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Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 31

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend, I sure did!

Both Friday and Saturday we spent the whole day at my sister's pool. The weather was sunny and warm without being oppressive, which was lovely! There was lots of food!! My sister's neighbor made me some birthday Boston cream cup cakes which were absolutely delicious and guilt free (dontcha love it when those two forces combine?). I'll need to get the recipe from her and share it with you.

Our boys spent the night with Aunties and my husband took me out to dinner and then dancing... sort of. We went to dinner at one of my favorite restraints, Bertucci's. I'd love to tell you I had water and salad, but alas... I had two rolls (their rolls and dipping oil are the best ever!!) and then for dinner (I hope you don't gain anything just listening to this fatty dish I had) I had the tortellini and chicken gratinatti. Oh my!!! I will say that I was at least pleased to learn that I can't eat as much of this as I could have at this time last year. I did feel guilty eating it - but then I said to myself, "Hey, it's your birthday. Enjoy yourself and then move on." And move on we did to dancing... sort of..

My husband had found this event advertised on the state web site. It was a 1940's night at the Memorial hall a few towns away to benefit a local church. There was a 16 piece band, a picture girl, and a 'cigarette' girl (she really sold gum and candy). We were moved to floor seating since it was my birthday which was very nice of the organizer! Before we got married (it will be 10 years in December) we took dance lessons at Arthur Murrays. I LOVED it! So fun and great exercise!!! But after the introductory sessions and then the 1st package the rates became ridiculously expensive so we had to stop. So there we were with our 10 year old dance lessons on the dance floor with all of these folks who clearly hadn't let their lessons get stale. "Excuse me. .. Sorry... Pardon us..." was uttered by my husband time and time again as we tried to navigate the dance floor like fish trying to swim against the current.  Yeah, after just one foxtrot I was feeling way too insecure to try to get out there again. :( But I still enjoyed listening to the band!! I love old music!!!

So what's the damage done after all of this birthday frivolity? 2 pounds.. ugh! 2 pound gain. I so want to say, oh well, it's a new week. But this is vacation week and we'll be going away for a few days. I'm hoping all of the walking around the amusement park will be a big help and I'm packing healthy snacks and breakfasts.

I said last week that I wanted to hit the 50 pound mark by the end of August. I just don't know if that's a reasonable goal. It would mean losing 12 pounds between now and then with vacation happening this week. Hmm...

I do need to give myself a little pat on the back for getting my exercise in last week. Even with all that was going on I did at least get my cardio in every other day! Also, let's hear it for non-scale-victories. I received many compliments from family who hadn't seen me in a few months as well as folks at church that I hadn't seen in a few weeks. I have to admit, it really is nice to know that the hard work is noticeable. I am posting a new picture as I've been slacking in this department. I may add a photo page to make it easier to see my progress.

So friends, how has your summer been going? Do you find it easier to stay on track during the summer or the other seasons? (I have to vote for the other seasons)

It's time to get ready to go shopping for our trip. Have a great week everyone!!

** Progress In Pictures page has been added!!


  1. Have a great week. I will be waiting for that recipe.smile.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Good job in getting in some cardio... I am not being consistent with that myself. I am also curious about that recipe! Have a WONDERFUL vacation week girl!! Your pictures are fabulous... you really have worked hard. You are beautiful. :)