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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bad Choices or No Choices?

First off - thanks so much to all of you gals who were so kind to leave words of encouragement last week.  I can't tell you how much it means!!

This morning as I was packing my older son's lunch/snack bag for school I was thinking of the things I needed to get done today:
put away laundry (don't mind the washing/drying/folding but it's the putting away that I don't like - anyone else?)
finish preparing for Bible study tonight (leading a great group of gals through the book of Philippians)
wash floors (I'm sorry floors I've neglected you)
spend time with boys!! (needs to be a priority - easy to get 'busy' with other stuff that's not nearly as important)
schedule eye appointments (I think/hope we are done with snow - I've made 3 appointments and had to cancel due to snow each time)

and so on...

But as I was in my thinking haze, I sort of.. came to.  As I did I realized I was stuffing my face full of popcorn - finishing up what was left in the bag I had popped for my son's snack.  Now popcorn isn't terrible, but the thing is I wasn't even really aware I was doing it.  It's not like I looked at it and made a choice that I wanted to eat it - that it was worth the calories for me first thinkg in the morning.  It was midless eating.

This whole 'mindless eating' thing has become a big problem for me lately.  It's one thing when you make a choice - good/bad or indifferent.  At least you thought about it and can then either say, 'yay me - nice job' or 'oh gosh, better think twice about doing that again - better choice next time.'  But when you eat mindlessly.. well... I guess I find that far more frustrating than making a bad choice because it's like I gave myself no choice at all.

I need to re-train myself to make sure I think before I eat another bite!  I don't want to keep packing pounds back on because I daze out and shove things into my mouth without a thought.
This is my main goal for this week.

I will think before I eat!

Gonna weigh in shortly.  Haven't done that in quite a while.  I need a base from which to start.  I'll face it, wipe away the tears, and use any sadness or frustration I feel to become a positive to encourage me to press on!

Tomorrow I will write about what inspires me to want to do this.  To make taking care of myself a priority.

It's time to get #1 son off to school.  Have a great day everyone and make good choices!!


  1. Hi. I so understand this.

    How about trying this? No food unless it's on a plate.

    It might help to make that a personal rule until it becomes a habit.


  2. Writing down everything you eat for a while can really help you monitor what you eat. Looks like you have a full plate of good things you're doing and I like how you are making it a priority to take care of yourself. That is not always easy for us women, I think. We really have to make a conscious effort to do that! Good for you. Blessings your way.. :)