. Making a change is fun and invigorating. Neat idea. Here are some ideas to add to your list for your new saying: (I know some are corny... but it's just all a brainstorm right now ;)

    My Time
    Bring It On
    Keep Moving Forward
    Moving Forward
    Moving Upward
    Believing In Me
    As a Woman Thinketh
    Creating Me
    Learning His Way
    What Manner Of Woman...
    I can do all things...
    Yes I Can
    A New Way
    And It Came To Pass
    A New Beginning
    My Amazing Life
    Faith to Move A Mountain
    Just Do It
    Making It Happen
    Dreaming Big
    Sparking Me
    Enjoying The Journey
    A Journey of Love
    Loving My Life
    Nurturing Me
    Blessings A Bounty
    Simply Me

    Okay... Well, I'm sure you have a ton of your own - have fun! :)


  3. I think everyone experiences what you describe. It reminds me a little of the need for a vacation - just for a change of environment for a short while. It recharges the batteries. That is what your journey needs, a little recharge! Redefining your goals is a great way to get that. It is also good to visit with other enthusiastic people - and remember, success is catchy!